12 August 2013

"Discussion with Moishe'la" - Part 2

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Discussion with Moishe’la
A Handicapped child
23 AV 5773 (July 30 '13)

Your Voice Will be heard in Shomayim

There are many things amiss in Yiddishkeit in today’s generation, but this devilish parade is the cherry on the poisonous cake.

Almost nobody raises his voice in protest. This is the biggest outrage against Yiddishkeit. This act is worse than trying to stop Bris Mila. Whoever tries to stop Bris Mila is either a Goy or Erev Rav. They are trying to stop the covenant between Hashem and Klall Yisroel.

Even in Russia, where most of the Jewish population left Yiddishkeit and stopped making Bris Milas, still when the time came they or their children made a Bris and returned to their heritage.

But this disgusting way of life that the degenerates have and are proud of, destroys the chain of the Yiddisha Neshama for all eternity. There are almost no Baalei Teshuva ever among them, and there is no way to become Baalei Teshuva because their act is so twisted that they have lost their eternity by going directly against Hashem and the first Mitzvah of the Torah in an unnatural and terrible way.

It is the biggest desecration of Kedusha adding to the fact that they parade in the open in an UnTzniusdig way. It’s a huge Chutzpah trying to belittle Hashem’s name, to cover the Kedusha with Tumah. Our Jewish children, both boys and girls, after the Churban of the second Bais Hamikdosh rather than to satisfy the lusts of their Roman captors, preferred to jump into the water and drown than to be exposed to such a terrible thing. And we are afraid to even open our mouth against this destruction in Yerushalayim Ir Hakodesh by Yidden who are probably Erev Rav.

So of course Hashem is warning us with the Sifrei Torah that were burned in Netanya because that’s what we are doing – burning our Sefer Torah with our silence.

All previous Tzaddikim helped to build the glorious Toradik way for many Yidden. And now we are destroying it in many ways, by allowing this affront to the Shechina, to Hashem and to the Kedusha of Yerushalayim.

Soon they will be allowed to “marry” and desecrate the Kedusha also of Jewish marriage. It is beyond belief and there is not one word of protest by our leaders. Our leaders and Askonim are unduly friendly with the lawmakers and heads of state who are doing it In Eretz Yisrael.

A few strong people are trying to keep Yiddishkeit pure, but the vast majority could not care less. They just want monetary help from the government and to continue an undisturbed Gashmiusdik life.

There are Chareidim working with the Reshoim to keep things quiet, so the Reshoim can attack Yiddishkeit in the worst way, and in return get money for themselves and their Mosdos.

And we are selling our souls. Hashem knows who is crying out even if their voice is not heard. If you protest in your own way against this abomination, against this Chilul Hashem, your voice will be heard in Shomayim.

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