15 August 2013

Binyamin - "Humiliated Jerusalem!"

9 Elul 5773

(Message from the autistic young man, Binyamin Golden on 10 Menachem Av 5773)

Jerusalem! Oy, Jerusalem the Holy City! How degraded you are! Even the Romans didn't degrade you like the Zionists.  Because the Romans - were Romans, and the Zionists are - "pseudo-Jews."

Oy, Jerusalem!  City of David!  Holy City of the Temple.  Upon your holy place sits a mosque. And this is a degradation, but it's not as degrading as what there is at the moment - the degradation of the Zionists.  And they are "pseudo-Jews."  Then the degradation is much more painful, and much more offensive.

It's true, the Romans murdered so many Jews in terrible violence. It's true, the Romans degraded the Beit Hamikdash very much - also Titus. But, like the Zionists are doing, the Zionists are making from the most holy place of themselves - the holiest place in the world that belongs to all the Jews, and they themselves drop their spiritual and physical mess in every place of holiness.

And here, once again, is coming the shame, the worst humiliation.  It's like spitting on a Sefer Torah, G-d forbid.  It's like what Titus did in the Beit Hamikdash. It is the most disgusting act, the most painful. Every Jew must sit on the floor because of this, and cry, and put on sack and ashes and ask forgiveness from HKB"H. Because, we're not raising a voice. Only a thin little voice.  But, we're not raising a voice. The sitra-achra, the snake, is succeeding via the Erev Rav to bring the biggest mess, the biggest blow against yiddishkeit. They're bringing again the parade of twisted people, contemptible ones, who are parading before the eyes of everyone, and doing acts which are forbidden from the Torah. And there's no voice.  Not one voice! Only a few Jews grasping courage to speak against it. Their sin is one of the worst sins! But they turn it into something as permissible and desirable. And there's not a bit of shame. Once, a man who was like this would hide it. But, now - there's no shame. Turning the twisted into like it was straight.  This mess is like a sterilized thing. Evil is like good. They take the will of God and throw it down and step on it like it's a lie, like it's evil, like there's nothing at all to say. Just as if the sitra-achra were righteous and HKB"H, G-d forbid, were the opposite.

And there's not a voice. There's not a strong voice against this! Where are the faithful sons of HKB"H? They're sitting quietly. Because, they say that 'it is forbidden to speak of it.'  It's forbidden to speak against it! Because our children will hear and will begin to ask questions. And it's forbidden for them to know at all that something like this exists. But, unfortunately, the children do know that it exists. And as I wrote, every child who goes to cheder has to know that it exists because also in cheders today there are stories like this.  And of course, many problems like these are in the yeshivot.  On the contrary, we need to teach the children that in our world there are plenty of distasteful things, distasteful spiritually and physically. The have to know that it's forbidden.  And if it's written so clearly in the Torah, then why do we need to hide it? In the Torah, it's written that this is forbidden!  It's written strongly. And there is also the explanation.

And if they're learning it, why can't we teach our children this? It should be a protection for them! You should know clearly: Hashem does not permit! It's a very severe sin!  It's a sin that a person receives for it a very severe punishment.  Very, very severe. He needs to know this like he knows that stealing is forbidden. The world is full of thieves. So, it's forbidden to know that one stands in judgment for thievery?!  It's forbidden to tell?! The child will turn into a thief?! No!  He knows it's forbidden.

But, in the State of Israel, "the Jewish land," the leaders will be like the goyim. They want to take this thing, and turn it into a regular thing, like in every land. Like in England and other places in Europe, like in the United States. This thing is strictly prohibited, it's one of the most severe sins. That even the Christians, of course the Muslims, and of course the Jews, see that it's like a sin. While the goyim allowed themselves a lot of things, the Jew did not allow himself.  The goyim - if something is forbidden - then it's not terrible. It's possible to bring various reasons for why it's ok. But, a Jew?!  A Jew learns Torah - and doesn't raise a voice against?!

What can I say?  What can I say? I just want to remind everyone it's a shame that there is not a quantity [of people to protest] for Am Yisrael and for the holy city.  But it happens all the time, things like these.

And chillul Shabbat is no less bad and the disrespect also on Tisha b'Av,[makes you want to] really sit down and cry. That the youth, the "pseudo-Jews" go in search of food in restaurants on Tisha b'Av. And there's no voice against [it].  They don't at all know what they're doing. They've reached a level of stupidity that is impossible to describe. There is no basis to their explanations.

The Zionists succeeded. For the majority, the State of Israel turned into a state like all the nations.  There's just one problem: That the nations still look upon us as Jews. And it doesn't matter that it's a "pseudo-Jew," that he's Erev Rav who even marched in this parade, Hashem protect and preserve us, or if he's a chareidi Jew. In the eyes of the goyim, there is no difference.  All of us - are dirty Jews. All are Jews whom it's permitted to kill them, to slaughter them, like what they've done for all of history.

