01 July 2020

Viral Outbreak Statistical Update

9 Tammuz 5780 

I have never implied in any way that the virus is not real or that it is a minor ailment.  What I have said from the very beginning is that it is being hyped and fear-mongered by the media - beyond all reason - in order to fulfill a greater agenda that we must be wary of, especially when all the evidence proves that it is being used to curtail religious liberties.

Think about why our sages have warned us NOT to be ruled by FEARHKB"H controls even a virus and no one can hide from a virus.  Now, the news is full of horror stories about people who did everything as instructed to avoid infection but got sick anyway.  Others have never followed the official instructions and yet have avoided it.  It's ALL in HKB"H's hands!!

From the very beginning I've simply asked people to keep it all in proper perspective.

Times of Israel is reporting the following today...
The Health Ministry says there are now 25,547 confirmed coronavirus cases, a jump of 859 new cases since Tuesday morning.

The 24-hour tally would appear to be the largest since the start of the outbreak.

...The death toll remains at 320 [averages 1-2 per week!]. The number of serious cases is up to 56 [an increase of 9] though the number of patients on ventilators remains at 24.
I pointed out in my last post on this subject that the numbers of serious cases and ventilator-supported are a better indicator of whether the virus is "out-of-control."  And those numbers are remaining consistently low even when the reported numbers of infections rises, which includes false-positives as well as many who are asymptomatic, i.e. not ill.  But, if you don't trust my word for it, then listen to Dr. Yoav Yehezkelli:
...As the author of the first guidelines for a major biological event, I look on with a considerable amount of concern at the government's response to the coronavirus outbreak.
I'm looking at reports saying that Israel's "second wave" is imminent, but can't find Health Ministry data supporting this horror scenario.

...We must present the public with the facts: wearing a mask has some value in closed spaces. Out in the open though, where the danger of infection is zero, a mask is not necessary.

......Another question that is being asked these days is, "are we on the verge of a second wave?" The semantics are not important.

There is a certain increase in infection rates, which is to be expected as the economy reopens gradually and people return to their routines.

What matters is not the total number of patients, but the number of severe illnesses and intubated patients. As long as these figures are under control, the situation is good.
There is room for caution, but not for fear.
This is especially important to internalize as the media today abounds in wild threats to lock everyone up again.

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...Israel, which has looked to South Korea as a model, has allowed houses of worship to reopen under social distancing guidelines. A[n unpublished] study of infection zones in March had found synagogues to be the largest culprit of helping the disease spread.
There is no scientific basis for such a phenomenon.  It's illogical and unreasonable to take this report at face value.  I do not believe it.


  1. Yes, Israel’s ‘health’ ministry and politicians are ineptly trying to contain the rising results of testing. But they are confusing having a virus with being hosp.patients. That so many are positive but not sick is producing the herd immunity and we should see serious cases becoming less and less . . .
    What might be the govt. motive? How to stop it?

    UNLESS we are witnessing an upsurge as a spiritual intention . . . Think sovereignty . . . Remember our yerusha, the Land of ISRAEL.
    We are watching a Divine chess maneuvering.

    How to weaken but at the same time lead Israelis toward their Father in Shamayim?
    How to get the Israelis to cry out to HaShem?
    This is all part of the Geula process.

    We are living in and witnessing the redemption with our eyes.

  2. Also, we have to realize that the govts (politicians) are purposely putting fear into the public. Everything we read, hear and see has to be analyzed, because so much are lies. This from the start was a weaponized virus; everything that is happening is orchestrated by the evil powers (of course, we understand that everything is from H' and we are already in the chevlai Moshiach era). There is a global agenda and they are trying to push it through no matter. They didn't think they would have an uphill battle, but then Trump was elected and it threw them off and are now extremely desparate and dangerous.
    We should now know that whatever numbers they give who passed away, the number of covid patients are half of that. Everyone hospitalized is considered covid19. So, we don't know what to believe by the #'s they give. The main thing is 'not to fear'. H' is with us at these end times but when 'jews' in Israel promote the most hideous of sins in EY, H' immediately shows them and the world, that HE is in control and we see how the numbers of covid patients rise. H' cannot allow this to continue; He surely will punish those who publicly go against the Laws of our holy Torah. The good Jews of Israel must rise up by demanding that these hideous sins completely cease from within the midst of our people and Land. This virus will then immediately disappear!

  3. The fear mongering, isolation, anxiety, financial stress will all cause more deaths Chas Vshalom than the virus itself. The government has proven to be incapable and incompetent in effectively dealing with it. The easiest thing to do is always blame the religious and close the shuls, because the religious are at fault for everything.

    But as Devorah said, do not live in fear, trust in Hashem and do what you can to stay healthy. That is your hishtadlut.

  4. Quoting Former Health Min. Director Prof. Yoram Lass: "There was no first wave of coronavirus in Israel. There is no second wave."

    Prof. Yoram Lass, the former director general of the Ministry of Health, continues to press for calming panic over coronavirus.

    "There was no first wave - a lie. In March, April and May, 115 less people died in the State of Israel compared to the same period last year. There was no first wave, it is in the hysterical mind of you know who. In Europe and America there was a very respectable first wave, and no second wave," Lass said in an interview on 103fm.

    "No government in the world can stop the virus. This is shown by the fact that the only place in the world where there is no virus is Antarctica. The entire world is full of the virus.

    He added: "The entire state of Israel is full of the virus, no one will stop it. 5 to 10 percent of the population has been infected, it has no significance, it's like the contagious winter viruses.

    "Despite the vaccine's existence, one million Israelis are actually infected with the flu, 1,000 die of flu complications. In the winter, there's a huge wave of mortality that doesn't interest you."

    Lass called to "meticulously follow the law," but also "think."

    "Don't let them brainwash you. Interests stand behind this, as well as foolishness and hysteria. There is a mental illness called anxiety. Believe me, it is an illness from which it is hard to recover, and one who fears does not see the data. There was no first wave in Israel. There is no second wave.

    "As you do more tests, you find more people - who are healthy - testing positive. And the government insists on calling them sick.

    "This issue of coronavirus, which is unprecedented in the modern era, will be studied in social science faculties. There was a social phenomenon here because of the virus of social networks, which really brainwashed the entire world."

    The number of people diagnosed with the virus yesterday was Wednesday, 925, with some counts giving over 1,000. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will convene the Corona Cabinet tomorrow afternoon. The Knesset gave final approval for the resumption of Shin Bet tracking and decided to impose a partial lockdown on Ashdod and Lod neighborhoods.

  5. The reason for more positive increase is because there is more and more testing, but most are asymptomatic and if not tested, wouldn't even know, because their immune systems are very healthy. This virus is more contagious but in a way, if caught before it gets bad for those who are prone, and taken care of, is said to be less lethal than the flu. It's all fear mongering. They are waiting for a vaccine (all money and control power) and they want to crush the economy and they're hoping to get Trump out of office. Leftist Marxists and their ilk are behind it, meaning powerful forces on a global scale.