26 January 2021

Nine Months and 45 Days (Part 3)

14 Shevat 5781

[Part 1, Part 2]

Considering what you've just read in the Urgent Vaccine Updates (1 and 2), if, God forbid, we would be delayed another year, or even another six months, reaching the geulah shleimah, how much damage will have been done to Klal Yisrael, how many whole and intact people will be left, Hashem yerachem?

And if this is all a big test - to follow the Nazis to the death chambers or to run away from them - well, then, now that the appointments have been opened up to all, regardless of age, the test should be over, especially as it is now reaching the point of the helpless children and unborn becoming subject to it - those who have no choice in the matter.

If Hashem chooses to show mercy to us, however undeserving we are of it, He can consider the nine months having passed and move us on to the next stage of the chevlei MashiachBut, He can just as easily consider those nine months as having not even begun yet, Hashem yerachem.

However, if my son was correct many months ago when he said to me:  "I know why Purim will continue to be celebrated into the Messianic Age.  It's because it was the last holiday we celebrated normally in 2020 and it will be the first one we celebrate normally, iy"H, in 2021."  G-d willing, his words will come true and it will begin with the transition waiting within the kedushah of TU b'Shevat.

I have reason to believe the outbreak of WW3 is the next major event on the geulah horizon.  I know, I know, it's been talked to death, but that's only because it hasn't happened yet, not because it is never going to happen.  It has to happen.  This is what will interrupt the mad rush to vaccinate and bring down the Erev Rav for good and keep the nations occupied while Mashiach takes charge in Eretz Yisrael.  We could be building the Third Beit HaMikdash by Tisha b'Av and Gog of Magog could be invading by Sukkot only to be taken down by the Kochav miYa'aqov!!

That's my vision.  That's my hope.  That's my prayer.  Please, HASHEM!

If you were so blessed of HKB"H to find yourself safely on the "Ark," say a special prayer of thanksgiving.  After the on-again-off-again closures throughout the past year of corona, it looks like the "Ark" door may finally have closed for good - at least until Pesach. I trust everyone is satisfied with the choice they have made.

'No country has done what we are about to do,' Netanyahu says amid fears over coronavirus mutations.

In an unprecedented move, the Israeli government on Sunday approved a total shutdown of Ben Gurion Airport, starting midnight between Monday and Tuesday until at least January 31.

“No country has done what we are about to do,” Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the beginning of the coronavirus cabinet discussion.

“We are closing Ben Gurion Airport today. In contrast to what people are saying, we are ahead of the entire world. We are doing it, we are hermetically closing the skies, excluding very rare cases, in order to prevent the entry of the virus’s variants, and to ensure that we advance speedily with our vaccination campaign,” Netanyahu relayed.

According to a report by outlet Walla News, during cabinet deliberations, the Israeli premier stressed that the airport closure would include the suspension of Jews immigrating into the country -- for the first time in the Jewish state’s history.

Minister of Aliyah and Integration Pnina Tamano-Shata objected to the proposal, saying “immigrants should land tomorrow from Ukraine. There are old people and children who cannot be abandoned, after selling their houses and are currently heading to Israel with nothing but luggage.”

Netanyahu in response said that they must wait a week and that their entry would be taken care of by an exceptions committee, Walla News reported.

Maybe Mashiach will be the one to open them again and by that time, maybe those who thought they preferred chutz la'aretz will have changed their minds.

It's only a matter of hours now... 


  1. It's official. According to Rav Kanievsky, you are a murderer and machtiat aravim: https://youtu.be/qW8iPQhU48M?t=1916

    You are on the negative side that won't get saved when Mashiach comes. The argument is over. You are not allowed to write this blog anymore. Do whatever you want, but you will face the consequences.

  2. guess they are trying to shut down all truth.
    May H' protect you, Devash, and all the wonderful bloggers from all the reshaiim and may H' give you strength, courage and the hatzlacha to continue your holy work. It will be the righteous women that will bring Moshiach as Chazal tell us!

  3. ....curious to know what's on the video, since I can't see it....

    Thanks for your posts,

  4. You are most welcome, skbzk, but there is no video on this particular post. There is one at the very end of Part 1. It's a video of how the everyday people are pushing back in Italy.

