31 January 2021


 18 Shevat 5781

When the first reports started coming out about what was happening at the Nazi "detention/work" camps, very few would believe it.  After the war, even with all the proof, people still had a very hard time taking it in - how could so many doctors and scientists and ordinary people be complicit in mass murder?

One man was the public face of it and one man remains the face of the devil who inspired it, but it was not one man who carried out the plan - the plan formulated out of an evil conspiracy.

At the End of Days, all the enemies of Israel will return.


Three thousand died in ten months of 2020.  Now, 1500 have died in January 2021 alone. 

New Strain? Or Antibody Dependent Enhancement?

Scientists have been trying to make coronavirus vaccines for decades and have not been successful. Previous SARS-CoV vaccines that they initially thought were successful because of the robust antibody production, turned out to make the disease worse when subjects were challenged by infection.

So let’s look at antibodies.

There are neutralizing antibodies and binding antibodies (aka, non-neutralizing antibodies). We want neutralizing antibodies but not the binding antibodies. Binding antibodies do not “neutralize” the virus when they bind, and rather, their presence indicates a potential problem.

Previous coronavirus vaccine candidates (for example, for SARS-CoV), caused the production of higher levels of binding antibodies which caused disease enhancement which in turn actually killed test subjects (animals) who received the vaccines. This is called “Antibody-dependent enhancement”.

...“Concerns persist that COVID-19 vaccines could cause antibody-dependent enhancement, which can potentiate viral entry into host cells and worsen disease.”

Most people don’t know this. Most people have never heard of this. Maybe the big media networks don’t find this important to share with the public, or maybe it’s just plain censorship.

...From Marc Hellerstein, professor of nutritional sciences and toxicology of the University of California, Berkeley:
“…antibodies are not the primary protective response to infection by coronaviruses, the family of viruses that includes SARS-CoV-2. Indeed, high antibody levels to these viruses are associated with worse disease symptoms…”

“The most worrisome part, he said, is that antibodies also can make subsequent infections worse, creating so-called antibody-dependent enhancement. Two vaccines — one against a coronavirus in cats and another against dengue, a flavivirus that affects humans — had to be withdrawn because the antibodies they induced caused potentially fatal reactions.”

While current vaccines being developed have been touted in the news as successful (giving the CEOs a chance to sell high while they can – Moderna / Pfizer), their “success” is based on antibody production… not on challenging the test subjects/participants with the virus to see if there is successful protection from, or enhancement of disease.

BUT, maybe they’ve addressed the antibody issue and there’s no need to worry, because it’s all been taken care of…? Hopefully?

Well, according to a study published this month, in November 2020:
“…the detailed mechanism of ADE [antibody-dependent enhancement] and how to resolve this in coronavirus infections is not yet totally clear. From previous research on ADE in other coronaviruses, in particular SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, it appears that the existence of ADE will elicit more severe body injury… This may affect the results of vaccine therapy. The presence of this phenomenon in these two coronaviruses indicates a potential risk in the vaccine therapy for the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, as it shares the same viral receptor and similar genome sequence with SARS-CoV. SARS-CoV-2 may have a similar mechanism of viral entry and thus may share similar mechanisms of ADE. This novel coronavirus has not long been known, so studies in this field have not yet led to any conclusions.”
That… doesn’t exactly give us much confidence.

And the vaccines are coming. Soon.

So, I have questions: Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Where is the news media on this subject? Why did I have to use “DuckDuckGo” to find these sources..? Is no one concerned about the potential for disease enhancement and turning this current virus into a very real problem for the masses who are not currently at risk?

I hate to say that I’m pretty sure I already know the answer.

We’re not supposed to know about this.

Because when no one knows about this, the fallout can be spun in whatever direction is preferable.

When the vaccine is distributed and millions of people choose to receive it, will it prime the immune system for an enhanced infection, causing more severe symptoms, when these individuals eventually contract it?

There’s literally no reason to believe it won’t do this. Pharmaceutical companies aren’t exactly full of integrity, and they have NO LIABILITY for what their vaccines will do to people.

Will we hear about this being linked to the vaccine?


Who wants to bet it will be called a “new strain”.


Can Some Antibodies Worsen COVID-19? The Odd Situation of Enhancement

Covid Vaccine: The Problem of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

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  1. Israelis stand in line for that poison I can't even understand. But Hashem has His own reasons.

  2. Dvash I have a wonderful small book written by Marek Edelman, one of the heroes of the Warsaw ghetto revolt. In that short but to the point book that I advise he explains that 2 of the men of his group succeeded in getting information of the Jews in Treblinka, they it was a death camp and they even write down the map of the camp and printed it in the newspaper of the ghetto. And nobody believed them! Nobody! Like today!

