21 July 2020


29 Tammuz 5780
Yom Kippur Katan
Erev Rosh Chodesh Av

In case you thought nothing was going on except the plandemic...

But back to the scamdemic, it has also been used as an excuse in some places to destroy books which can't be sanitized (my word as it serves a double meaning).  Found on Facebook...
I am sure the school district is using the excuse of COVID. My young son started summer camp through our school district and all the books have been removed from the classrooms. They claim that the books cannot be cleaned. 
Hundreds and hundreds of books regarding American history including Native Americans like Sitting Bull and Famous Sioux Chiefs, foreign nations far and wide, the Holocaust and even Mister Rogers, found in dumpster behind Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake, MN. No sign of any fiction books, just non-fiction regarding history, cultures, wars, tyranny, communism, politics, etc. They are trying to erase history and I can’t understand why not donate perfectly good and relevant books to a library or cultural centers. This is sad!

Principal responds after photos of school library books in dumpster cause social media stir

The principal of a middle school in White Bear Lake, Minnesota is responding after photos showing stacks of books in a school dumpster spread on social media.

The photos of the books struck a nerve with community members. After seeing one social media post, Ryan Swanson told FOX 9 he drove out to the school to see for himself.

"I was so mad, I just left," he said.

He says the discarded books appeared to be non-fiction and included topics such as Native American history, the Constitution and World War II. Swanson says he salvaged about 30 books and saw others filling up bins to donate the items.

Sunrise Park Middle School Principal Christina Pierre sent a message to parents Friday morning, explaining their media specialist had put outdated library books in the recycle bin after "weeding through the collection."

"The weeding procedure is important to help us find a new home for books 10 years and older to ensure that materials are keeping up-to-date with the needs of ever-changing curriculum, school goals and student needs," wrote Pierre.
I'm 66 years old and this is the first time I've ever heard that books have an expiration date!

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  1. 🧐 it has always bothered me when library books get dumped. Not the first time I've seen this and rescued books like this ..