03 March 2024

The Enablers

24 Adar Alef 5784 

All missionary activity in Israel can be traced to Jewish enablers with government complicity.

Following is a compilation of recent video reports by "messianic" missionary organizations on their activities directed towards proselytizing soldiers during wartime.

Speaking of missionaries, I have an update for you on that very obnoxious woman called Sarah of Sarah's Ministries for J.C. who harassed Israelis for over a year, all over the country, at every possible opportunity, along with her Asian sidekick and a cameraman who caught it all on videos which were uploaded to Youtube and used to accuse Klal Yisrael of "persecution."  Even at the height of her incitement, (she especially liked the Jewish quarter on Shabbat, shouting through her microphone) Jews tried to reason with her and they suffered a lot before they even voiced any objections.  She was a real horror show!

Happy Adar news!!  She has been banned from entry to Israel for ten years!!!!  Yay!!!  

BUT, she's got one of the traitors among us to represent her in court here to get it overturned and he is guaranteeing her success.  I would actually be surprised if he wasn't successful, but HKB"H can make miracles!!  

I've turned her video remarks into a sound file so you can listen without looking at her face.  The first 45 secs is a replay of a portion of her video from the Jewish Quarter, which is apparently what landed her in this trouble.

Below is her comment on Youtube.  It is followed by sound clips from her complaint. 

Mar 1, 2024

Recently we was (sic) banned from Israel for 10 years for talking to people about Jesus, however we are fighting back.

We are fighting for the freedom to speak about our lord and saviour in his land and not just for us but for all the body of Christ and to Glorify our lord.

We have a top Israeli lawyer who is fighting for us and we have raised over half the money needed.

If you want to help us in this fight then please donate...

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