  3. Well done Devash. Thank you for devoting so much of your precious time to get the truth out to those who want to know. It's a bit like in the movie the Matrix. Most are asleep but then there are also those who know and choose the Matrix anyway..

    Something else. I was wondering why there is no update from Rabbi Anava. I was sure he would post at least something for t"u bishvat. I am a bit concerned. Anyone knows something? Is he ok? I just hope they haven't tried to silence him..

  4. Anonymous@4:04PM - Rabbi Anava is fine. I'm sure we will hear from him very soon.

  5. Devash, was it Rabbi Chananya Weissman who recently wrote that it is as if Corona is the new god of this generation, where those who were never really as machmir when it came to male/female mingling in the past, are now very stringent when it comes to social distancing.. I have been looking for that post but cannot seem find it. Please, if anyone knows where it is I would greatly appreciate it. I wanted to share it with some people..

  6. As usual, a yasher koach Devash for your great post. The comments add on to what I was going to write, but I'll add that I cannot, no way, understand why people are rushing to get on line and think also, are they that brainwashed or something in the water to make them think like twisted pretzels. Why are they allowing such evil people to run and ruin their lives? Wishing posts like yours could get out to the wide public so they can save their own lives.
    Praying to H' all the time that HE send us Moshiach immediately, in a blink of an eye! PLEASE!

  7. In a nutshell, the world has become very, very sick and will not be able to survive the insanities that are killing it, until the at one point when hope is lost, the Creator will see to it that in a mere blink of the eye, HE will destroy all the evil with not even a nanoparticle of it left on earth and, thus, humanity and all life will not only be saved but will automatically understand that it was all a bad vicious nightmare and that there is really a Creator that controls it all and every living thing will know there is only Hashem, Ain Od Milvado! True happiness and purity of heart, justice and righteousness will prevail!

  8. Anonymous@6:43PM - I don't know. I skimmed through a few posts looking for something like that but did not find it. It may have even been something someone commented. I just don't know. Sorry.

    1. Thank you for trying ��

  9. Very good video, the new normal. Some of this I’ve seen and posted about. But this video puts it all together.

  10. What is the gist of the New Normal video? The video compels sign-in, and these past years, I preferred avoiding sign-in, as they became intrusively global.

    Samson, this should also interest: Rav Weissmandel drew rough maps of Auschwitz, and sent them to the free world begging them to bomb Auschwitz, but was ignored:

    1. Yes I know I have a book about his life. But the goyim statemen all knew, like Churchill, Roosevelt etc...they just pretend not to see, to happy to see the Germans exterminate the Jews. Not surprising from the goyim.
      What is more surprising and reminds me of today situation, is that the Jews in Warsaw, in spite of seeing all the proof in the ghetto clandestine newspaper, still refused to admit the horrible truth.
      They chose to believe only the German lies. Same today sadly in Israel with the fake vaccine.

  11. I thought you are the fighter of Hashem, keep writing your blogs and still quote of Erev Ravs

  12. M.M. - There is no "sign-in". It's Youtube. Also, thank you for the reminder about The End Illuminated. I had forgotten all about it. Trying to order now.

  13. Moshe - You'll have to be more specific. I don't understand what you are trying to say.

  14. Here is the post anonymous (above) is looking for:-

    There is no question this Covid Shmovid has become a new religion. Living in a suburb of London I have noted some glaring ironies. Just for starters:-
    The middle-of-the-road orthodox synagogues, where social mingling of the most inappropriate kind was the norm, have suddenly become fanatical about social distancing.
    People who are not so fussy about Shabbat observance are now preaching about observing the government guidelines.
    Men who happily walked about bare headed are suddenly very particular about wearing a mask.
    Shuls where talking 'devarim bateilim' all the time during davening and even Kriat HaTorah are suddenly very frum that everyone who enters must keep the rules.
    The list goes on...

  15. Anonymous@9:14PM - See the first comment HERE, as well as @Elliott just above.

    Elliott thank you for your help. Your observations are spot on. Well done.

  16. It's the worship of science and the "experts" which is the big pull, I think. I know modern orthodox people who are insisting that they will "trust the science" and everything else is a "conspiracy theory". It's science worship.

    What I don't understand is even some frum people will go on and on about how evil the Leftists are, how horrible the Israeli government, how wicked and untrustworthy the so-called leaders of our generation.... then they forget that THESE ARE THE VERY PEOPLE WHO ARE PUSHING THIS "VACCINE".

    I think Hashem has been hardening their hearts and they CANNOT SEE. No amount of facts or proof will sway them. This is biblical in scale. I really feel that this will become The "Erev Rav Holocaust" which will put the German Holocause to shame. I hope I'm wrong.

    G-d help us all.