29 August 2015

Concerning Jewish 'Outreach' to Xians

15 Elul 5775

In my previous post, I alluded to what I consider to be a very big and very serious problem with the two main chassidic groups engaged in kiruv throughout the world - Breslov and Chabad. I compared them to the Jewish group which morphed over three hundred years into what became Xianity. By that, I'm talking about how it turned from being a ba'al teshuvah movement within Judaism into another religion entirely by expanding its outreach to include the gentiles and turning universal in it's appeal. In my view, this same mistake is being repeated today within the ranks of Breslov and Chabad. In most cases, I'm sure these efforts are based on the most noble of intentions, but that does not remove the danger from Am Yisrael, nor does it satisfy the truth.

Sixteen years ago, I stumbled onto a Xian (so-called "Messianic-'Jewish'") website which featured several pictures of the local Chabad rabbi addressing the congregation in their church. The preacher and the rabbi were arm-in-arm and the article which accompanied the photos bragged at how the 'messianics' were making inroads into the Orthodox Jewish community. 

I immediately looked up the rabbi and emailed him to inform him of what I had found. I was sure he had no idea what he was really dealing with. Of course, the rabbi had been led to believe that this was a group of Bnei Noach who wanted the rabbi to "teach" them and he naturally welcomed the opportunity. It was just as I had suspected. I proceeded to provide him with insight based on my personal experiences as well as the evidence of the group's website that showed how they were intentionally deceiving the rabbi for ulterior motives. However, I was in for a shock when the rabbi refused to hear anything negative about this group of "righteous gentiles" from me, a fellow Jew with his best interests at heart. And this experience has been repeated over and over again, always with the same result.

Since then, I have seen many, many - too many - Jews fall for this ploy, but I still don't understand how and why it happens. In the case of the previous post, some people wondered why I did not contact the rabbis privately instead of making a public expose. My answer to that is this - the information was already very, very public and an immediate, in-kind response was necessary. 

It seems to me that this generation is being guided primarily by their emotions. People appear to be making decisions based not on the Torah and halachah, but on their feelings. That is very, very dangerous to us as a people. It is leading to the dismantling of all the fences and barriers which have served to protect us and bridges are being built over which wicked people are crossing to do us harm. And make no mistake about it. Xians are not Noahides, they are idolaters and therefore enemies of HKB"H who want to 'love' us to death. If rabbis are truly concerned with the spiritual needs of Xians worldwide, why is it that they never, ever begin by first telling them that they must abandon their idolatry???

Everyone seems to believe that they are operating with only the best of intentions, but as the old adage goes, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

To be continued, iy"H...