02 August 2015

Menachem: "Our Secret Weapon"

17 Menachem Av 5775


Facilitated Communication with Menachem
Jerusalem, 4 Menachem Av 5775

Our Secret Weapon

I'm very anxious. I go to sleep with difficulty, I get up in a panic, I think all day about what's going to be. It's so frightening that there are no words for it. And when I think about what's already happening, about how the evildoers are ruling over the world - I simply lose control, and cry, and cry, and cry. Very few at all are capable of coming close to HKB"H, very few, and the vast majority of this group are Jews, there are almost no gentiles who are capable of understanding the truth and being saved, but in any case there are some gentiles who will survive and accept the truth, but with the Jews, only those who stood at Har Sinai, only these souls will survive, like we always said.

And in this period, so difficult, I just want to say to the true-Jews, like Ben (Binyamin Golden) and Daniel and I already said, we are approaching the time that we will need to fight over our Yiddishkeit, and this time already started, but it will reach to very, very difficult situations. And we will need to even endanger ourselves and not abandon the Yiddishkeit. We don't need to fight against the evildoers face-to-face in wars before Mashiach comes, because Mashiach will already be the messenger of Hashem to fight the wars, but we, in this period, before Mashiach is revealed, our war will be to remain close to HKB"H, to separate between our families and the families of the Erev-Rav, and of the Edomim - Bnei Eisav, and to separate ourselves from the Amalekim and etc., and it won't be easy.

And we're seeing in our schools, of the Chareidim, many from the false Torah, Torat HaSheker. They took the externals of Judaism - and inside they accepted a false Torah, and these are the high schools and yeshivahs and primary schools of the Chareidim. And we need to separate between our children and children of the falsehood, we need to separate between us and the communities who accepted the lie. And it's not easy.

We're a tiny people. All the evildoers all over the world, they are so many, with their armies, and with helmets, and with advanced rifles, and with bullet-proof vests, and with atomic bombs, nuclear bombs, and with all kinds of weapons that I don't even know what they do or how they do it, like lazers and various things, so who are we? What are we? A tiny people. And I'm not talking about all those who live in Eretz Yisrael, because a serious part of them are Erev Rav, I'm talking about true-Jews who are located across the world and also in Eretz Yisrael. We are itty-bitty compared to the Erev Rav, compared to the gentiles, compared to the Amalekim. But we can be very strong, we can be stronger than all the armies and all the various types of rifles and tools of war.

When we put the gentiles on the scale, with all their technology, with all their helicopters, with all everything-everything-everything, it's a mighty weight! Something huge! Only their armies are much more, the armies of the evildoers is much more than all the Jews that there are in the world! And it's without a doubt much weightier than us. But when we connect with HKB"H, and we live only in order to do His will, and we feel that we are one with Him, then we receive all the weight of eternity, of the Torah, of holiness, of the connection with the Almighty, with the Master of the World. And there's none, no scale in the world that can be more than this. So - we are weak, but when we make a connection with the Almighty, with the Master of the World - we are stronger than them, and weightier (more significant) than them, and no one can hurt us or annihilate us.

So, Am Yisrael, don't be afraid! Our secret weapon - it's to make a connection to HKB"H. That's our armor, that's our 'cannons', that's our everything. To be one with Hashem, to do His will, out of love, out of our huge love for HKB"H, the desire of every Jew to make a connection with Him, and to be one with Him. End.

[Questions and Answers to follow, iy"H]