04 March 2024

This Explains A Lot (Part 1)

25 Adar Alef 5784

I want you to see the bigger picture - to understand the greater, more pernicious threat to Klal Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael because I think knowing this stuff will bolster your faith.  Obviously, I am more concerned with the danger posed to us by Eisav than I am the more obvious danger coming from Yishmael, precisely because the danger from Eisav is so rarely recognized.  In fact, the perceived danger from Yishmael is driving Klal Yisrael - not to HKB"H as intended - but into the willing arms of Eisav HaRasha, Hashem yishmor.

Always keep in mind that regardless of geopolitics, these are religious wars and that's why you can't expect our attackers to be placated by the promise of economic incentives.  That means that Biden/Obama, Wokeness, Leftist ideology, UN votes, charges filed with the ICJ, these are all Eisav to be sure, but they are minor players, all distractions meant to divert our attention from the greater enemy to whom we are consequentially turning to for support.  That would be the other side of Eisav - the Christian Right!

I've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: man-made religions, like Christianity, change over time.  I can testify from my 70-years vantage point that the Christianity of the 1950s was not the same as the 1970s and that Christianity is hardly recognizable in the 2020s.  Tommy Waller's son, Josh, said it himself in a talk he gave at Eagle Mountain International Church...

...there's not churches like you, I mean where are they?  Y'all are leading in something that's new.  For 2,000 years there just wasn't that relationship.  It's a new thing that's being brought out and you're leading in that....  I pray ... that you'll have much success in leading in this new path, [to] normalize that we, the Christians around the world, are natural friends of the Jewish people [and] we're not their enemies....

These "new" ideas are coming with a flood of "new" things from the relatively "new" Dominionist theology which is being brought to the world via the NAR - the New Apostolic Reformation movement.  

They even have a "new" Bible that complements their "new" reformation...

NAR has gained so much momentum that its community now has its own Bible version, The Passion Translation, produced by the Apostle Brian Simmons of Stairway Ministries (Wichita, Kansas). Now NAR teachings can be supported by pointing to chapter and verse, further strengthening the impression that NAR enjoys explicit biblical support. But in a review for Themelios, Andrew G. Shead concludes that Simmons abandons “all interest in textual accuracy, playing fast and loose with the original languages, and inserting so much new material into the text that it is at least 50% longer than the original.

You've surely heard of the Protestant Reformation - when "reformers" like Martin Luther decried the corrupt practices of the Catholic Church and led a movement which resulted in the establishment of Protestant Christianity.  Well, this is being touted as its successor - a  New Reformation - and the scary part is this is no fringe movement.  One 2021 article published by the Adventist Church claims that "more than 66 million Christians in the United States have likely come into significant contact with NAR teachings."

Its adherents are already sitting in the very top seats of power throughout the world.  Even the Pope is on board.  They have already, over the past 20 years, infiltrated into every area of life in Eretz Yisrael and they pose a mortal threat to American Jews.  

In short, Dominionists (NAR) believe that Christians are Divinely-appointed to conquer and rule the world ("take dominion") in accordance with the Christian view of what constitutes God's Law and only when they have accomplished that will their messiah-god return to rule and reign over mankind.  They believe that to do this, they must take control over seven leading aspects of culture:  family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business and government  Their stated goal is to make Israel the first nation they conquer.

Israel to Be "First Completely Saved" Nation on Earth

To this end, their plan is to (1) convert all the Jews in Israel to "Messianic Judaism"; (2) assimilate these Jews with the non-Jews, creating one family of mankind.  This is the New Testament vision of "The One New Man" or "The One New Humanity" and "The True Israel."  Any Jew who refuses to submit will be deemed an enemy and treated accordingly.

Education is one of those cultural aspects they need to control to bring their vision to reality.  Nowhere is their work more evident than in the JH-Israel National Leadership Center, a project of the U.S. Israel Education Association established by NAR member Heather Johnston.  (You can read my previous blog posts on this subject here, here, here and here.)

...the National Leadership Center in Ariel is run by JH-Israel which works in collaboration with the U.S. Israel Education Association.

