31 July 2013

Dominance of the Alien Culture: "One New Man"

24 Menachem Av 5773

To the left you see a piece of jewelry that you can find for sale in many Judaica stores in Jerusalem. Need I say that they cater to the Xian tourist crowd? But, a Jew might buy it for the symbolism of the menorah and the Star of David without understanding the significance of the fish on the end, if they even realize that it is a fish.  Since their god commanded them to be "fishers of men" (i.e. go 'fishing' for the souls of men), the fish is considered an ancient symbol of Xianity.  And this joining of the "ancient symbol" of Xianity and the ancient symbol of Judaism at the center with the Star of David is a Xian invention to symbolize the One New Man:

(Xian Bible)...But now...you who once were far away have been brought near....[by the one] who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility, by setting aside...the law with its commands and regulations. His purpose was to create in himself one new humanity out of the two [i.e. Jew and Gentile], thus making peace....Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household,...."

This idea is at the center of all interfaith works and all heretical teachings.  It's also a pillar of the alien Western culture, although they say it in Latin - e pluribus unum - "from the many, one."  If it were ever practically accomplished, the Jewish people would no longer exist - so we're talking about genocide by other means.  And unfortunately, it appeals to many Jews for various reasons. Some are victims of their own egos; some feel uncomfortable with the truth in this politically correct age, especially when they have assimilated the 'democratic values' of the West; some risked close contact with those Hashem warned us to remain apart from and they succumbed to the errors Hashem warned would follow; and for some, it's just about the money. Many rabbis get caught up in it because, face it, if a rabbi can be turned, he can mislead hundreds, if not thousands of followers.

If anyone, rabbi or not, comes bringing a message or teaching that there is no difference between Jews and gentiles, practically speaking, and that there is any benefit in forming relationships between the two or that it is desirable to break down any separation barriers existing between the two - run very quickly in the other direction.  Don't give him a 'fair hearing,' any more than you would to a missionary peddling idolatry and apostasy.  The fact is, despite the claims of the alien culture, all people are not created equal:

Excerpted from Derech Hashem, Part II, Chapter 4 by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto~

...One of the deepest concepts of God's Providence involves Israel and the other nations.  With regard to their basic human characteristics, the two appear exactly alike.  From the Torah's viewpoint, however, the two are completely different, and are treated as if they belonged to completely different species.

...The human race initially had a chance to permanently regain its original [Adamic] state and rectify the spiritual damage that had been done.

During the period of time allowed for this, Avraham was the only one who "succeeded in elevating himself [and] was therefore permanently made into a superior excellent Tree, conforming to man's highest level" and as a result, his entire lineage through Yitzchak and Ya'aqov did as well.  From the giving of the Torah at Har Sinai until now, only individuals who are capable of doing what it takes to fully convert sincerely can reach this level along with those born to it.

[Note:  When one says that a convert has been "born again" in the waters of the mikvah, it is not just a poetic saying, it is reality.]

The nations still have the human aspect, blemished though it may be, and God desired that they should at least have a counterpart of what was actually appropriate for all mankind. He therefore granted them a Divine Soul (neshamah) somewhat like that of the Jew, even though it is on a much lower level.  They were likewise given commandments through which they could attain both material and spiritual advantages appropriate to their natures.  These are the seven {universal) commandments given to the Children of Noah.

...In the World to Come, however, there will be no nation other than Israel.

The souls of righteous gentiles will be allowed to exist in the Future World, but only as an addition and attachment to Israel.  They will therefore be secondary to the Jew, just as a garment is secondary to the one who wears it.  All that they attain of the ultimate good will have to be attained in this manner, since by virtue of their nature they can receive no more.

It is on the basis of this concept that gentiles in the past were forbidden to learn Torah, save for what they needed to know about their sheva mitzvot, and forbidden to take upon themselves to perform Jewish mitzvot and rituals.  Some have taught in the past that because of the nature of the gentile soul, the Jewish mitzvot that they perform have no value - no practical significance upon the world - and could even possibly harm their souls by diverting them from perfecting those mitzvot intended for them.

I emphasize "in the past," because the trend today is not only to allow gentiles with no intent to fully convert to perform Jewish mitzvot and rituals, but even to encourage it.  You've already got Hebrew Roots/One New Man and Ephraimite/Messianic/Lost Israelites teachers running all over the world telling anyone who will listen that they are really Jews and are obligated to 613 mitzvot, now, instead of setting the lies straight with the truth, we've got rabbis jumping on the bandwagon.

We're not doing ourselves or anyone else any favors by lying to them in order to stroke their egos, afraid of how they will handle the truth.  Someone has got to explain the real facts of life before Israel is overrun by the hordes of would-be Jews who are not interested in converting.

Florida International University religious studies professor Tudor Parfitt (himself a gentile) recently conducted a research expedition to Papua New Guinea, where he studies the Gogodala, a tribe of former cannibals who believe they are one of the Lost Tribes. The Gogodala are hunter-gatherers in area of western Papua New Guinea with very little connection to the outside world. But from the very first encounters with western explorers in the 17th century, the idea took root that ancient Israelite communities were to be found in the islands of the Pacific. Later, Australian missionaries further propagated the idea.

At the request of tribe leaders, a decade ago, Parfitt conducted DNA testing on the Gogodala to see if he could establish any link to the Middle East. The tests were inconclusive. Nonetheless, the Gogodala have continued to embrace Judaism. During this visit, he was surprised to see the extent to which Jewish practice has developed in the tribe.

The bedrock of the religious identity of the Gogodala remains in some respects, their traditional belief system, upon which has been grafted Christianity, which was introduced to the tribe in the 1950s by missionaries,” Parfitt said. “On top of that has been grafted a kind of Judaism. More and more of the Gogodala wear yarmulkes and prayer shawls. They’ve started celebrating Jewish holidays and they are using more Hebrew.”

Hear the Gogodala, formerly cannibals, currently Yeshu worshipers, recite the Shema. God help us all!

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