04 August 2013

Binyamin - "Sheker Rules the World"

28 Menachem Av 5773

(Message from the autistic young man, Binyamin Golden on Erev Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av 5773)

I am very satisfied that davka now you wanted very much to speak with me. I felt your hearts that are almost exploding, chas v'shalom, from the suffering of the olam hazeh and from the yearning for the complete redemption and for our righteous Mashiach.

I only want to tell you, in order to encourage all of you, that everything is very close.  The redemption is very close.  The complete redemption. And Mashiach needs to be revealed, with God's help, in the near future. I request from every true Jew, from every Jew who has love for Hashem and love for Am Yisrael, whose heart is broken and whose eyes cry over the suffering of the people who love HaKadosh Baruch Hu, whose message is that it's really just a little bit longer to the revelation of Mashiach, with God's help, and really in just a little bit will be the complete redemption with the Beit HaMikdash.

I want to say to you that we are already deep within the tunnel and following more and more darkness and already almost not seeing the light behind us, and in front of us more darkness.  But, don't be afraid. For servants of Hashem and to servants of Hashem, there is nothing from which to fear!

And I want to say to you like this: That there will be huge acts in the world in the nearest future.  In general, the whole situation in this world of ours, in the last years - simply amazing.  There's no other word for it. Maybe there is a stronger word, but amazing - it's amazing!  It's even possible to say that if a Jew knows all the truth - it won't be just amazing, it will be 'shock,' it will be trauma.  Because the-truth-of-the-lie, that is to say, when we understand how much sheker there is and how deep is the sheker within our lives - it can really bring a person to shock, to depression, etc.

The situation is getting worse every minute.  The difficult situation is expanding at the speed of a lightning bolt. From person to person. Including the Jews. The spiritual downfall is unbelievable. The fall of humanity is also unbelievable but it's a fact. And more and more, gentiles as well as Jews are beginning to see the truth. And it's difficult for an ethical person to accept this truth. Because it's saying that the majority of people in the world, they're nothing more than evil animals, or just boorish animals. But, not like we dreamed, not like they dreamed this generation would be, a rectified generation, a generation with many higher ideals than the previous ones, a generation with great and very strong technology. A generation that doesn't have sickness, that doesn't have any evil, everything is good, it's all excellent. Everything is progressing in every direction and surely and certainly in terms of human justice.

But, we're seeing just the opposite. Everything is going down. Cruelty and wickedness are controlling the world now. Only the greatly wealthy are ruling. Only a small group of people are making efforts to succeed in gaining control over the world. And HaKadosh Baruch Hu, meantime, is giving them success. Once, what was clearly black is now white.  What was blue will become green, and what was yellow has turned into orange. Everything is mixed up and crazy. What was once left will become right.  We don't know where we are standing, if we're on the ground or in the sky. If we're under water, chas v'shalom, or upon the waves. We don't know where we are. We get up in the morning - forget which day it is. Get up with difficulty, with back pain, headaches, eyes swollen, all kinds of things, even to get up - it's a problem. To wash hands - it's a problem. To say 'modeh ani' - it's a problem. To be dragged out to the beit knesset - it's a problem, to pray with closeness to HKB"H - this is the biggest problem. But, we have to continue to make efforts and to fight against these feelings and to really come close to HaKadosh Baruch Hu, because He will save us, only Him, nothing more.

And not to be afraid!  It will be very, very scary, like we've said to you, in [Israel] it will be less scary, but nevertheless scary, in [Israel] they won't die like outside the land, that's not to say that they won't die.  In [Israel] there is still, baruch Hashem, more holiness. And in all the other lands, almost all the presence of the Shekhina is already not there, only here in [Israel] is there holiness.  Even that secularism dirties everything, because despite that they contaminate everything, but underneath this mess arises holiness. And when the right moment arrives - the ground itself will explode, and every upper layer of human contamination - will fall and disappear.

And this moment in history - I wouldn't want to be anyplace else. Only in the Land of Israel. And preferably in Jerusalem. As difficult as it will be - there is nothing else like Jerusalem. There's nothing else like the Land of Israel, there's nothing else like the Temple Mount. Not in the whole world.  It's the center.

