"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

21 August 2013

Medinat Yehuda : The Plan - Second Stage

15 Elul 5773

Back in the year 2000, it began to appear highly likely that the Erev Rav regime would finally rid themselves of the "messianic" gains of the Six Days War - Yehuda, Shomronand "East" Jerusalem. Rabbi Kahane, Hy"d had said that when this happened, when these areas along with its Jewish residents would be abandoned by the Israeli government, then the State of Yehuda would be declared instead of a state of Palestine.

Following, is the second of a two-part plan which was developed at that time. Since we are facing a similar situation today, I thought it might be of historic interest to someone. [Note: I was the author of the second stage of the plan.]


It's getting to be past the time for us to think very seriously about the future and to make some hard and courageous decisions about what direction we have to take. It's not for our sakes alone, but for our own children and for all future generations of Jewish children, that we must stop wasting the precious few hours we have left and make a dynamic change in the course of our history. With the help of G-d, it is not yet too late....

First, let us boldy assess the situation as it is, not as we wish it to be. As I see it, there are three possible scenarios facing us:

Scenario #1: The Arabs contritely lay down their weapons tomorrow and make "peace" with Israel. All is forgiven and we go back to the negotiating table and hammer out a deal that results in a State of Palestine being established in Judea, Samaria, & Aza. Maybe the Jews will be forcibly evacuated or maybe they will be allowed to remain under Palestinian sovereignty.

Scenario #2: The Arabs continue their war of attrition. Sharon may continue the "unilateral ceasefire", or he may go back to bombing empty buildings, or maybe his government will fall and we will go to new elections---it doesn't really matter in this scenario what the PM does or doesn't do because the results are the same in any case. Jews will continue to die mercilessly on the roads and in the malls and even in the schoolyards without any real recourse for the citizenry.

Scenario #3: The government is forced by worsening Arab violence and growing impatience and volatility of the Israeli public ( not to mention the one fear greater than "what will the goyim say"---the prospect of new elections) to finally declare war and re-enter Area A to "destroy the terrorist infrastructure."

[Since I am addressing this appeal to persons who I'm sure are already well aware of the security and defense issues, Arab demographics and natural resources issues, etc, I will not waste your time or mine in enumerating them.] Realistically speaking, here is how we stand.

Scenario #1 is not going to happen because the Arab hordes have already tasted Jewish blood and they are too frenzied now to control themselves. Even if it were to happen, Yesha Jews will not willingly allow themselves to be either evacuated or abandoned.

Scenario #2 is a real possibility based on past performances of the politicos; however, the people do have a breaking point whether the government is equipped to meet the challenge or not.

Scenario#3 is the best-case scenario, you might think, but you'd have to think again. All that would do is bring us back to the status quo before Oslo. If that would satisfy you, then you have a problem with the Master of the Universe and the sanctified purpose of Am Israel.

I have spoken to many people and to my knowledge no one has a PLAN for anything tangible. This must change and quickly. We may prefer to bury our heads in the sand and come out again when the dust settles, but we are a people that dwells in the shadow of destiny. We have a Divine mandate to fulfill!

We must identify the real problems underlying the life-threatening symptoms, among which are Oslo, the PA, the terrorist attacks...and you thought those were the problems??? That's not even including the quickly diminishing water sources in the face of prolonged drought. Did anyone take notice of the severe wind storm and eerily-lit sand storm and destructive rains which came after Pesach? Does it say for nothing in our morning prayers: "---then I will provide rain for your land in its proper time...Beware lest your heart be seduced and you turn astray...Then the wrath of Hashem will blaze against you. He will restrain the heaven so there will be no rain...."

If "tomorrow" the IDF destroyed the terrorist infrastructure, it wouldn't solve our most basic problems and if "tomorrow", they laid down all their weapons, it wouldn't solve our most basic problems, which are:

1. An anti-Torah system of government which protects and gives the rights of citizenship to non-Jews who are sworn to our destruction and which even ignores it's own laws when it comes to allowing, much less guaranteeing, Jewish worship in its Holy Places.

2. A hostile foreign people which dwells among us and rules over us, acting not only from the highest echelons of the government, but as policemen and soldiers and guards.

3. The greatest chillul Hashem that exists in the world today...the ongoing and unrelenting desecration of Har Habayit. Today, the greatest desecration of Hashem's most cherished place on earth will occur with the sanction of not only the government, but with the implied approval of the Jewish citizenry, too, when we make not a peep against the interment of Faisal Husseini's, yimach shemo, body on Har Habayit.

These are most pressing problems, but they do have solutions. All we need is the will to carry them out and begin to act and Hashem will help.

1. Establish a True Jewish Government.

We, the JEWS, must CEASE worshipping the golden calf of democracy and formulate a PLAN to re-establish the Sanhedrin as a first-step in restoring the kingdom to Israel, as commanded by TORAH!

