14 July 2020

"The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get..."

22 Tammuz 5780
"They will cast their silver into the streets, and their gold will be repugnant; their silver and their gold will not be able to save them on the day of the Lord's wrath;...." (Yechezkel 7.19)
Taken from today's headlines...


[Disclaimer: I do not endorse any financial advice.]

Way before the "Corona Crisis," banks were already closing branches, downsizing staff, and limiting in-person services. The last time I visited my bank to speak to a representative about a financial issue, the wait was more than two hours. 

Everything we see playing out in our world today was planned long ago.  If Mashiach delays much longer, (God forbid!) the entire world population stands to become enslaved by the global elite who will control ALL financial transactions via the Federal Reserve System.


                 CHILLING Microsoft Patent


  1. If you have no smart phone, no computer or no internet, there will be no place for you in the "new world order."

  2. A large Israeli phone company keeps trying to give me a free iPhone. I wonder why? No, I don’t wonder why. I know why. “They” (whoever is behind the free giveaway) want to use it to track, control, and whatever!

  3. You are spot on. They are hiding "behind the masks". Evil, wicked people.

  4. The entire structure of Edom must fall before the rise of Goel Tzedek.
    Evil shines brightest before it is extinguished.

  5. Notice how fast they are pushing it all; they can't wait for the takeover. We need to really pray hard that Moshiach comes now because for those of us who have total emunah in H', see everything clearer than others. People are sleeping and do not think for themselves. Our brothers and sisters must wake up from their comfort zones and see what is 'really' happening!

  6. Devash, perhaps you can help. I've been trying for the past several months to get =concrete= help with respect to aliyah. But constantly been running into dead ends, as if i'm invisible for that purpose. There have been needless delay's all because of a series of misinformation on the part of others. That happened =three= times in sequence, no less, because people are like unreliable quicksand. They seem initially to be one thing, but turn out to be, in a nutshell, "stupid" even if "well-meaning and full of chessed". As in "the road to H is paved with good intentions".

    All that caused me lots of letdowns and wasted time composing professional emails and making costly phone calls. That wasn't fair, as the first entities (experienced professionals) should have known better, and the 2nd entities proved to be better at interrupting and drawing conclusions, than at truly "listening". And none of the latter had direct email except thru one of the husbands, nor time for same. Not to mention the gruelling time-difference.

    To get to the point (and please don't refer me to orgs. as i've tried MANY known ones already - who couldn't help), i've been trying to find out ech l'hovil kesef l'shama bli hefsed gadol, b'chdei laasot shiputzim gedolim. Ki zeh haderech hayachid she'ani yechola lagur shama. Lo tish'ali sh'eilot, it's beyond the scope of this text, just trust that your lack of all the facts of my life, is similar to viewing the reverse side of a needlepoint. Is the following true? Shamati sheh kablanim rak rotzim shkalim. Einam rotzim kesef b'bank mipnei she'hamemshala l'acharona cracked down.

    So it's one thing for R'Alon Anava to advise aliyah, but quite another for some people to actualize that. So if you know any way to reach R'Anava directly, perhaps you can ask him for a =real= solution to the above? BTW, i'm not seeking a detached answer such as "if she really wants, she can find many places here".

    The only way he might get an inkling, is if i could speak to him directly by phone.

    Fact is, we're in times like 1939. A few people here and there managed to get away from Europe, but it wasn't made easy. Likewise, these days, all govt's are cracking down, and many people barely have money. But those who have lots of it, are so carefree that they don't understand the struggles of others (with a few exceptions here and there - but the small-timers are all scrabbling for a share of their pie). And also, those at the Israeli end who =are= trying to help have their hands tied in knots by the evil memshala.

  7. Dear M.M.,

    When it was closer to the time that I made aliyah, I was able to advise people based on what I knew from my own experience. Since then (24 years ago) everything has changed and I no longer know how anything works in that regard, and even more so with the pandemic in play. And I know no one involved with it to refer you to. I am an isolated nobody with absolutely no contacts.

    Personally, I have a very pessimistic view of the chances for anyone to make aliyah in the current situation. The door may very well already be closed until after Mashiach comes.

    I have no personal contact with Rabbi Anava. If I wanted to be in touch with him, I guess I would try his facebook messenger or his website.

    I wish I could be more helpful. Hashem be with you.

  8. Devash, ani mevina, ela chaval sheh ta-eetee im meelah lo b'diyuk nechonah. B'vakasha tirshi lee l'hasbir shuv.

    Adayin lo hitkavanti aliyah, ela hitkavanti l'hachana l'aliyah b'emtza'ut shiputz. I.E., ratziti l'daat ech l'haaveer mamon L' E"Y bli hefsed gadol b'chdei l'shalem l'shiputzim ka'asher ani adayin po.
    ...Anashim mesuyamim natnu r'shut. Zeh seepur m'ever l'tchum h'text hazeh.
    ...Im yagiah zman sh'anashim muchrachim livroach, zeh lo yoter tov im yesh l'an livroach??