  5. Devash, I have been wondering if taking that vaccine can possibly alter a person's perspective on things. Because if that was the case, that would certainly explain why so many people who were originally in doubt of what to do are suddenly, after having taken the vaccine themselves, are the vaccine's biggest promoters. Is there such a thing as altering someone's free will with technology? Because if there is, then even HaShem yitbarach cannot save that person anymore. That thought is most certainly very frightening!!!

  6. Dvash thank you so much for your blog. I feel like throwing up when I read the news full of lies at 90 percent.
    Your blog gives me hope, because you are one of the few trying to save lives by telling the truth.
    Many rabanim speak like you, the real, who have no financial interest, or a big position, or simply haven't been conned.
    Thank you Dvash, Hashem bless you.

  7. Fabio s I only see two options here. The first is that the aforementioned rabbis were purchased, but I don't believe that. The second is that sometimes people have so much credit for shamayim that HaShem needs to cut them down a bit, to make them face their human fallibility. I will pray that R. Kanievsky and R. Mizrachi can see the truth at this point and change your mind soon. Otherwise, a horrible blemish will fall on them. As an admirer of R. Mizrachi I suppose that due to his strong characteristic guevurah, which you also demonstrate in his words, he was so easily deceived. I will also pray that this blog will follow the same, unique and clear Truth.

  8. To Anonymous at 11:55 regarding changing people's minds, there are MANY examples of military type lectures, etc., on the topic. Here is one example (watch from minute 18:00 for around 2 minutes):


  9. Anonymous@11:55PM - No, I don't believe it will ever be possible to take away a person's free will decision-making capability. It's why this world was created - a testing ground for human beings.

    Thanks to my supporters for sticking with me.

    And thanks to Esser Agaroth for sending me this important report...

    53 Dead in Gibraltar in 10 Days After Experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID Injections Started

    Gibraltar is a British Colony at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula attached to the country of Spain. It’s population is just over 30,000 people, and it is best known for its huge “rock,” the “Rock of Gibraltar.”

    I have been contacted by residents in Gibraltar stating that 53 people have died in 10 days immediately following the roll out of injections of the Pfizer mRNA COVID injections, and calling it a “massacre.”

    Local media reports confirm the deaths, but blame them on COVID, and not the COVID injections.

    However, prior to the roll out of the injections, it is reported that only 16 people in total died “from COVID” since the beginning of the “pandemic” about a year ago.

  10. Former scientist Rabbi Yoav Alon in another scathing attack on Rabbi Elimelech Firer: He lied about corona vaccines

    Rabbi Yoav Alon, who previously served as a defense industry scientist and holds a variety of academic degrees from the Weizmann Institute and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, launches an unprecedented offensive against medical activist Rabbi Elimelech Firer, who led the great men of Israel and the entire ultra-Orthodox community.

  11. Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak talked about how Rabbi Kanievsky was given wrong information (such as the vaccine is safe without risks) when he told someone to take the vaccine and when later given the side effects on a sheet of paper, told that person not to take it. They seem to be refuting this now but I don't believe them. He also said there is no Covid now so any deaths are from something else. I definitely don't believe anything 100% from any gadol unless I hear it straight from his mouth and addressed towards the whole public as a psak and not to an individual. From everything I've heard on the halachic aspect of it, it seems no rav can give a psak to take the vaccine, it must be an individual assessment by one's personal doctor because what is safe for one person can be deadly for another. So, the nephews or grandsons saying things on his behalf just can't be trusted.

    I stopped watching Rabbi Mizrahi years ago along with the other rabbis who are in the same group. I just don't feel emet with them. They may have good points of Torah discussion in their lectures but one ounce of falsehood destroys it all. I see every rav I ever believed in as truthful is either saying not to take the vaccine (some say this only privately) or not commenting on it as they will not promote it either. Any rav who says a falsehood like there are no side effects and this is truly a pandemic according to halachic standards (which means not counting elderly, women or children as they have a high rate of death from other causes), I just can't listen to anything else they are saying. I'm so sad that people who have really good hearts and souls are falling for this nonsense and believe they are doing what needs to be done to save their lives. Hashem has his reasons just like in the holocaust where so many saintly souls were unaware and misinformed of the dangers but hopefully these Jews will be saved this time.