And it's the reason the nations want this place.  Not just the Muslims, the Christians also want this place. They want the Temple Mount as well as Mount Zion, Hashem should protect us.  But, Mashiach is not theirs!  And they can't take it by force.  Hashem will defeat them. There's nothing to worry about.  But, meantime, they are trying to take over on the Temple Mount as well as on Mount Zion. And also other places which are holy to the Jews.  Therefore, I want to say to you that it appears that the Arabs want and that they are taking over, but really, it's the Christians. And not the Arabs. They're only using the Arabs in the meantime.  But, it's the Christians - in particular the Catholics. Because they want to take over.  They can want, but it won't help them!

They feel already that they are very successful, big time, huge!  They took a few gentiles and Jewish-gentiles to write all kinds of movies in Hollywood, to produce all kinds of screenplays and they took out, in a big way, tens of big movies with the investment of a lot of money, for the sake of announcing to the whole world in advance what they are planning to do. When they show it as a movie, then it would appear as something funny, entertainment.  Because it's so crazy, it couldn't be real. But when this wild imagination is realized, then it's simply amazing.  And it's difficult to believe that there can be a thing like this in the world, supposedly -'civilized.' But it's real. The crazies are in control! And there were many righteous ones previously who said explicitly that this generation will be insane. And this is worse than insane. It's even above all the crazy things that we know today.

Here and there were crazies. The first taste of madness that was clear to us in this generation was Hitler, ym"sh. But, we thought he was just happenstance that occurred for all kinds of reasons, but that wasn't so at all. Because Hitler was planned. And everything was planned. And what's happening today - he's a continuation of the Nazis, of the communists, of all the evil ones. And it's all a war against HKB"H, everything against HKB"H, we should never know from such. And these crazies, these mentally ill, that are like the managers of the crazy house - they will fall!  They will fall in the end together with all the insanities and only the truth will remain. And in the midst of the truth - Am Yisrael.  Because Am Yisrael lives, Am Yisrael is truth!

And whoever is not with the truth - is not part of Am Yisrael. Whoever really goes with the Sheker, not who 'thinks' maybe confused and etc., but whoever really goes with the Sheker - he's not with Am Yisrael, he's not part of Am Yisrael. The Jew - can't unite completely with the falsehood. A true Jew, somewhere he has consciousness of the truth.  Even if he's not aware of it. But, whoever goes with the Sheker - then he doesn't belong to Am Yisrael.  Even if he had a brit milah and he goes with a long beard and long curly peyot, it won't help!  He's not a part of Am Yisrael. And even if he receives smichah and he's a big rav, it doesn't matter!  If he's not with the truth, if he's completely with the faslehood, he's not a Jew. He doesn't belong to Am Yisrael.

Therefore, our generation is the most difficult generation.  It's difficult for us to get up in the morning, and to continue our lives because the spiritual pressure, the pressure of the yetzer-hara, the blackness that we are breathing, living this every day, every day, it brings us down, it brings down our will to live, to continue and even to pray. But, it's not because we don't believe, it's not because we don't want to. It's like a man who has shackles on his feet and on his hands. They sat him on a chair and tied him with a rope. The head believes, everything believes, but feels paralyzed and hard to move.

But, it will pass and we need to fight against the shackles and against the ropes, and forcefully get up on our feet, and forcefully move ourselves daily in the direction of holiness and truth. The holiness - this is truth and the truth - it's holiness.

Therefore, don't despair.  If it's so impossible to pray, I'm speaking to women now, then at least say blessings all day, modah ani and kriyat shema. For the men - forcefully push yourself to go to minyan and do what you need to, and learn as much as possible. Because the end is almost here and then we'll rise up - up and not have to worry about the ropes that are dragging us down. Now, grasp the rope that connects us with HaKadosh Baruch Hu.  And don't let go of it, no matter what. With teeth hold on to it, with hands and feet, hold on to it.  And we won't fall from it.  We will hold on with all our strength, and under absolutely no circumstances let go of it. And if it doesn't work, and we feel that it is impossible to hold on, then we will tie it around us so we can't fall, no matter what.

