"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

07 January 2021

No Democracy Allowed in the New World Order

 23 Tevet 5781

Surely The Powers That Be wanted to present the worst possible images to bolster their planned "assault " on the American Capitol Building which was supposed to demonstrate to the whole world the dangers inherent in maintaining democratic governments in this era of hackers and terrorists as well as stop the proceedings in Congress.  

Maybe the memo did not reach the Trump supporters in attendance at the Save America Rally or maybe they just didn't have it in them to perform violently for the cameras. Whatever the case, the images of Trump supporters wandering aimlessly and milling about as though wondering what to do next made the hysterical and hyperbolic declamations by the media talking heads decrying the "attempted coup" by those "storming the Capitol" seem laughable at best.

The few who ventured through wide open and unguarded doors seemed surprised to find themselves inside the very literal corridors of power.  I watched a small but steady stream of people filing into the Congressional chamber as though tourists in a museum.  They looked around at their leisure and then made their way back out again - all unopposed and unchallenged by any authority.  I watched as two Capitol policemen wandered back and forth in easy conversation alongside the line of people filing inside carrying their flags over their shoulders.  Someone posted an image to Twitter showing some Capitol police taking selfies with the demonstrators.

This particular show was not up to par with previous ones.  Only those most gullible or with their heads planted very deeply in the sand will buy this official narrative.  Already the media cannot silence the many voices all asking the same question:  "Where was the security???"

Funny how this all erupted right on cue as the voting in the Senate was getting underway, and how, instead of keeping the protesters out, they emptied the chambers and locked down the lawmakers.  Of course, when it was all over, there was no more talk of debate "into the wee hours of the morning."  By that time, the senators who had any ideas about contesting the vote gave up and gave in.

The message TPTB sent to the world yesterday... If it can happen in America, it can happen to you! And the sheep respond... Just leave us our illusions, that's all we ask. Mashiach is coming not only to remedy the ills of democratic governance but also to smash all those comforting illusions which blind the eyes to the Truth!


  1. Netanyahu backstabbed Trump now of course as usual. Natanyahu is forcing deadly vaccines on his own population, so why not betraying his "friends"

  2. I’m no sure this is over just yet. Keep watching alternative news for updates. I base this ONLY on reports I have heard.

  3. bs'd
    Antifa posing as Trump supporters.

  4. Yes, Neshama, you're right. The media (everyone knows) is completely in bed with the left. All the same. There is news coming out also with the 'truth'. Those wild, violent protesters were not the president's supporters; they were infiltrators, it's been confirmed on many good outlets. Think that when it happened, it immediately came to the minds of the majority that they were from the other side.

  5. Anon, I saw a video on Twitter of capitol police leading 4 buses of aunt ifa thugs and then they were lead into the capitol to do their rioting. Shame a patriot was murdered.