13 August 2013

"A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

7 Elul 5773

Never has it been as true as it is today. Another adage applies as well: "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." This seems to be the motivation behind the biggest reformation of Christianity since... Well, since the Reformation.

Very large numbers of Christians worldwide now openly state that they have "rejected" replacement theology, and have replaced it with "inclusion" theology. In case you were wondering, that's just a theological restatement of the adage quoted above.

The obvious, before-your-eyes, fulfillment of the words of the Hebrew prophets regarding the Jewish return to Israel and to Jerusalem threw a figurative monkey wrench into the standard Christian dogma vis a vis the "wandering, cursed" Jew.

And the closer we get to the complete redemption, the brighter our spiritual light shines, and the more they are drawn to us, if not in substance, then in form.

Make no mistake about it. DO NOT BE FOOLED! As long as they believe the "New Testament" or "Brit Chadashah," as it's being called now, these are the same idolatrous followers of a false religion which we've had the misfortune pleasure to have known these past two millenia.

Today, they speak of "embracing Torah" and "fulfilling mitzvot." But, it's all a sham. It's no more than skin [or tallittzitzit] deep. They've adopted all the outer trappings of Judaism, but none of its substance. They have co-opted our language and assigned their own secret meanings to the words.



Do not be misled by the ages-old: We only disagree on who is Messiah and when he arrives, we'll ask him, 'Is this your first or your second coming?'

As Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, ztz"l wrote in his book, The Real Messiah?:

"...there is another more important issue at stake than the mere identity of the Messiah. Christianity teaches that Jesus was also G-d in human form."

When the wolf first put on the sheep suit, he thought giving his "Master" a sheep's name (Yeshua) would alleviate any sheep discomfort. As the wolf drew closer and closer to the sheep, even to bedding down in the sheepfold at night, he became so bold as to assign the actual names of G-d to his idol. [Please excuse the mixed metaphors.]

There is a Facebook group which features a Star of David emblem and proclaims: "Jews for real Judaism (Hashem-Jesus is Messiah)"

In various places on the internet, there are similar proclamations that Hashem=Jesus=Yeshua, G-d forbid!


1) “The Name” in Hebrew is hashem [sic]. A Jew named Peter realized the truth about “the Name” and taught that “the Name” is Jesus; Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. Acts 4:12

2) Since Jesus is the Name (HaShem) above every name (Phil. 2:9-10) and HaShem means God it looks as if Paul is saying that Jesus is God.

3) ..the first century Jewish Christians did not refer to "Jesus" they called Him The Name, yeah! that would be HaShem.

5) Yeshua is called HASHEM

Oh, it gets worse. One of the regular volunteers with Tommy Waller's HaYovel Ministries, Barrett Warren, wrote on his personal blog:

"Some call me a Messianic Jew or a Hebrew Christian.  Let's just say I'm a Torah observant believer in Yeshua (Jesus).  ...I thought I'd address some of the Scriptures that I believe show that Yeshua is YHWH. We have Yeshua claiming to be the I AM. That is He claimed to be YHWH who spoke to Moshe (Moses) in the burning bush."

And it's all true.  This is the claim of the New Testament and the belief of all who put their faith and trust in it as the word of G-d, G-d forbid! This is idolatry both for Jews and for Gentiles and despite certain ignorant (willful or otherwise) "rabbis," no Gentile who believes this is "righteous."

Here is a very interesting commentary on Vayishlach which describes and explains this wolf in sheep's clothing:

The rabbinic identification of Rome [aka Christianity/Western Civilization] with the Biblical figure of Esau is basic to the traditional understanding of much of the relevant sections of Chumash Bareishis. Esau's faults and shortcomings as well as his complex and tortured relationship with his brother Yakov was seen by the Rabbis through the prism of this identification, so much so that the conflict of these two brothers typifies the struggle for spiritual and moral supremacy between Rome and Jerusalem.

...The following midrash typifies the personalization of Rome and the West as Esau while not sparing his hypocrisy.

In the future Esau will wrap himself in a tallis, sit down next to Yakov and say to him, "You are my brother"....Yakov will say to him, "My brother, you will not be like me. "I will lead you to death, I will be the pestilence that leads you to Sheol (Hoshea 13,14). Had I upheld degrees that you promulgated against me, I would have been guilty at the eyes of Heaven. Had I violated them, you would have killed me? (Yalkut Shimoni, Yirmiahu 333)

"That was Esau's intention when he told Yakov, "Let us travel together and I will go before you (Genesis 33,12). He wanted them to join together in both this world and the world to come, to meet each other halfway, with each modifying his conduct until they were alike (Yalkut Shimoni, Genesis 133). Indeed, Esau will even adopt certain tenets of Judaism-such as monotheism, the Divinity of the Torah, and reward and punishment-but only if Israel will give up some of its heritage. Similarly, according to Tanna D'Bei Eliahu Zuta(19), Esau proposed. "Give up some of the mitzvos that divide us. You will thereby enjoy this world and still have half the world to come. Isn't that enough? (Bais Halevy, Vayishlach).

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  1. When Moshiach comes, he will be able to discern who is really an authentic Jew with his power of 'smell'. Moshiach will pull the wheat from the chaff.