2. Eliminate the Threat of Internal Enemies

We, the JEWS, must CEASE befriending, employing, and otherwise interacting with our mortal enemies and must PLAN for their eradication from this Land at the earliest opportunity, as commanded by TORAH!

3. Construct the Third Beit Hamikdash

We, the JEWS, must CEASE abdicating our responsibity to purify and sanctify the Temple Mount and formulate a PLAN for the rebuilding of the House of G-d at the earliest possible moment, as commanded by TORAH!

Rav Tzvi Yehuda Kook is quoted in Torat Eretz Israel, p. 283:

When people approach me with this proposition [to rebuild the Temple], I say: ...Just as there is a precept to build the Temple, there is a sequence to its fulfillment. The Gemara says, "Israel was commanded with three precepts when they entered the Land: To appoint a King; to annihilate the seed of Amalek; and to build Hashem's chosen house. And the Gemara continues, And how do I know which comes first? You have to say raise up a King. And how do I know whether to build the Temple first, or to annihilate the seed of Amalek? You have to say first annihilate the seed of Amalek. The Gemara is speaking of the initial entry into the Land and of the construction of the first temple, but the Rambam decides that this is generally true. 'Israel was commanded with three precepts upon entering the Land...the King's appointment precedes the war with Amalek, and the annihilation of Amalek precedes the building of the Temple.' This is a clear order not a haphazard arrangement."

The Prophet Haggai, Chapter 1:

"Thus said Hashem, Master of Legions: ' This nation has said, 'The time has not yet come!" [But I say] It is the time for the Temple of Hashem to be rebuilt! ...Set your heart to your ways!...You looked for much, but behold, it is little; you bring it home and I blow upon it. Why is this?!---the word of Hashem, Master of Legions---because of My Temple which is ruined, while you run, each to his own house. Therefore, because of you, the heavens withhold from [giving] dew...I have declared a drought upon the land...' and the people feared before Hashem...'I am with you---the word of Hashem.' "

The Jews of Yesha are facing a dilemma. While they are calling for the establishment of new settlements as the "Zionist response" to terrorist attacks and while they reiterate their goal to remain on the Biblical heartland forever, the government which they allow to rule over them has agreed in writing in front of the whole world to establish a State of Palestine in Yesha and continues to proclaim this goal at every opportunity.

First, there was the Great Hope of Menachem Begin...he relinquished Yamit and the Sinai. Then there was the Great Hope Bibi Netanyahu...he signed away Hevron and 13% of Yesha. Now, we have the Great Hope Ariel Sharon....Are you listening? Take your fingers out of your ears and open your eyes. Pretending it's not so won't make it so. The Jews who want to observe the mitzvot in Eretz Israel are on a collision course with the democratic, non-Jewish government of the State of Israel!

Do you really think the politicans are afraid of the US State Department, or world opinion, or the likes of Assad and Mubarak, the Husseins, or even Arafat? NO! From Ben Gurion to Moshe Dayan to the Beilins, Baraks, and Sarids, they are scared witless of Torah and the prospect of a Torah state with a rebuilt Temple. And they aren't the only ones. All manner of Jews, self-professed religious included, secretly hope never in their lifetimes to see the sacrificial system reinstated.

The people of Israel have a "heart" problem. Many of us do not have the will to do what is right. We do not have the faith or the vision or the courage to do what is right! I have a newsflash for you. You do not have a choice!! Who said that we are "not obligated to complete the job, but neither are we free to abandon it?" I propose that we start, not tomorow, but TODAY.

The first order of business is to CEASE petitioning the illegitimate non-Jewish government and it's lackeys of whatever persuasion. CEASE demonstrating in front of Sharon's home or office or at the Knesset gates. YOU HAVE NO LEGAL RECOURSE WITH THEM!

The second order of business is to identify Am Israel's true Torah-recognized leaders and begin to petition them and not quietly!! Where are our righteous rabbis??!! Why do they feel constrained to keep their silence?! And how do they live with themselves when they do?!

We must demand that our rabbis exhort the people with Torah law. Those who say that we must not ascend to Har Habayit, must then apply the law to all and INSIST that NO ONE ascends to Har Habayit!! Even if they claim to have no power to enforce the Law, they still have the obligation to pronounce it publically!! Where were the righteous rabbis when the fool Katsav announced to the world that he would defend the Muslims "rights" to Hashem's Holy Mount with his own life???!!! Those who admit that it is "permissible, but not desirable" for Jews to ascend must immediately cease this disingenuous posturing and be honest and straightforward with the people, if they haven't forgotten how!

Once the leaders come out of their daze and malaise, the people will follow and we will have a strong Jewish army with which to assail the very gates of heaven and also the Temple Mount! People somehow feel that if we are not fighting amongst ourselves then we are united. Nothing could be further from the Truth! Unless and until we are united in knowledge, goals and purpose, no true unity can exist. And only when we are truly united can we succeed!

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