26 January 2021

URGENT VACCINE UPDATE!! (Part 2: The Response)

14 Shevat 5781

(Read Part 1 here.)

In a recent lecture about the vaccine, Rabbi Alon Anava called out only one rabbi by name - Rabbi Elimelech Firer of the Ezra LeMarpeh "non-profit medical support" Organization.  Today, he is also being called out by Rabbi Uri Sofer.

As I received it by email (Google translated)...

Exposure: Demonstration of vaccine victims against Elimelech Firer who refuses to give explanations!

Today, at 8 pm, a first demonstration will be held in front of Rabbi Elimelech Firer's house, 15 Rambam St., Bnei Brak. For details, Uri Sofer, head of the 100 Vaccine Victims Organization Email 4245214@gmail.com. 

Prepare a class action lawsuit against Firer and also the activist organization of Rabbi Yoav Ayalon 0430112120 extension 3. or by email 4245214@gmail.com.

A class action lawsuit is being filed against Firer who hid that the EU has found a very dangerous and carcinogenic substance that the law prohibits the introduction of any drug in addition to sterilization that prevents pregnancy, just as they did to a million women in Nigeria! Preliminary studies prove severe infertility! 

Pfizer's answer: A large study on infertility will only be found in 2023. And the very carcinogenic substance, indeed, is not allowed to be found in any drug by law. In violation of the Patient Rights Act! The lawsuit will result in the bankruptcy of Firer's organization, which sits on hundreds of millions donated for the purpose of medical advice and has not been realized. Firer does not give medical advice, only to wealthy people.

[NOTE: I'm not sure when this was written, so "today" might have been yesterday.]

From the Hebrew... 

חשיפה:הפגנת נפגעי החיסונים נגד אלימלך פירר שמסרב לתת הסברים! היום ב8 בערב תתקיים הפגנה ראשונה מול ביתו של רב אלימלך פירר,רח' רמב"ם 15 בני ברק.לפרטים אורי סופר,ראש ארגון 100 נפגעי חיסון 0533100170 . 3100170@gmail.com וגם ארגון הפעילים של רב יואב אילון 0430112120 שלוחה 3. או במייל 4245214@gmail.com. מכינים תביעה ייצוגית נגד פירר שהסתיר שהאיחוד האירופאי מצאה חומר מסוכן מאד ומסרטן שהחוק אוסר להכניס לאף תרופה ובנוסף חומר עיקור שמונעת הריון,בדיוק כמו שעשו למיליון נשים בניגריה! מחקרים ראשונים מוכיחים פגיעה קשה בפוריות! תשובת פייזר:מחקר גדול לגבי פגיעה בפוריות תתברר רק ב2023.וחומר המסרטן מאד,אכן אסור להמצאה באף תרופה על פי חוק.חוץ מהתר נדיר ביותר למקראים של תרופה לחולים "סופניים" שימותו בלי חיסון,שניתנה ב2005.פירר הסתיר סטטיסטיקה של 22 תופעות לוואי בניגוד לחוק זכויות החולה! התביעה תגרום לפשיטת רגל של הארגון של פירר שיושבת על אות מיליונים שנתרמו למטרת ייעוץ רפואי ולא מומשו.פירר לא נותן ייעוץ רפואי,רק לבעלי ממון.. 
My understanding is that this Rabbi Firer is completely trusted by the Gedolim among our rabbis because of his longtime connection to the medical world. So highly respected is he that he was the one entrusted with investigating this vaccine and whether it was safe for people to take. He brought back word that after his own personally investigation, the vaccine was perfectly safe, and based on his reputation alone, his word was accepted by a good many of the really big rabbis in Israel.  Obviously, this was a lie of unfathomable proportions.  Even the pharmaceutical companies make no such claim.

HASHEM should grant Rabbi Uri Sofer much chizuk and hatzlachah!!


  1. Yes, rabbi Yuval Ovadia talked about hafgana ih his lecture recently.

  2. As of December 20th there were 371,373 total cases and 3075 deaths. This morning 610,760 cases 4495 deaths. 1400 deaths in a little over a month.

  3. Here's my response:

    Dr. Zev Zelenko's protocol now has a peer-reviewed paper. His website has the updated protocol.

    A young mother started a Change.org petition to demand that Israeli doctors be allowed to prescribe the ZELENKO PROTOCOL right after a COVID-19 diagnosis. I signed and am passing it on to a lot of people.

    Some other protocols are being developed as we speak. Vaccines are not needed to be the first-line defense against whatever sickness this is/turns out to be.

    All of these are explained here:

    COVID-19: Safe and effective outpatient treatments make progress!

    I hope this helps.

  4. If there was a Nobel Prize for blog reporting, surely TomerDevorah should be nominated for her expose reporting on the biggest crime against the Jews and humanity from this scourge of a PM who poisons and kills his citizens.

  5. Neshama, you're very right about Devash, but you can also be put into that league, as well. Thank Hashem for ladies such as yourselves! Ken Yirbu! You and all the righteous ladies now will be responsible for the coming of Moshiach - because of your righteousness, clarity of mind, truthfulness, your bringing to light Truth and mostly, the love of Hashem!