13 January 2014

Sealing Their Fate

12 Shevat 5774

Today is the big day! They are burying Ariel Sharon's mortal remains. It would be entirely fitting if the whole secular Zionist enterprise were buried with him.

Another fitting development: the funeral is taking place in the shadow of the iron dome...

...The Iron Dome anti-missile system will also be on alert during the funeral, in case Gaza Arab terrorists decide to fire rockets at the Negev as Sharon is being buried.

The funeral will take place in an area of the Negev where Hamas rockets are able to reach, and have struck in the past. Israeli officials expressed concern Sunday night that Hamas terrorists would “salute” Sharon with rocket attacks on the area.

Do you realize that Hashem decided to finally, and at long last, take Ariel Sharon's soul at the crucial moment when Binyamin Netanyahu and his government are poised to repeat Sharon's most tragic mistake? And not just the government of Israel, but the whole world and all its leaders have now been forced to focus on what happened to the man who uprooted and expelled Jews in the Land of Israel. Will it give them pause? Will they have second thoughts? Knowing how great is their desire to torment and destroy Jews and all they hold dear, I kind of doubt it.

I fully expect them to charge full-speed ahead and with renewed vigor in the aftermath of this funeral. (That is if Hamas doesn't do us all a big favor from their positions in Gaza.) Hashem will surely shake His head and say, "I tried to warn you."