03 March 2024

Interesting Question from Rabbi Richter

23 Adar Alef 5784 


  1. Just saw this so I didn't see Rabbi Richter's video yet but I believe that these crazies (& that is what they definitely are plus being evil) are the ErevRav within the 'religious' communities. They can be halachacally Jewish, but they do NOT have Jewish neshamot. They will be punished along with all the rest of our enemies from within and without. Could there be anything uglier than 'jews' who are traitors
    to their own people which is the same as traitors to Hashem.

  2. The Lubavitcher Rebbe was steadfastly opposed to Land For Peace and publicly said so when Israel officials or other Jews who mentioned it came to see him. These Neutrei Karta cannot possibly be Jewish, because just as I mentioned regarding Corona when there were ministers who advocated breaking down peoples doors to forcibly inject them, or locking them in their homes, or destroying their parnassa, anyone who advocates these things cannot possibly be Jewish because someone with a real Jewish Neshama could not possibly consider violence towards another Jew. Here to The Neutrei Karta openly meets and supports mass murderers of Jews openly, they cannot possibly possess Jewish souls.