06 August 2015

Daniel: "The Prudent At That Time Will Keep Silent"

22 Menacham Av 5775


Facilitated Communication with Daniel
Jerusalem, TU b'Av 5775

The Prudent At That Time Will Keep Silent

"Therefore, the prudent at that time will keep silent..." (Amos 5.13)

I'm sad Abba, on one hand sad, and on the other hand I see things advancing to the complete redemption. I'm sad to see the Jews, especially the Chareidim, going down and going down. The seculars are going down to an abyss that I don't know if they will be able to come out from it. but the Chareidi Jews, not all of them, have made from their Yiddishkeit something that's 'not-Yiddishkeit-and-not-goyishkeit', not here and not there. They grabbed the excess materialism of the gentiles, and tried to mix it in some way and to kasher it in order that it will be able to be supposedly "part" of a Jew.

But, like water and oil don't mix, also the excess materialism of the gentiles and the approach to life of the gentiles can't mix with the Torah, with the life of a Jew who is truly close to Hashem. It can't become combined. It can't be mixed, it can't be part, it can't be one with it, but at some stage they have to completely separate.

We, the true Jews, have to separate ourselves completely from the 'so-called Jews' whose path is not Judaism. We have to separate completely, It's very, very difficult, because the true-Jews are very few and the not-true-Jews are very many, relative to us, to those who are really trying to be close to Hashem. A Jew with beard and peyot or a modest woman - it doesn't say that they're true-Jews, and not every Jew who appears secular is really secular inside, because at the last moment he will understand where he really needs to be, in a separate place with the true-Jews.

And now, all over the world there is a war between good and evil, between truth and lie, with the Jews as well as with the gentiles, but the biggest war in the end is the true-Jews against the Satan, against the Satan himself with all his soldiers. It will be the last war, and then Hashem will slaughter the yetzer hara with all these who went with the Satan.

But today I'm sad, because I see that the evildoers are getting stronger, increasing in number, the whole world is in great danger. I see that already in the United States they're beginning to separate between the gentiles who walk the path of the evildoers and those who don't walk their path. All over the world - the evildoers are getting stronger, taking control over the money, over the countries, over the armies of the world. And also here, in Eretz Yisrael, we have gentile rule. Correct that there are Jews among them, but the direction is gentile. They also belong to these evildoers, and they're believing because via the evil that is against the Torah it's real, and  that's what they need to do. And they're even ready to murder for it and to do all kinds of twisted things, because with them what's twisted is straight, and what's straight is twisted.

And they, who are many, not millions, billions - against a group tiny compared to them, but as is said the power is with us. Like Yehudah HaMacabee, his brothers, his father - the Cohen Gadol, who fought against armies much larger than them, 'much' is not the word, giant armies, and Hashem allows them to win, so it will be now. Only the Mashiach, the symbol of the truth, the symbol of Torah-and-mitzvot, the symbol of the love of HKB"H for Am Yisrael, and love of Am Yisrael for HKB"H - he alone will defeat everyone, including the Satan himself. He will be Hashem's messenger - and we with God's help are with him. We won't fight - only he will fight, but we will be with him, in victory.

Abba, I worry so much for Am Yisrael, I want every Jew to be saved, I'm sure that every Jew will be saved, because Hashem said so, but we will go through difficult times like these. And don't be afraid, don't be afraid, just don't be afraid! Hashem is with us, Hashem loves us, Hashem wants us.

Hashem knew from the beginning that the snake wanted to cause Adam and Chavah to sin, Hashem knew from the beginning that Adam and Chavah wouldn't stand up to it, wouldn't stand strong enough. Hashem knew that we would reincarnate from reincarnation to reincarnation, to repair, and to repair, and to repair. And who are we? We are souls, parts of the souls of Adam and Chavah, and we reincarnate in all the generations, and repair, and repair, and repair. And now we are approaching the end of the process, we are in a process of reaching and being at a stage wherein we take off all the outer shells that collected in all the times of history, the last long and hard time of the redemption, and we will again be pure like Adam HaRishon. And then all of us will be connected again to HKB"H, we will be connected forever.

I also hear the words of the United States President, of Cameron in England, of Merkel in Germany, of Putin, of the Chinese, of everyone, of Netanyahu, who speak about the enemies of us all, that they are 'the terrorists', that with all that they are doing - they are the enemy of America, of Russia, of every place. So, therefore, every person who goes against the ideas of his country already from the beginning is thought of as a terrorist, therefore from the beginning it's possible to stop him and put him into prison without a trial, to kill him without a trial, it's possible to do everything against this person. And indeed they're using it against the gentiles, but their end goal is to use it against the Jews who really believe in Hashem, because it goes against all the things the world of the 21st century enjoys from it, they want in it and hold in it, the most important thing of their golden calf or their idol - the Satan himself.

And if we're against the perversions from the natural way that Hashem gave to the whole world, the way that Hashem paved for every person walking in it, if we are against those who want to deviate from this path and walk in twisted paths, then we will be turned into 'terrorists' in the evildoers' eyes. And almost every country that once was considered a free country has been turned into an evil country, a country against the Torah, and against every gentile who has even a drop-of-direction of ordered life more or less like is written in the Torah, and he will be in great danger.

The evildoers are taking over everything. That's a sign of the end. That's the greatest sign that we are approaching it at the speed of lightning. The evildoers can't stop themselves, they're drunk from their success, they're certain that they're already achieving their goal. Hashem will let them to think, Hashem will let them succeed, Hashem yishmor, with all their twisted things, Hashem should protect us from them. And they will reach the level of doing everything openly, and then the Jews who didn't grasp what's happening, suddenly will comprehend. The true-Jews will immediately return in teshuvah, but the Jews who are the Erev Rav, who have lust in the heart - will immediately accept that the 'noes' are permitted. and what is permitted is forbidden, they will run to it in joy like they've already begun to do.

Our Jews don't understand. There are groups putting Chareidi guys into the army with much joy. They're saying: "Why not?! What will they do besides? Guys who aren't so successful in learning - they should be in the army!" It would be right if it was a gentile army  that allowed them to be Jews, but it's an army "supposedly-Jewish", an army that opened its gates also to the twisted and is accepting them with much joy, and is writing to them in a big way, in an advertisement: 'We also want the twisted', these who are particularly going against the Torah in the most difficult things. How is it possible to take a Chareidi guy and put him in a place of filth, a place of mixing between women and men?! And oy vavoy if someone will say something to them!...

You all believe that the army protects us? Only Hashem protects us! If it's a holy army - we have a possibility of winning, and if it's not a holy army whose soldiers don't make efforts at all in holiness - then we have no possibility to win. And actually, our last great victory was the 'Six Days War'. And from then - the wars weren't especially successful. And now, when the State is connected to the evildoers - we have no hope to win, they've already defeated us.

You will see - shortly, they will put foreign soldiers here, see if I'm wrong, you'll see. Already there are American soldiers here from the UN.

But don't be afraid, true Jews won't help them. Hashem won't allow them to destroy His world, the world that He created in wholeness, to be destroyed and to be turned into an impure thing. The evildoers proclaimed a war against HKB"H, and that's their real war! Not against this nation or another, they're against HKB"H! And they have no possibility in the world of winning. Hashem will destroy them until the last crumb of their filth, and then will be the complete redemption.

Shabbat shalom, Abba and Ima, thank you very much that you are like these good parents. I know what you're doing for me. I give thanks to Hashem and I give thanks to you. Shabbat shalom.
NOTE: Please see the original here for the yellow-highlighted references which back up all that Daniel has said. And Shabbat shalom.]