And now, there's another problem. To such an extent.  The burial place of David. Kever David!  Now, they're denying it, that's it's not true, that they didn't give it to the Catholic Church, that really it's just a matter of little importance...

Q.  They said that we gave part...

I don't know. But, what is this 'part' and what is 'everything'? They control it all!  They want to control everything. Kever David HaMelech! What? They sold half the grave? Or they sold them a corner of the grave?  What are they doing there at all in the kever?!  How can a Jew allow them to trample there at all?!  And to rule there?  I believe that they have the whole kever.  I believe that they are just worried about informing [us], because they are afraid of the Jews 'what will they say.'  But, I also believe that except for a small group of chareidim - no one will raise a voice. They'll allow them also to take this.

There are rumors that they will give them other holy places!  Hashem protect us.  Who knows? Maybe even 'Mama Rachel' will be a sacrifice, hostage, maybe 'Shmuel HaNavi,' maybe Meron...  Who knows what.  But one thing is clear to me: the Erev Rav works with the church!  The Erev Rav works to finish off yiddishkeit!

And we sit and say nothing.  But, we will suffer from this.  We will suffer from this severely. Every Jew who is silent and doesn't open his mouth, about the dirty thing and the totally baseless thing, this thing that doesn't make sense, like giving Kever David HaMelech to the church.  There will be a tremendous punishment over the silence.  We should hang our head over this.

I just want to say halevai that there would be responders to these things like the responders against those righteous women who go with "shawls-scarves."  But this - they're not ready [to do].  They're not ready to do this in the right place.  Just about modesty.  Because there is Erev Rav among us! And this Erev Rav hates modesty.  Even though they're 'chareidim.'  And they hate too much yiddishkeit in general.  Even though they are "pseudo-Jews."  And there are many reasons for this.

They're bringing in the Libah [program] to the schools without problems now. Without wars now. Because they want the money. And there are all kinds of reasons why they don't open the mouth against [it].  But, about a few hundred women who come from diverse backgrounds and various groups (the modest dress with scarves or shawls like our holy matriarchs) they're shouting: 'nun,' shouting: 'Arab' and spitting. And even do worse things. And why? Because it's easy! And there's no problem that the church will take Kever David HaMelech, peace be upon him, but, yes, there is a problem that they decided that women could look like 'nuns'...

Then, maybe they will give Kever David HaMelech to the shawl women, too...  That would be the best! And all the liberals who love the Arabs. So, what!  Here, there are Jews like the Arabs, according to them... Even though it's all lies, the truth is, exactly like this did righteous women dress a hundred years ago, more or less, and there are enough photos and testimonials to prove it.

So, where is the yiddishkeit???  Where are the tzaddikim??  Where are the Jews??  Where is the Jewish neshamah??  How are we sitting quietly and not crying with rivers of boiling tears over what is happening in the Holy City of Jerusalem, about a mess like this that's going on in Jerusalem, the Holy City?

And the Jews themselves, the 'pseudo-Jews,' are doing it to themselves. This is like a person who is a masochist, who does evil to himself.  He receives pleasure from doing evil to himself.  But, there is another explanation: Apparently, they simply do not have the soul of a Jew.  They are truly "Erev Rav!"

We just had the fast of Tisha b'Av.  They spoke much about how it is possible to cry over the Beit HaMikdash when we're not at all familiar with it, the Temple, which we don't have a connection to at all. It was almost two thousand years ago - the Second Temple. It was destroyed thousands of years ago, so "How can there be a connection with it?"

And I can't understand how a Jew cannot make a connection?  He only needs to think about all the Jews who were murdered in all kinds of troubles, about all the children, about the Jewish babies who were murdered in the most violent way in our days, in our days!  About all the Jews in all the generations, about our grandfathers, our grandmothers, our mothers, who suffered thus from violent antisemitism. Every Jewish-soul who hears a story about a Jew who suffers - naturally, he cries. So, what is this: "How do we make a connection with this thing so distant?" I wonder about the rabbis who bring up this subject at all.

But, you only need to awaken the Jewish neshamah.  And if someone has a Jewish soul - I don't understand how he doesn't cry many tears when he hears that a group of degenerates are going to be hugging in the streets of Jerusalem.  How is it possible NOT to cry and shout out???  And if it were your children, chas v'shalom, what would you do?  Would you invite them with their partner to the house?! What would you do?  You wouldn't cry?! And if you wouldn't cry and sit "shiva" for them - then you don't have a Jewish soul!

If we sit and look at what is happening today in Jerusalem, the Holy City - then, it's just a reflection of what is happening all over the world. In every Jewish community, all over the world, the same thing!  The filth goes deep.  There's a lot of forbidden relationships between Jews. Not like among the goyim, it's true, but very severe. And it's not a little - it's a lot.  It's no small percentage. Not like the seculars, but bad enough for the chareidim. What's called "the chareidim."

