18 January 2021

How Far Will They Go? Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst and Never Stop Praying!!

 6 Shevat 5781

Someone recently commented that we need to move past the vaccine news.  So, how about this?

COVID-19 has surely been treated as such an alien threat.  And what could be more "alien" than a killer virus?  However, that aside, we've got credible people telling us that there are aliens, but they are no threat to us.  Quite the contrary, they only want to benefit humanity.

Trump Discusses Declassifying Roswell, Says He knows 'Very Interesting' Information 

Israel’s Former Space Security Chief Claims Aliens Exist, And Trump Knows 

COVID-19 bill started a 180-day countdown for UFO disclosures 

Iran Says 'Tall, White' Space Aliens Control America

Over the past year, we have seen quite an assault on Jewish life and virtually turning the Torah on its head to accommodate the "alien killer virus" and now its presumptive "cure."  I think we need to prepare ourselves and our families for the possibility of some "official announcement" that could be used to further corrupt or attempt to completely annihilate whatever is left to us of the Torah in the wake of such an eventuality.  

It's almost a given that those at the top of the NWO will claim to be ascended beings once they fully reveal themselves.  And, face it, their worst enemies, the most powerful force arrayed against them are the armies of Torah Jews.

If we are to survive the massive test of emunah that can rectify the sin of eating from the Eitz Ha'Da'at Tov v'Ra as well as the sin of the Eigel HaZahav, we'd better be 100% glued to HKB"H and HIS Torah.

We have to stay informed, but at the same time, we cannot shirk our spiritual work.  Our prayers, our learning, our tzedakah, our acts of chesed, the refinement of our midot - it's all more critical at this hour than possibly at any point in human history since Har Sinai.

We are at the very threshold of the Final Redemption, how could it be any other way?


  1. Was wondering when they would take that cat out of the bag. It's so easy to find the right pieces of the puzzle, step by step. They've been talking about aliens for the longest time and we, the Jewish people, know it's a lot of bunk. Just like the 'virus' was created to put fear into us, and if that's not good enough and not doing the trick, they need to use the 'alien' fear of invasion. Trouble is that the vast majority of our people are clueless in any Torah or general Yiddishkeit that they'll be the first to believe but, of course, G-D fearing scholarly Jews know what a sham that is. Praying that Moshiach shows up much faster than we can imagine. Hold on tight to the newest 'threat' (aliens) to put fear into the hearts of man. Oy vey! When will all the insanity end? Please send us our Goel Tzedek now. Maspik mishegas.

  2. Project blue beam anyone? Nahh that's just crazy talk. Or is it?

  3. The things they can do...

    Watch: Seattle’s virtual New Year’s at the Needle show welcomes 2021

    Here's How Holograms On Stage Can Look So Real

    With DC emptied out and locked down - a no-go and no-fly zone - could they fake a visit by the Galactic Federation to Biden's Inauguration?????