26 March 2024

Gaza WILL Be Conquered!!

16 Adar Bet 5784 


  1. Wow! Amen, may this be the end of today's Amaleikim, the Chamas, y'sv'z. and others.
    The Philistines (Plishtim) were invaders - that is the definition of that word. We need to make that clear, that they never owned any part of the Land. In fact, they are from some of the Greek Isles and they seemed to live their lives invading other people's lands. They must
    have been some kind of pirates of that time. Maybe that's why the Gaza area was probably so important to them, being a coastal city.
    Also, I thought that Avimelech was a Canaanite; but he obviously was a Plishti.
    We see that slight weakness throughout our history starting even
    from Avraham Avinu in our leaders, up until this day. I was thinking that all that happens is, of course, from H' and history has to play itself out; thus, so much suffering, until the coming of Moshiach when all our tzarot will finally end.
    May we see the the complete & total end to all our sonim, once and for all!
    Praying that Geulah Shleimah comes in a blink of an eye - NOW!

  2. What an excellent shiur

  3. I don’t have the time to watch the entire lecture. Maybe in a few days. Can someone tell me when he predicts Moshiach will come (based off the teachings he is reading)? How many years away until this horrible golus is finally over? Not taking away the belief and obligation that Moshiach can come today.