19 July 2020

"The War Going on Right Under Our Noses": UPDATE

27 Tammuz 5780

Back on 13 Tammuz/July 5, 2020, I wrote The War Going on Right Under Our Noses describing the outbreak of a cyber war that actually started on Rosh Chodesh Iyyar.  At first, it seemed to be a tat-for-tat exchange confined to the Middle East, but this past week, the ante was upped when it reached US shores.

The following should bring you up to date on what is happening while most people are focused on the pandemic reports.


July 12 - US Navy ship on Fire in San Diego

July 13 - Storage tank explodes and burns at industrial complex south of
               Mashhad, Iran

July 15 - Massive fire in Bushehr shipyard set seven ships ablaze

July 16 - Explosion and fire at steel mill in Burns Harbor, Indiana

               Fire at power station in Wheatfield, Indiana

July 17 - Second attack on Israel's water infrastructure

July 18 - "Massive" fire at chemical plant in Atlanta, Georgia

               Large fire at steel structures plant in Ambridge, Pennsylvania

               Large explosion and fire at oil pipeline in South Iran

July 19 - Explosion at power plant in Isfahan

July 20 - Iran-linked sites around Damascus said hit in Israeli strike

As you can tell, the attacks have increased significantly.  With Rosh Chodesh Av approaching on Tuesday night, anything can happen.

[See also HERE and HERE.]


  1. These occurrences seem to be impacting, at least partially, infrastructure for war-related projects, manufacture, and support. Just an uneducated guess..

  2. Great work in documenting the attacks in the Untied States.
    Looks like cyber attacks or physical sabotage.
    Not a word from the american media about these attacks.
    If americans realized how weak the security of their infrastructure is they would freak out.

  3. I can't take the credit. Someone at JPost put it together. I linked to their article at the bottom.

  4. So far I counted at least 14 sabotage attacks reported in Iran since late June. I never heard of such attacks in the US until now.

  5. As soon as I saw the report on the San Diego Navy ship, my first thought is that it was a counter-attack. These others that I read about int he JPost this morning, I also had not heard about, but it's too much to be coincidence and just the kind of places they would choose to hit. I realize it's not being reported in the US media. They really don't want people to know anything but COVID-19!!! or BLM!!!

  6. Wow, Devash, I had no clue about any of these attacks! Not one single bit accept th Iranian and Israeli water etc.
    This is news!!!

  7. Ok, ok,ok, hold up. I'm looking at these reports. Holy smokes(no pun intended), this is serious and planned!!!!
    They are keeping this off of the internet

  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5u4WY4ZwfO8

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