18 January 2021


5 Shevat 5781

[See this article in its entirety HERENote: This is a Google translation of the original.]


"A reading of the contract signed between the Israeli government and Pfizer shows clearly and unequivocally that this is a clinical study for all intents and purposes, and thus, it had to be approved by the Helsinki Committee," a senior official told Calcalist. What will be written in the committee's opinion.  "There is nothing wrong with clinical trials, on the contrary, but clinical trials (human trials) must get the committee's approval, and, of course, from the people on whom the trial is being conducted while giving the right to refuse to be part of a trial. These are very basic things."

Prof. Eitan Friedman, chairman of the Helsinki Committee, refused to comment on the publication and told Calcalist that the committee would convey its position in an orderly manner and in the usual ways - and not through the media. Since the committee is a statutory committee (established by virtue of the law), the practical meaning is that it will determine that the experiment on humans that Pfizer is currently conducting in Israel is illegal.


According to the Ministry of Health's website, the Supreme Helsinki Committee for Medical Experiments on Humans "is a statutory, multidisciplinary committee composed of physicians and researchers from various fields, jurists, ethicists and public figures and deals with proposals for genetic research in humans, in accordance with public health experiments. 1980 (hereinafter: the 'Public Health Regulations'), in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration, in accordance with and pursuant to the Genetic Information Law, 5761-2000 and the Prohibition of Genetic Intervention (Human Cloning and Genetic Alteration in Reproductive Cells) Law, 5769-1999, and accordingly To conduct medical experiments in humans. The committee also examines policy in its field of practice. "

The expected letter from the Helsinki Commission is of far-reaching significanceFirst, the committee can determine that the Israeli government must stop transmitting information to Pfizer - something that could cause Israel to violate a contract. If the government decides to ignore the committee's directive, every Israeli citizen will be able to submit to the High Court on the matter.


The committee can also demand that all Israeli citizens be informed that the results of the vaccine will be passed on to a third party and also oblige the Ministry of Health to seek the approval of the vaccinated on the subject.


In addition, neither the committee nor the citizens of Israel have any need to use legal tools: a short letter from the committee announcing that it does not approve the experiment - could destroy Pfizer's and the Israeli government's "project", as following that Pfizer letter you could not contact the FDA and seek the final approval for the vaccineIt is inconceivable that the FDA would finally approve a vaccine based on a clinical study rejected by the Israeli Helsinki Committee.


"Anyone who might claim that this is not a study is simply a liar. This is the most extensive study of human beings in the 21st century. Israel is becoming the experimental field, not to mention the backyard for the whole world. It may be a beautiful and altruistic thing - but citizens had to share Israel is doing that. " This is how Dr. Tehila Schwartz Altshuler explains, who supports the position of the Helsinki Committee in a conversation with Calcalist.

This news is just too good to be true.


  1. WOW What a bombshell! How did you find this?
    I wonder if there is more to discover about this “experiment”.

  2. I wonder if one could call Edelstein a liar. Because the CDC says "there is no FDA approved vaccine to prevent coronavirus" and that persons take it at their own risk. AND THAT THIS IS APPROVED FOR "EXPERIMENTAL PURPOSES ONLY”! So that makes Israel doing an EXPERIMENT. No? NO ONE GAVE EACH guinnea ….. a waiver to sign, or a fact sheet produced by the CDC. Someone is lie-ing. This applies for “individuals 16 years of age and older”.

    So the false excuse of wanting to “save lives” is promoted in order to “jab” the elderly, who are dying in other countries after getting a first “shot.” Why is the death rate going up in Medinat Israel??? Did anyone check whether those dying have received the FIRST “SHOT”??

    Isn’t this what the Nazis did?? I’m sorry, but I’m just so angry at the hype and theatrics connected with all this. Every “elderly person” one comes in contact with asks those he/she greets, “Did you get your shot?” What is it they are really asking?

  3. Neshama, did you miss these earlier blogposts?



    The important thing now is if the State tries to lock out the unvaxxed without their "green passports", there is actually now a legal remedy to prevents that. If this holds, it means no one can be "punished" for refusing to be part of this "study" - for refusing the vaccine!!

  4. How and why the he.. is the pm and ministry of unhealth getting away with this and why is the public either that stupid, naive or just zombies? Outrageous, these are our people and yet so-called Jews and definitely unJews are allowing this to happen in our holy E.Y. H' help us!!!!!

  5. Those in charge allowing this crime must be held accountable!

  6. Yes, I did see them, but sometimes a certain event elicits more anger.
    Here’s the contract with Pfizer:

  7. Netanyahu, "The stated objective of the Jan. 6 “Real-World Epidemiological Evidence Collaboration Agreement”—as part of what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dubbed “Operation Back to Life” …… Oh Yeah, why are so many dying??

  8. FROM THE CONTRACT: "WHEREAS, PFIZER and BioNTech SE, a company organized and existing under the laws of Germany are collaborating to develop a vaccine to address the global COVID-19 pandemic; and”

    “under laws" of “GERMANY"
    "collaborating to develop a vaccine” = this is in the active tense, not after the fact. Plus this is NOT a vaccine, as one has always known, and how vaccines have been traditionally created (based on the originator Pasteur).

    Please note that DATES in the contract are "blacked out” so one could, based on the tense of the words, think that this “contract” was created BEFORE (or DURING) the creating of this “bio-medically altering concoction”. The “bio” is also attached to the creation of the woohahn virus! Could the PM have consulted very early on with his liaison in the industry (who I think happens to also be Jewish)?

    There are so many questions; I hope they come out in the open and get discussed legally.

  9. LOVELY!! NOT!!

    NETANYAHU: Israel and several other countries should start an international vaccine corporation

    Israel and several other countries should start an international vaccine corporation to research and manufacture vaccines in future pandemics, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed in a meeting with leaders of six other countries on Monday.

    “We will encounter more viruses,” Netanyahu warned. “We must unite forces and start to discuss research, production and supply, first for our countries and then for the rest. We must start planning for the next years.”

    Netanyahu presented the proposal in a video conference with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

  10. All the normal people need to scream out in unison for H' to answer our prayers and cries. Just like in Mitzrayim, we cried out to our Father in Heaven and He answered us and sent Moshe Rabbeinu to redeem us; so may it be the same NOW!

  11. Here's the Calcalist article translated to English by Mordechai Sones for A-7, with commentary. There is doubt that the committee will declare the corona vaccine experiment illegal. Hopefully this will clarify what's going on here.

    Helsinki Committee to declare Pfizer performing unauthorized human experiment in Israel

    I hope it will be declared illegal, regardless of what the head of the Helsinki Committee says.

  12. Let's pray it will be considered illegal. How long will this madness go on to depopulate the world. The nazis, yimach shmom v'zichrom, were dormant and have awakened to do what they do best - murder.
    We, the Jewish people, must all do teshuvah and regain H's great mercy upon we, His chosen people, to stop the madness and to bring us Moshiach Tz'dkeinu in a blink of an eye. May H' unleash all His Wrath in an instant upon His and humanity's enemies!
    Rachamim, Rachamim, Rachamim aleinu!