    I do think that the vaccine is causing people to lose their empathy and spiritual connection. According to that video from 2005, it does seem to be working like that. It fits in with prophesies for the end of days. I always thought it meant that good Jews would suddenly turn and follow the false moshiach after it was proven by illusion to be the real thing and they would lose all faith in Hashem and the Torah. I see now that the false moshiach doesn't have to be one person but a cult of worshipping the vaccine and switching sides from truth to falsehood based on the flimsy "evidence" they are trying to portray. It seemed so farfetched and now seems so plausible. We are told to ignore the things we see with our eyes and to focus on Hashem and the real reality.

    Continued in next post.

  12. Continued from previous post:
    I also entertain the thought that perhaps this vaccine is the way to change our consciousness into the moshiach era. Meaning, if forced upon the whole population, this would make sense as a way to open our eyes to a new reality. It could be Hashem wants us to change our DNA and cells and whatever other unknown effects this could have. We are required to keep away from self harm in terms of voluntary vaccine but if forced, it is out of our hands and could be a method that Hashem wants for us. I like this thought because then I feel I have done what Hashem wants of me by not taking the vaccine but if it is forced, I am also fulfilling Hashem's plan. It is all for our good somehow, even if I can't fathom it now. Everyone may have to be "sick" in order for Hashem to heal everyone after moshiach comes. Spiritually and physically sick. Hashem can have it affect everyone this way. Those who were previously healthy are now sicker from the vaccine and those who were spiritually good are now lowered just like before the geula from mitzrayim. Everyone will be confused and only be able to scream to Hashem. Or, it could be the "woke" ones who aren't taking the vaccine don't need it to open their eyes to the reality as they already see through the false narrative. I think we have to hang on to the real tzaddikim now. So many possibilities, we just don't know exactly what Hashem has in store for us or what he wants from us other than emunah and bitachon. I think Hashem wants us to be humble and humbled. I don't propose to be certain on any of this. Anyone who thinks they have it all figured out is for sure to be surprised. It doesn't matter what side of this you're on, no one except the 36 biggest tzaddikim know what's going on, if they even know all of it, I do not know. Hashem wants to surprise us all with amazing wonderful things. It is hard not to be judgmental in these days where people are following stupidity blindly but I know Hashem has made it that way for them. So, I will try to be extra kind with others, trust that Hashem is making the world like this for a good reason and just do my best. I worried about this for a while now. Now, I just want to trust in Hashem and relax about the outcome of the current treachery.

    1. Miriam a quick word. Hashem can't want us to take the poison, it would mean the end of his people. No same DNA, sick and sterile. No way.

  13. To 11.55, from a psychological perspective, often once people have chosen a certain course of action they convince themselves that it was the correct thing to do, regardless of the facts. From a bio-chemical brain altering perspective, I saw somewhere that Gates and co want a vaccine that does indeed affect people's choices, basically to turn them into atheists.

    As to whether our free will can be taken away, we are led on the path that we choose. So if someone puts their faith in science above all, it is conceivable that such a vaccine would work on them, as they had already chosen science above Hashem.

    To Noach Santo, be very, very careful about how you speak of tsadikim. Even the greatest Jew who ever lived, Rabbi Akiva, was mistaken when he declared Bar Kochba to be Moshiach and Rav Yuval Ovadia brings other examples of huge gedolim who were deceived. That in no way affects the respect we should have them. So too with, gadol hador, Rav Kanievsky shlita. I too am against the so-called vaccine, and appreciate TD and others who have publicised the truth about it, but the bottom line is that if you truly believe Ein Od Milvado it doesn't make any difference either way. And that is what we all have to strengthen ourselves in, in every aspect of our lives, not just vis-a-vis the vaccine, that and achdut, and the rest. Maybe even worse than the vaccine, is the terrible acrimony and division that have arisen around it. Publicise, disagree, but do so with respect.

