28 July 2020


7 Av 5780

Catch it while you can.  Censorship has never reached such a level before..



  1. Move over to bitchute.com

  2. Truly awesome press conference. Thanks so much, Devash.

    The message is clear: Hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax and Zinc used together in the Dr. Zelenko-prescribed manner is an OUTPATIENT protocol, to be used during the less severe phase of Covid and it should be studied as such. Any study that uses this protocol IN THE HOSPITAL is invalid due to misuse (and other issues, such as using overly large doses) and, as Dr. Stella Immanuel (sorry if this spelling is inaccurate) said, fake science.

    The prophylactic use of Hydroxychloroquine alone, 2 pills a week, I could handle. Now if it were only here in Israel that way. I already take one zinc tablet every day, along with other supplementation for my immune system.

    And you can get Dr. Risch's paper here (it was mentioned in the video).

  3. BREAKING: American Doctors Address COVID-19 Misinformation. Hydroxychloroquine Works!! http://jerusalemcats.com/coronavirus-covid-19-in-the-us/#american-doctors-covid-19-misinformation Video posted by PatriotDude 27July2020 https://www.brighteon.com/3571f9ae-ec43-4254-8a56-1a931c250888

    American Doctors Address COVID-19 Misinformation. Hydroxychloroquine Works!! Not only as a cure when in concert with Zinc and Azithromycin, but also as a preventative measure when taken alone. Facebook took down the original post. Big Tech and the MSM wants the fear to control you.

  4. The doctors who side on the left-side and demonize the Hydroxy cocktail for curing the virus (first five days) and because of that so many lives were taken. These doctors know the truth but were purposely guilty for those lives and will have to answer to the Judge of judges! Blessed are these good doctors who are true doctors and put their patients first and foremost and do what they can and know, to cure them. What is very disturbing is that there seems to be so many doctors where money is what really matters.