20 December 2021

Dumbed Down Judaism

17 Tevet 5782

Since so many Jews in this generation are lacking a solid Torah-true Jewish education, Judaism, as it is being practiced today, is far off the mark of what the Torah actually requires of us.  Even when Tanakh is being taught to Jewish kids in a so-called Jewish State, the evil regime sees to it that it is taught from a Christian perspective and according to Christian understanding,* Hashem yerachem!  (* Story below.)

So it's not even just that we've been dumbed down, so to speak, but Judaism is being corrupted and perverted from every direction.  Our mitzvot are not accomplishing all they could in the upper worlds, and we see the proof of that in our physical reality, because we don't really know or understand what we are meant to be doing and, in fact, we are being led farther and farther astray of our mission, either ignorantly or maliciously, by false teachers.

The World War against Jews and Judaism in this generation is focused on taking advantage of this vulnerability and focusing on uniting Jews with the nations and their cultures in direct opposition to the expressed will of the Creator, blessed be He.  Therefore, our task has to be to bring Torah, real and true Torah, not "to the nations" but to OUR NATION!    

We have to do everything within our power to stand in the path of the wave of assimilation which threatens to destroy us and stop its advance, hopefully even to turn the tide, by spreading this most important message:  we must remain a nation apart.  We have to bring the sources and prove to our fellow uneducated Jews that it is the will of HKB"H that we remain separate from the nations.  We have to demonstrate successfully that what is taking place now with interfaith endeavors is not a new acceptance of our mission on their part, but a final attempt to eradicate it.  We have to enunciate it clearly and unequivocally to our fellow rebellious Jews who wish only to fulfill their own will rather than that of their Father and King.  They say they want to serve humanity, but really they are serving themselves, boosting their inflated egos even more.  

The Jewish nation accepted to be servants of HKB"H at Har Sinai, not humanity!!  

Therefore, this blog is going to do everything in the author's power to keep pressing this point home, for as long as it takes.  

Like the Borg, Christian "Lovers of Israel" only love us as long as we are becoming more and more like them, until we have become "one" with them and that is what is behind all their interfaith initiatives and their Israel "programs" (which are really spiritual pogroms.)

(To regular readers here, the following will be old news, but I'm sure there are some who have never heard about it.  Search "Heather Johnston" or "JH Israel" on this blog.)

Israel’s Education Ministry is providing state funding for a Bible programme developed by evangelical Christians in which thousands of Israeli schoolchildren are expected to participate this year alone.

JH Israel has established a “National Leadership Centre” (NLC) in the West Bank settlement of Ariel, with its website describing how there has been “a partnership formed between JH Israel and Israel’s Ministry of Education to develop a values-based leadership curriculum that focuses on the characters of Israel’s biblical/cultural heritage.”

The founder and executive director of JH Israel, Heather Johnston, together with her husband Bruce, run the JH Ranch evangelical summer camp in California. As reported by Haaretz, a spokesperson for the Education Ministry confirmed that almost a million Shekels of funding had been agreed.

In a post on the JH Israel website titled “five things the new agreement with Israel’s Ministry of Education means”, the agreement is described as having come into effect in February of this year. It describes how thanks to the Israeli government's funding, “4,000 more students will attend the NLC in 2018 and more will come annually in future years”, and that “the NLC becomes the only recognized provider of leadership and biblical content for Israel’s Ministry of Education.”

The JH Israel website also states that "through the National Leadership Centre, JH Israel has stepped into the unfolding history of modern Israel by contributing to the larger story of what God is doing in Israel.

"The need for strong values and moral character in leadership has never been more evident," the site says.

"Through the National Leadership Center, JH Israel collaborates directly with Israeli leaders to develop a biblical, values-based educational initiative to meet this need."

Traditionally the Israeli government has been extremely wary of partnerships with Christian organisations. Previously, the Education Ministry had declined 40 million Shekels in funding from the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews for a summer programme.

However, Naftali Bennett, the hard-right leader of the Jewish Home party and the current Education Minister, appears to have a close relationship with Mrs Johnston. In 2016, the evangelical executive posted a picture of the two together calling Mr Bennett “a good friend and amazing leader for Israel! He has a heart for G-d, and for developing programs based on biblical values for Israeli society. We love Naftali!

A quote from Mr Bennett on the JH Israel website describes his visit to the NLC, in which he says "I discovered a dynamic place, working to prepare a new generation of leaders for Israel. The Center raises questions that set the stage for personal growth and opportunities in an ever-changing and challenging environment."

A spokesperson for the Education Ministry told Haaretz that the money would not be handed over directly to the evangelical organisation, but to the local municipal authority in charge of running the NLC.
Who else despises the chutspah of these idolaters to presume to teach and explain our book to US!  Of course, what they mean to do is indoctrinate our future generations into Judeo-Christianity!!  What can Judeo-Christianity produce but Judeo-Christians???!!!

Heather would not disagree.  You see, in Judaism, chutspah is an undesirable character trait, but as is typical, it's just the opposite in Christianity.

By the way, you should know and understand that when they talk about Jews losing their "heart of stone" and receiving their "heart of flesh", they are talking about our future mass conversion to Christianity which they envision where we all bow down in worship before their god - Yeshu, God forbid a thousand times!!
2021 Heather Johnston to CBN -“In order to actually be Jesus’ disciples, we must undergo a dramatic turning to him and away from all else.” It involves what Scripture refers to in Ezekiel 36:26 as God turning our hearts of stone to hearts of flesh. Heather believes this happens when we undergo what she calls an identity exchange. “As we exchange our fragile identity for the identity of a talmid of Jesus, we become our true selves.”
And this is what they are hoping and trying to bring about in the lives of our school children, soldiers and future leaders.
2021June 24,  FB post “JH Israel and the National Leadership Center exists to impact Israel's next generation of leaders. Since 2010, more than 85,000 Israeli youth have come to the NLC to understand their identity and life purpose. On the hills of Samaria, young people connect personally to God and to their biblical heritage through the stories of David, Joshua, Caleb, Moses and Abraham.  God anticipated a supernatural shift in the spiritual life of Israel that would impact the nations. (Ezekiel 36:26)

Recall who they believe "God" is!  How could a Christian teach Jewish kids "to understand their identity and life purpose" and how to "connect to God"??!!  Obviously, they can't.  They intend to make them Christians, or rather "Judeo-Christians."  This is a "long-con" conversion plan. 


  1. Well, no doubt they are trying to take over every inch of Israel, the Land and her people, the Jews. They will, of course, fail, because the Land and the Jews are G-D's personal property! This should prove to every uninformed Jew out there in Israel and the diaspora that the country is 'literally' run by the EREV RAV AMALEIKIM and their cohorts, the Xtians and now sitting out there right in front of your face, the Muslim Brotherhood.
    So, what is there to say, except that H' have mercy and speed up the Geulah with the coming of Moshiach Tzdkeinu and we pray that the Jews wake up and do teshuva so the redemption will come speedily and with mercy & chesed. This is the main problem that Israel faces today because this is the end game of our enemies - the deJudaization of Israel and the Jews everywhere because their war is against the Allmighty and His people. Woe unto them when HIS Anger will be unleashed. The Jews who want to be spared must do teshuva and return to our Torah teachings; this is all a wakeup call! May Hashem answer our prayers and cries for our deliverance from the wicked plans of all our enemies.