    1. Greatest jew ther ever lived was Moshe rabbeinu

  14. Netanyahu: 'Israel will serve as herd immunity testing laboratory'


  15. Again, must agree with Samson (6:13 pm) (good #613).
    Found Miriam's comment very good until she brings up that H' might want all of His people to, c'v, get sick and even pass away. Doesn't work that way. First, H' is All Good! Second, do believe that H' uses the evil ones to do the evil but it will lead to the good by the masses getting adjusted to a different way of thinking, such as the phrase being thrown around now 'new normal' and also the words 'new world order'. This is exactly what will be but it will be the pure and true new world (Olam Habah) and a new normal, where it will be a world of all good with no more yetzer harah, no evil and we will regain our connection to H' just as when we received the Torah at Har Sinai. The evil doers and evil itself will be gone for eternity. As far as having the ability to reprogram people, that is up to the individual. We are familiar with hypnosis where there are many who are vulnerable and can easily be hypnotized by a professional hypnotist and there are those of strong will/belief and cannot be hypnotized at all; the same with programming; they believe easily in what someone of authority or professional tells them and then there are those who are either very G-D fearing or strong willed. This is why we are told that at keitz hayamim the one thing we need to rely on is our Emunah and Bitachon in Hashem and to know - Ain Od Milvado. Let us not fall for all the media hype and non-Jewish rhetoric.

    1. Thank you Anonymous!
      I completely agree with you and thank you for your support and for correcting Miriam.
      I would like to add that Hashem wants us to be fearless and heroes as His people, like David who starts many of his tehilim with a menatseah, the winner, because we are here to win and bring the Torah on that world in real life and not above.
      Would David, Abraham, Moshe would accept the injection because it is Hashem will? No way, they would say it is not Hashem will, Hashem wants us to oppose evil, like they did themselves.

  16. Well, I can't seem to wrap my head around it. I do believe that you can take the vaccine and be fine if you strongly believe in it and your rabbi is for it, therefore the onus is on him and his misdirecting. If you do become ill, either it was planned already from shamayim or you will be healed later. The way we will reproduce after moshiach is different anyway, the sterility may not bother us like it would now. Auto-immune diseases, cancers, etc take a while to arrive, hopefully we will be saved before they can develop. I'm not saying Hashem wants us to take it but many will out of choice and Hashem did make it available for people to believe that they are doing the biggest mitzvah to take it and encourage others. I don't get why this scenario has to happen but it's definitely part of his plan.

    There are so many innocents in this such as seniors in old age homes, older kids who listen to their parents, sweet souls who listen to their rebbe or rav, etc...many without internet to hear otherwise and still Hashem has made it so they follow blindly. Hashem can either make it so that they won't be harmed or that they will only in the future and Hashem will heal all illnesses before then. There is such bad and lacking leadership today. I cry at the state Hashem has left us in to fend for ourselves in a big fight against the majority who may coerce us. There are very few people who can help us now and we all have no choice but to turn to Hashem. I don't wish this idea to be true but we already have had so many losses from the Jewish community, Hashem has taken a lot of lives this year. May it be over immediately. You may have said a year ago that Hashem wouldn't have wanted that but that did happen. Only Hashem knows how his plan is all good, we are human and can't see the whole picture but it could be not everyone will make it to the end and it may even have nothing to do with a poison people are injecting. So many evil plans of man are still in the works. I can't focus on that. I have to get myself happy and excited and ready for the geula even though the world is falling apart around me.

    Also, it doesn't have to work the way according to nature, meaning, a harmful substance still may not cause harm. I was told not to say who this came from as each case is different and it's not a public psak but I consider this rav to be the top authority in my eyes and someone close to him said he was told not to take the shot because it is dangerous. But...another person asked and was told that since his family is pressuring him greatly, he can take it and nothing will happen to him with a bracha from this tzaddik.
    Without a personal bracha from him, I wouldn't take it and BH I don't have family pressure to take it but this shows that it doesn't have to cause someone harm. Or maybe this tzaddik knows moshiach will be here soon and the long term harm will be fixed before long. We know way more about what to expect after moshiach arrives than the guesses we have now for how it's all going to go down. It will mimic leaving Mitzrayim, that's about it.

  17. Has anyone else read The End Illuminated?
    It is a must-read(IMHO) for all.

  18. Miriam, I disagree with much of what you say, but I regretfully do not have the time to taker it point by point here. Essentially, it seems to me that you are saying we bear no personal responsibility for our bad decisions, that Hashem will save us from the consequences of any bad decision-making as long as our intentions were good. Real life simply does not bear this out. In my opinion, it borders on heretical thinking. If I've misunderstood or misrepresented what you meant, then I'm sorry and I hope you will clarify it.

  19. Ms. H, it sounds interesting. What is it? A book? An article? Where do we find it?

  20. Devash: