28 January 2021


 15 Shevat 5781

Back in October, there was a report of a "leaked government roadmap" out of Canada, allegedly revealed by a government official who was uncomfortable with its aims.  At the time, no one was sure whether to believe it or not.  Well, from January 28, 2021, I think we can all see that everything is going precisely according to the PLANdemic.

So, here we are at this point in their plan (outlined in red above):

  • Mutation ("variant") blamed for increased infections and mortalities.  
  • Hospitals overwhelmed.
  • "Enhanced" lockdown.
  • Full travel restrictions.

In recent days, all of these bullet points have appeared in the daily headlines.  Here is a sampling...

  • Alarm Grows Over Variants
  • Woman Dies in Ambulance as All Hospitals Are Full
  • Government shuts down incoming and outgoing flights
  • Israel to close all land border crossings 
  • No End to Lockdown in Sight

See HERE for the real cause of the quickly increasing mortality rate as well as the reason for the strain on medical facilities.

And here is a very important share
VICTIMS OF THE VACCINE (Right-click on the page to translate to English.  Some screenshots are in Hebrew and some are in English.)

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The Truth can't be hidden forever, but meanwhile, there are pockets of light amidst the darkness:  

Secular Farmers Send Tons of Food and Message of Support To Residents of Bnei Brak

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Corona/Covid-19 Virus Censorship and Confusion


UNRELATED BUT INTERESTING: After pressure from America brought another few thousand Christian Ethiopians to Israel, now the pressure is on to accept Conservative converts, perhaps hundreds, perhaps thousands, from Uganda [Jewish leaders condemn Israel’s rejection of Ugandan Jews from immigrating]. Why do Americans want so badly to flood Israel with African gentiles???

You have to give the Arabs credit here. They've caught on to the New World Religion: Palestinian fatwa bans Muslims from following 'modern Abrahamic faith'


  1. ALL the Masks of Evil are dropping. Worldwide. Which is very important. Cause Mashiach Ben David is HERE and is going to DESTROY them. Worldwide. He will NOT distinguish between Jew or Goy. EVERYONE is going to "get it". We The People must SEE that God is JUST in all His ways when the Reshaim "GET IT". Happy Tu Bishvat.

  2. People are waking up. I read this in SocialGalactic:

    The management of a German construction company sent out a message to employees as follows:
    “If an employee of our company is vaccinated, then his dismissal will be announced immediately! Whoever introduces unreliable vaccines, condemned by many experts around the world, jeopardizes the stability of our work processes at the enterprise! We are responsible for all employees, as well as reliable sales, timely wages and so on! We refuse to experiment with the effectiveness of our company in favor of the pharmaceutical industry! Our employees will be instructed and warned about it!
    We are one team!
    We have a task, the task of our company is to sustainably support the family, including our employees, and lead them through the economic crisis! Anyone who does not understand this should look for work elsewhere!
    Thanks for attention!
    Management of Mentrup Bedachungen & Holzbau GmbH

  3. You should sanitize the URLs you publish. At least one has a FB tracking ID in it.

  4. AMEN - Lowell!
    B'H, that truth is coming out now and it's speeding up. Why so many are asleep, who knows. As far as what you bring out that the Arabs are onto this zevel that the reshaim want is very good; that is why H' gave them the control for 1300 years,B'H! Otherwise, all the avodah zorahs would have desecrated the holiness of EY. Instead, it took the Erev Rav reshaim to do that! That's why I also believe that the previous Nasi will still have a big part of this cleansing in Artzot Habrit because of the majority good people and will also be the way of getting the yehudim to EY. Because now EY is under the control of the worst reshaim (coming out of Europe) in the world, through their Israeli puppets. We pray that MBD will (must) come very soon as Lowell brings out in his comment to save Yisrael and the rest of the world (those that are worthy). Then the world will know there is only Hashem, Ain Od Milvado!

  5. American xns who "love" Israel are evangelicals, and evangelicals evangelise. Their end game is, chalila, to convert us. No tactic is beneath them, so bringing in Ethiopian xns under the Law of Return, furthering their aim of turning Israel into a xn country is just another arrow in their quiver. An aside, Hayovel is openly fundraising to build their centre in Har Bracha to turn their presence there into a permanent one.

    Elsewhere I saw a comment that Gates and co are buying up the countryside in the US, dispossessing private farms, and at some point there will only be BigFarm and the masses will be confined to cities. There will be widespread debt-forgiveness and universal income, social credit the works. Fits in with the above.

    The Pollards making aliya was a huge step forward in the geula process (but not good for the US, when a tsadik leaves a place the bracha leaves with him), but at the same time there is so much darkness. I just hope and pray that Moshiach reveals himself very, very soon.

  6. Shimshon @1:57PM - I'd be happy to. Why don't you send me an email at tdnjskm@gmail.com and tell me how to do it?

  7. But, Elisheva, we aren't talking about evangelicals. We are talking about American JEWS!

  8. Sent. Is tdnjskm correct? Your profile says otherwise.

  9. My eyes are crossing from so much reading. It's a typo. Sould be an "l" instead of a "k". tdnjslm@gmail.com - apologies.

  10. Wow, just got to read what Shimshon @1:56pm wrote in his comment. Wow, it's amazing how this is coming from Germany; and our Israel, the victims of the most notorious genocide perpetrated by that very same country, is now responsible for not giving a darn about our people. Fahrkerte velt! Upside down world. They care for their people which gives them great credit and here in the Land of the Jews the opposite is being done, r'l. How disgustingly disappointing is that!

  11. I missed that, now saw the article. They may genuinely believe what they are doing, but so do missionaries, and it's the same kind of thinking, another way of gaining traction in Israel for their movement.

    Professor Kedar said that Europe decimated its own population in two self-inflicted world wars, to the tune of about 80 million people. If they had not done so the continent would be full to bursting with their descendents and there would no room for the mass Muslim immigration of the last six years. (Ironically France is no longer a desired destination for Muslims, as they consider it to be already a Muslim country.) And the same applies to Israel. If more real Jews had made aliya, there would be no room in the country for the onslaught of what I call the invasion of all and sundry, "family reunification", African infiltrators, missionaries, children of foreign workers cos they're cute and speak Hebrew and the ridiculous Law of Return (whereby for example the non-Jewish spouse of the non-Jewish grandchild of someone who may be Jewish gets citizenship).

    Every Jew who keeps Torah and mitzvot must take a long hard look at themselves and ask what they are doing to be part of the solution, and move forward. Yes, there are many obstacles, but Hashem can resolve them for you. The problem isn't the obstacles, but the ratzon.

    1. Israel is in the end of the Illuminati, and was founded by them in order to destroy Judaism and assimilate the Jews and regroup them in order to exterminate them more easily and finish Hitler job.
      With the Corona and the behaviour of the Israeli politicians and medias things are even clearer.
      Why do you think from the begining they allowed non Jews to make alyah? Why do you think from the begining they decided to found the state contrary to Torah laws on purpose?
      Whoever didn't open the eyes about that.fake state of Israel after the Corona will never open them.