20 January 2021

"Rav Vosner Concerning COVID-19 Vaccination"

 7 Shevat 5781

Translated from Yiddish audio and provided by HR...


  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Devash. How refreshing to see high-level-rabbinical analytical clarity on this sticky matter!

  2. B'H, Here is a true Rav, a Tzadik, who speaks only truth and love for his people. The ones who speak the opposite are not real surely not on his caliber, no matter what one thinks. A Rav on such high stature such as Rav Wosner is a true tzadik and Rav. May he blessed to continue to being a leader amongst our people for many years. What he writes in his letter is so clear and what those of us who understood this from the start because we keep up with what is really happening is the whole truth! May he blessed because many in the chareidi world listen first to their rabbanim. Doctors should never be taken for granted that their words mean anything, that is why people always go to get other opinions. May all this deceit with all the falsehoods end. Get back to normalcy!

  3. many have problems with google drive
    please provide a better place for people to access
    important video & audio
    maybe https://www.emes.news/
    thank you
    also shofar.tv had a interview of Dr. Zelenik
    & using Quercetin to help Zinc work to heal people

  4. Thank you for the link; Why Do All These Rabbis Warn Against Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine?. for the .pdf files in Hebrew and English http://jerusalemcats.com/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-bill-gates-another-final-solution/#why-rabbis-are-alarmed-by-the-covid-19-vaccine
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  5. His essay is a masterpiece. I am not so knowledgeable of all the various gedolim and rabbonim. Where is Rav Vosner Rav and what is his position? How is his opinion being received amongst those rabbonim that appear to be coming out in favor of taking the vaccine? Thanks so much.

  6. Scratch my last comment....I see in the Hebrew at the top is his position....thanks.

  7. Do you know how to get a hold of the original audio?

  8. HW, I'll contact the person who sent me the pdf file and ask them and let you know.

  9. Which Rav Vosner is there and where is he from. I am sooo happy to see someone who has done research and stood for truth! Plz everyone send this to frum news outlets.