25 January 2021

Nine Months and 45 Days (Part 1)

12 Shevat 5781

Let me begin by affirming that I could very well be wrong, but according to my calculations, we have finished the nine months and are about to begin a special 45-day period.  The results of that 45 days will prove once and for all if we are near the end of our suffering or not.

Rabbi Yehuda said: (Moshiach) Ben David will not come until the wicked Roman kingdom will spread [extend her dominion] throughout the World for nine months. 

Operating under the assumption that "the wicked Roman kingdom" is referring to the New World Order people and that "dominion" equates to control, here are some excerpts from something I wrote back in the month of Av...

...The more I think about it, the more it seems to me that their ultimate expression of power over the whole world has come about through the mass "lock-downs." This was the open demonstration of their absolute power! And the mask decree is the symbol of their mastery!

According to this list here, virtually every country in the world was "locked down" between early to mid-March and early April or basically between Purim and Pesach. Interestingly, the earliest was Qatar on March 11th. The vast majority were done from then through the end of March. The first city in Israel to be targeted was Bnei Braq on April 2. Only seven waited til April, the final one being Turkey on April 23rd.

So, by this we could claim that the wicked TPTB had extended their power over the entire world through the institution of mass lock-downs of the global population by Rosh Chodesh Iyyar. Remember all the videos and pictures of major cities showing thoroughfares empty of traffic, shuttered shops and streets bereft of any people, rows of aircraft parked at closed airports???  It was an unprecedented phenomenon.

(1) Iyyar - (2) Sivan - (3) Tamuz - (4) Av - (5) Elul - (6) Tishrei - (7) Cheshvan - (8) Kislev - (9) Tevet...  Tevet ends on January 13, 2021.
Am Yisrael experienced the heaviest of lockdowns during Pesach 5780 when we were forbidden even to step outside our homes on Leil Seder.  The second lockdown was imposed over High Holy Days and was about as bad as the first only we were not confined to our homes,

It gets very interesting when it comes to the third lockdown which is ongoing as I write this.  The Powers That Be wanted very much to impose it over the holiday of Hanukkah, but they couldn't pull it off.  Yehonatan Pollard was finally freed from his parole restrictions on the 5th of Kislev and Hanukkah was not celebrated under a lockdown.

The third lockdown began following the Fast of Tevet and Yehonatan Pollard, along with his wife Esther, arrived in Eretz Yisrael on the 15th of Tevet.

It is being said of this third lockdown that "it's not a real lockdown."

With traffic at almost normal levels, numerous people in the streets, some of them without masks, and businesses open as usual, Israelis' sense of pandemic fatigue is tangible.

On Day 1 of the country's third lockdown, fast food vendors, who are only allowed to offer delivery services, in Tel Aviv continued their practice adopted during the second lockdown of "delivering" orders to customers waiting for their food just a few yards outside of their store.

There was heavy traffic on the city's streets and countless people took advantage of the sunny weather to exercise outside. The city's seaside promenade was also full of people exercising, and there wasn't much enforcement of the rules during daytime hours.
I don't know if it is still like that in Tel Aviv.  In Jerusalem, nothing is open for business, but there is still complete freedom of movement.

It seems to me that the absolute control wielded up to now is beginning to slip.  The average citizen, in many places, is starting to push back.  And I make a big difference between that and the organized chaos and destruction we saw during the summer.


Thus ends the nine months, but what of the 45 days?  See Part 2.


  1. The 45 days (in Israel?) might just coincide with the Great Awakening that is forecasted to begin IY”H in America soon. Your 45 days takes us to right around the erev Pesach Israel election and the Yom Tov of our Freedom from slavery. During these 45 days it is estimated that there will be a rebirth of America in its original form as a Constitutional Republic, w/o the DC strangulation of oppression. During these 45 days, hopefully we should see MBY begin his serving Hashem. Of course this is all just a good estimation, not a prophecy, because HaShem is in charge and could make changes He deems necessary. In Israel we should see the complete downfall of the Erev Rav, a new ruling organisation; w/o any DS interference. And also it will be an anniversary of sorts of the beginning of the Magefa unleashed on the world. Hopefully we should also see many good Jews awaken to the truth and wholesomeness of the Torah of Moshe Rabbeinu. I hope with all my heart that we do see the end of oppression and the beginning of our new future.

    I look forward to your Part 2.

  2. My experience is that cities have been, and continue to be, treated differentially.

    My suburb of [mostly robotic] mixed modern orthodox and seculars are treated much more laxly than neighboring Bnei Braq. The only stores closed here are clothing and shoes. Some stores have set up tables outside or a counter in front of their doors, and bring products to customers. I have yet to any cops in my area during the latest "lockdown."

    Even the non-Haredi Jews who work in Bnei Braq have told me about the police harassment. I am nowhere near the central economic area of Bnei Braq, where much of the protesting is located. Where I am, most everyone is quite compliant.

    The failure of the first week was certainly to add to the excuses to make it stricter, and to move toward forced vaccinations.

    Now, what do we expect?

  3. Neshama, Although I find it interesting what's going on in the U. S., we must remember that Esau may change form or strategies, but he remains Esau, and must be wary of him.

    Edom is also still the exile, even though many Jews there don't see it that way.

  4. Neshama the gueula isn't supposed to come from the Americans but from the Jews. So all your pronostics will not happen.