USIEA has established uniquely significant and meaningful ties with Israeli leaders. These include the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, and leaders in the areas of local government, science, education, military and business. USIEA values the Judeo-Christian heritage and both the historical and spiritual significance of Israel; therefore, our relationships are based on deep mutual respect and open dialogue.
...JH-Israel, an organization collaborating with the Ministry of Education is shaping Israel’s next generation of leaders."
A reminder of who Heather Johnston is.  I wrote the following two years ago:

...The "Monster" is that entity which is actively recruiting and sending out people specially appointed to destroy the soul of Am Yisrael and prevent Israel becoming a true Jewish State.  It is connected to Christianity and is operating mainly from and through the United States and is aided and abetted by Jews in Israel with ties to the United States.   

The "Monster" will never willingly allow Israel to be anything more than a poor copy and vassal state of the United States of America.  (Remember this when you get to the bottom.)

[Heather Johnston] is the one who runs JH-Ranch in California and JH-Israel in Ariel, Samaria.  She is the one who got $1 million and an exclusive contract from Naftali Bennett (an intimate friend according to her) when he was Minister of Education.  She brags that 85,000 Israeli school children and IDF soldiers have been run through her indoctrination center in Ariel with many more to come, God forbid!  (Source)

That info needs updating as she now claims that they are no longer just confined to the Leadership Center in Ariel but have now been welcomed into the schools!!

After the Simchat Torah Massacre, Johnston jumped at the chance to get more involved in Israeli society.  JH-Israel made a new agreement with the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education.  The new agreement is called the Naomi Project. (See also .pdf Naomi Project, pp. 9-11.)  They make no secret of the fact that they intend to influence and indoctrinate our future generations of Jews to adopt the Judeo-Christian worldview and its value system.

Hashem yerachem!!  This is a shmad!!!!

Another so-called "Friend of Israel" associated with NAR is former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. He makes Hayovel a special destination whenever he visits Israel which is astoundingly frequently. I think he recently said he's made 100 trips to Israel.  He famously endorsed One for Israel messianic missionaries.

Make no mistake!  They want us to become ONE with ALL Christians, including Christian 'Jews' ("messianics") and Christian Arabs.  They are completely against removing non-Jews from Israel.  In the upcoming audio from March 2, 2024, he and Heather Johnston discuss their (the NAR) plans for us and as far as they are concerned, we Torah observant Jews have no say in the matter.  They are taking dominion over us in the name of J.C. and the U.S.A.


But They Presume to Teach Us!!



They are so, so wrong - about everything.  We know that when Yisrael ascends, Eisav descends.  They are never up at the same time.  On some soul-level, they know it, too, and that's why they are clinging to us, although they disguise it as us being dependent on them rather than the other way around.  They mean to keep us in their thrall, so that they can continue to benefit from the 'relationship'.  What they don't get is that it is the kedushah inherent in the Torah-faithful Jewish neshamah that brings blessing and they don't have any access to that because they have inadvertently "partnered" with the Erev Rav.  They are both doomed to go down together.  Then we will have real peace!  Finally!!  B"H!!

To be continued, iy"H...


  1. Your authorship and research is so comprehensive and informative you are doing an extraordinary mitzvah by publishing this on your blog. They talk about wanting to conquer the world, I would love for them to try this in the Muslim countries. They wouldn't last 5 minutes and would probably be publicly stoned. It is clear that as the geula is so close there is going to be so much confusion amongst Jews that these thieves of Jewish souls know this as well and are trying to capitalize on this. Not only have they partnered with the Eruv Rav, but money buys power and influence and as we can see, they have alot of money which they are using to gain control and influence. But as you said, they will ultimately fail.

    1. Without Geulah Girl of the Key to Redemption blog none of this would be possible. All of this information is thanks to her work.

    2. Can you send a link to that blog?

    3. Thanks, where is Geulah Girl now, posts are from 4 years ago.

    4. Geulah Girl has been devoting all her time recently to research. She also has a job, so there is not enough time in the day for both the research and writing. She keeps me well supplied with material for my blog posts.