Woe to Am Yisrael! What will be? Just, our righteous Mashiach needs to come. And Hashem has to have a way to get us out of this muck.  We have no other possibility. It will be so much worse that the rabbis are not ready to say a word! Everyone is silent. Everyone is silent. At least the Jews in Jerusalem during the destruction of the Second Temple, and the First also, they fought at least. They said, they spoke, they wouldn't allow a thing like this to be.  They had other sins. But, with us, there's quiet.

It's true, it's forbidden for us to be hooligans, but to be completely silent?! And then, there were gentiles! Now, it's "pseudo-Jews."  And they have to shout out against Jews.  It is our obligation!  To shout out! And not to allow it! And not to be quiet!  To gentiles - there's nothing you can do. And maybe you can say that the government - it's in fact gentiles, that because of this we need to be silent.  Maybe all of these who do this, maybe they are simply "Erev Rav" - maybe because of this we need to be silent.  I have no idea.

I only know that I'm crying, and crying, and crying and not able to calm down.  And because of this, I wanted to speak today.  I can't calm down. On Tisha b'Av, there was a whole program on the radio that spoke very beautifully, there were all kinds of people who came together to hear all kinds of lessons. All in all, generally speaking, they didn't shed any tears. And they were only waiting for the fast to finish. And they didn't use this time to come close to Hashem, to come close to HKB"H.

Because HKB"H is sitting 'shivah' for the korbanot all year. And we need to sit with the Shekhinah, and cry together with her. And we don't always do so. Only a few do it really.  The rest are waiting for the fast to finish, and it's possible already to eat.  And they run to buy pizza and cola - and to laugh and to be happy again. They don't like to be sad. They don't understand that all of our trials, of Am Yisrael's, it needs to raise us up, to take us out of the heavy materialism and to raise us up close-close to the truth. Close to HKB"H, and if not - then we are lost, chas v'shalom.

There will always be those who understand the truth. Even though they are few. But, the end is very close. And the evildoers, including the Erev Rav, the snake, and all the Edomites and Amalekites together with the Erev Rav, they have very difficult plans against the world, and especially against the faithful Jews. And among the "faithful Jews" there are also Erev Rav who are working against their brothers and sisters, the chareidim.  And all these, all the gentiles, a majority of the gentiles and the Erev Rav-Jews, the Amalekites, the snake, the Edomites, them - their plans against us, against everyone, against the whole world - they're the most difficult. And in just a little bit, it's going to reach to a situation that there never was like this thing in the world. 

And I know that most of the people don't want to hear this, don't want to hear difficult and sad things. But we have to hear. Because maybe from this we will do teshuva. Because from the good you don't do teshuva. From the telling of only good or easy things - you only go further from the truth. But, the purpose of This World is reaching the end. And then, it will be a new world, with Mashiach.  And then we will see the World-of-Truth.

I suggest to every Jew to raise his voice against whatever is happening against the Jews, against HKB"H. There's a war right now against HaKadosh Baruch Hu, Hashem should protect us. The gentiles as well as the Jews who are Erev Rav - working together, acting against HKB"H.  And they are like these fools who believe that they can succeed. But, they won't succeed! And all the faithful Jews - they will be saved! But it seems that some of the Jews who are, according to the law Jews, some of them are in truth Jewish souls who stood at Har Sinai and some of them are Erev Rav who will disappear from reality.


  1. I can't believe you can seriously ask that question. Does it matter that a false religion which dominates Am Yisrael by the sword and is swimming in Jewish blood should occupy the holiest place in the world preventing the rebuilding of the Beit HaMikdash? Is that what you mean?

  2. no fear: It has begun whether they want it or not:

    he Blood of Redemption: I believe it is the Vilna Gaon that notes that the word Bechor (Bet Khaf Reish) is filled with the number two because as everyone knows the bechor (the first born) always receives a double portion from the inheritance of his father. Bet is gematriah 2. Khaf is gematriah 20. And Reish is 200. One might think that this is Room 222 a popular television show from the early 1970s. No it is the word Bechor telling us 3 times that a first born son gets a double portion as his inheritance. So let us look at the word Dam (Dalet Mem). This time we see the number 44 (Dalet=4 and Mem=40). I think that this might be the secret of the release of 4x26= 104 bloodthirsty murderers. The Blood from Yo'el chapter 3 must be repeated four fold in order to bring judgement on the world. The fact that King Shaul and the Witch of Eindor, Tzippy, are releasing four sets of 26 blood thirsty savages each over nine months will result in the world being filled with blood. the Aish and the Timrot Ashan (date palms of smoke and mushroom clouds) will soon follow.

    The most recent comments on my blog tell the rest of the tale. I will likely write a post on Motzei Shabbat.

  3. Thank you Benyamin for revealing the truth to us. May Hashem open all our eyes and see what you see, and do tshuva before it is too late.

  4. B"H - Well said Tomer Dvorah. D-d bless you!