  5. Frightening how the medina was chosen as the first in everything in regard to this makah. Only because of treachery within could these kochot, yimach shmom, get away with it. Believe this is how we even got to where the medina was able to be created. Only through the help of the erev rav! Praying that what you write here about the nine months of this gehinom is over now and the beginning of the speedy move into our ultimate Geula is 'on spot'! AMEN!

    1. Some if the worst Erev Rav are right here in Israel frighteningly enough. The Rothschild own the city of Ceasaria it doesnt even legally belong to Israel proper.
      They made a deal to test the vaccine on Israel first bc we have a closed country with a diverse population and extensive medical records on each citizen

  6. The only thing is that it says in the Zohar about 45 days prior the appeal of Mashiah, we should see the Star of Yakov. Anybody see that ?

  7. Moshe, Yuval Ovadia speaks of that (Kochav Yaakov) in his videos and the ptb's are preparing themselves to digging in their bunkers. We just pray that Moshiach comes already and it goes smoother than we think; otherwise, the ride has been very frustrating and frightening as if we are all on a see-saw going up and down, driving us crazy. Praying what Devash writes here is true (9 months is over)!

  8. The Deep State is going after the God fearing people both in Israel and in the US with the start of False Flag church bombing in the US and the attacks of the light rail stations in Jerusalem to be blamed on the Haredim. The destruction is "To perfect".

  9. Wish you were right. They are monitoring the event and the guidelines for the pandemic come from that timeline. Moshiach's star, or Nibiru, or the Kachina blue star is just our sun, which is becoming more and more focused, until it becomes a blue beam. The large astronomical observatories have already been deactivated, it seems that one remains in Russia. Some blogs have already found the narrative of the solar minimum, something more coherent with what is approaching but still wrong. What comes next is an inversion of the magnetic field of this kingdom. Nothing will stop spinning, because it doesn't. The ice stuck to the dome will plummet along with plasma, which comes from above the dome. It is a natural event, with clear physical explanation, and it is also a spiritual event. Do you remember the burning bush? plasma. Do you remember the fire accompanying the Hebrews in the desert? plasma. Do you remember Eliahu and the prophets of Baal? plasma. Plasma is sentient, forming all minerals, including water. Plasma is the manifestation of HaShem that man can see in the current state. Our sun is the focal point of the plasma formed through the lens of our dome. The globe model and current astrophysics is a fraud by the Vatican, by Eisav, by Nachash. All these current global plans are deceitful, to distract: elections, 5G, 6G, electric cars and end of oil, electromagnetic pulse weapons, water on the Moon, life on Mars, aliens. Cruise ships are being sliced ​​and sold as scrap. The animals are being slaughtered and thrown away. There will be no economic recovery. Gold has already been collected on the market. Subdued states are buying rotten paper from the market. The bubble is huge and public debt is bigger. The scams are huge because they know that there will be no time for courts. All wars are combined, all cyber attacks are orchestrated, the telecommunications blackout will be carried out by the military-industrial complex, the elite are evil and transnational, right and left are pieces on a board and nobody sees their hands, least of all the players, who have very old bloodlines. They don't need money because they print the money, even more so in this final moment, it is all deceit for stupid slaves. I'm sorry. People need to be at least sterilized before the event. If they survive, they will be scattered and it will be more difficult to master them. The food is going to the bunkers now. Many of the elite are selling their mansions to the unsuspecting. The climate before the inversion, with its floods, droughts, snowstorms and locusts, does not allow normal production. Hungry people tend to go to where the food is. These lockdowns are for maintaining certain control until the final limit. Before they lift the drawbridges and let the peoples fight with theatrical governments without the rule of law, they will take healthy children under the pretext of false covid tests. Course they will not prevail. Hashem laughs at them. However, everything is deserved. Jews are at a very low level. Most do not observe a Sabbath correctly. I see few rabbis rising up against vaccines. Non-Jews are a thousand times worse, like animals. What comes is deserved. It will not come sweetly. I dare to speak about Moshiach, be he one or two: it will come at a low level, according to the level of the Jewish people, and will be hardly and gradually recognized. He comes to govern proportionately more non-Jews than Jews. He will not be ashkenazi, sephardi, breslov, chabad, from USA or Europe, nor is he hidden in Israel, much less in contact with elected sages... Only אהוי knows where יִנּוֹן is now. we have a few months ahead of us. Perhaps he appears earlier this year shemitah. Definitely he will only rule after the event. A lot of water to roll yet, I mean, a lot of plasma and ice. Forgive my English, I used the online translator. HaShem be obeyed and praised!

  10. Noach Santo: are you “Brazil” on my blog?

  11. anon at 3;53, that is exactly what I am talking about. We see first then in 45 days he will appear according to the Zohar. But we do not see it yet.

  12. Shalom,

    I wish you were right.
    Rabbi Alon Anava, in a video a few weeks or months ago said that when these 9 months will start, we will fell it.
    2 to 3 months ago, I watch very short videos of 2 high ranking members of the World Economic Forum predicting that the next crisis would likely be a massive cyber attack shutting down the power grid and the digital banking service. They said that the impact would be much worse and much faster than the coronavirus pandemic crisis. The New World Order and Great Reset engineers are probably right. This major event could serve as an excuse for a power grab of the sorts that we cannot imagine. I assume that such thing could qualify for a start of the 9 months. It could even trigger a constitutional crisis or civil unrest or secession movement in the US from conservative states. Now that Biden is in the White House, they have an ally to implement the kind of drastic power grab.
    The WEF plans to present their Great Reseat at an international meeting in May. I would assume anything big should happen before or just after to make the world beg for these orwellian measures...