Then, then will come the relief, will come the great and awesome day, we will receive our righteous Mashiach. Even should there be many, should there be false messiahs, we will know the truth. We will see the real Mashiach and we'll know that he's for real.  Because we're looking for truth. Because we're already familiar with the falsehood and we reject it.  We will recognize the truth.  All the gentiles will try to bring their messiah. The Christians as well as the Buddhists as well as the Muslims, whoever you want. But only the true and righteous Mashiach will receive the crown straight from Heaven. And all liars will disappear. Oy!  How much I am looking forward to that day!  How fed up I am with the clothing of a fool, but better the "fool's clothing" than to suffer what you 'normal' people are suffering. I nevertheless see more closely the truth.  I pity you all very much, and pray for every true Jew, male or female, boy and girl, that they will merit to receive our righteous Mashiach with mercy and with joy, "easy as pie," and we will merit to bring korbanot to the Third Beit HaMikdash, Amen.
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  1. When he mentioned that some movies are made to announce an agenda in advance (in order to prepare minds to accept it), the first one that came to mind is "World War Z" since it figured Israel prominently in the story line.

    I had tried to watch it awhile back, but it was soooo boring I didn't finish it. So, yesterday, I sat through it and this is what came through to me.

    (Spoilers ahead!)

    If you didn't already know, it's the story of how a worldwide epidemic that turns people into Zombies starts spreading like wildfire across the planet.

    A UN investigator played by Brad Pitt saves the world by coming up with the only way to fight this dreaded disease. He notices that people who appear to be sick are bypassed by the hordes of Zombies as if they are invisible, so he injects himself with another deadly disease (but one with a cure) in order to survive the Zombie bite which turns the victims into yet more Zombies.

    I think the most telling clue as to what this is really about comes through in one line on board a military ship full of survivors, including the main character's wife and daughter: "There's not enough food for everyone on board."

    I imagine that the Zombie disease, for which they never do identify a patient zero, is in reality overpopulation and everyone knows that there has been plenty of conspiracy talk about plans by the elite for taking out a great portion of the world's population through an engineered epidemic.

    Now, for how Israel figures into it. According to the story, Israel discovers the epidemic is coming very early on - early enough to erect a giant wall around Jerusalem to keep out the Zombie hordes. However, in the end, it doesn't work and Jerusalem is overrun and suffers the same fate as the rest of the world, despite our Jewish ingenuity.

    Message from the elite: We will discover a way to bring overpopulation, which is no more than a disease which will eventually wipe out humanity, under control and Israel should not think that they will be immune to it. They can build partition walls as much as they want, but it won't help. We will survive and we will rule all. The UN to the rescue of humanity. NOT!

    I think this video is interesting in light of what I've written here:
    Homeland Security Preps For Zombie Apocalypse

  2. PS: Google "Zombie Apocalypse" and see what you get.

  3. Its more like . Conditioning military /Police to shoot unarmed civilians

  4. Here are a few things to think about:

    1) It is said that the world is capable of sustaining a population of 36 Billion + though in certain scenarios others place the figure even higher at roughly 50-100 Billion.

    2) It is also said that one could place the current world population of 7 Billion in Alaska and there would be more than enough liveable space for everyone.

    3) Given that birth rates in much of the developed world are plummeting (even in places like Japan) and that (at least in the case of the US) around half to 3/4s of all pregnancies today are unplanned as well as assuming those wicked people currently ruling the world are even serious about overpopulation.

    Then the only things they would have needed to bring about such as scenario were to bring prosperity around the world (since the former causes people to have LESS children) and create a Male Birth Control Pill, not embrace anti-humanism under the guise of environmentalism and advocate that the rest of the world the world lives in a state of subsistence / rationing / austerity / scarcity (that the elites themselves are exempted from) as is the case in much of the undeveloped world (which ironically causes people to have MORE children due to the low mortality rate).

  5. Apologises, I mean High Mortality rate.