02 July 2020

Help YouTube Clean Its House

10 Tammuz 5780

It was widely reported yesterday that Youtube removed three entire channels of white supremacists.  There is a particular Christian supremacist channel I'd like to see removed.  It is full of hatred, and incitement to hatred, of Judaism as you can see from the comments to a recent video posted here.

The organization is called One for Israel and is endorsed by people like "Friends of Israel" former Governor Mike Huckabee and former Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.  The people behind it are messianic Christian "Jewish" and Arab Israelis.  They are the most anti-Judaism sect of Christianity in Israel and the same people behind that Shelanu station on HOT cable which we just got taken off the air, B"H!!

As I said, I would like to see the entire channel removed, because rather than promote the "joys" of Christianity, it attempts to draw in Israelis by poisoning their minds with lies about Judaism and "the rabbis" in the exact same way that the neo-nazi sites do.

But, because this one about women is so vile, I'm starting with trying to get this one video removed called: Myth #12 - The Oral Torah sees women as The daughter of the King? - (Viewer Discretion Advised)

You don't even have to watch it, just read the comments.  

I have already reported it as "hateful or abusive content - promotes hatred or violence."  Now, I'm asking my readers to do the same.  Underneath the video, on the right, you can see an option to "share" or "save" - to the right of that are three dots.  Click on those and choose "report."  I suggest you use the same category that I did.  It seems to be the one best suited to this instance.  

That's really what this whole channel is about, advancing the interests of Christianity by fomenting hatred of Judaism.  This fight with the messianic Israelis (both Jew and Arab) is not over.  In fact, it is just getting started.

Thanks in advance to those who will volunteer to help.  And may HKB"H bless our continuing efforts with success.


  1. Despite the fact that the reason why Youtube deletes channels is not kosher (namely to censor any opinion that contradicts leftist narrative), I was glad that finally they removed that disgusting David Duke from the platform. I'm also probably responsible for removing the channels of two notorious antisemites from the alt-right: Owen Benjamin and Nick Fuentes. They always come back but they will never be able to recover the ammount of subscribers they had originally. Unfortunately I wasn't able to convince Youtube to delete the channel of Vincent James Red Elephants, another stormfag who defended antisemite pastor Rick Wiles when he was removed (probably not because Youtube cares about defending Jews but because he attacked the LGTB lobby and that is a big no-no by leftists). I would appreciate if every person who reads this comment also reports Vincent James' channel. He is one of the trolls who appeared in a lecture of Matt Walsh to complain that Matt who is a Catholic works with Ben Shapiro who doesn't recognize their false messiah (as part of the "groyper wars" campaign from the alt-right against decent conservative speakers). All of those scumbags like Owen Benjamin and the missionaries who attack the sages of the Talmud will end up in tzoah rotachat anyway. Hashem doesn't even forgive Jews who do that.

  2. I just left them a comment, saying the video lies about the Rabbis of the Talmud and that it makes people hate Jews.

    I hope that's enough for now. It's the first time I've used my account (it came with Google and Blogger) to comment on any video.

  3. Wow, the Stuermer Israeli style!
    To pick up on one of their ignorant points, compare the Torah's guidelines on the Yafet To'ar
    to the disgusting ways armies have behaved in warfare throughout the world all through history, including today.

  4. Ditto, wishing much success in completely ridding the 'Jewish' state of Israel of all xtian and other religious teachings of any faiths in Israel media. The Jewish (even on a common sense level) state has an obligation of only promoting Jewish studies, i.e., Torah to its public. It becomes very questionable when there has been such an increase of xtian influence in the Land for the last number of years, as to whether the powers in the state have sold out the 'Jewish' state to the xtian world. Doesn't anyone ask that question; I'm sure they do, but they must address it publicly to the prime minister and the others in charge. Where is orthodox Jewry, in both Israel and the galut to ask these questions. Why are they so comfortable with what is going on. Thank you Devash for keeping this subject constantly publicized where the public can be informed. The other bloggers should join with you on this subject. At this time when the world is in chaos, this problem is even more frightening and should be made a priority.

  5. YouTube is for "Popcorn" Viewing and Shiurim. They have been supporting Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, ISIS, PIJ and UNWRA for years. What is going on now with "Big Tech" is window dressing and smokescreens and will not change anything. There are alternatives and the dark web (Tor, P2P, VPN ect.). The Hate, Antisemitism and the Evil will still be their. The only reason why YouTube is cracking down is their Master, the Communist Chinese government does not want a venue for Hong Kong, the Attorney Generals from 50 States suing them for Antitrust and the push to change the Section 230 rule.

  6. The US State Department gives countries a human rights ranking, with one of the criterionrates countries on their freedom of religion. Countries that don't get a satisfactory rating may be subject to scanctions. The kicker is that freedom of religion as per the USSD means the freedom to missionize, because that what being a xn means. If you don't let them missionise you're "violating their freedoms and persecuting them". So basically the USA supports missionary work around the world.

    "Having undergone some changes, the 2020 report is focused on two groups of countries, those that USCIRF recommends the U.S. State Department should designate as Countries of Particular Concern (CPCs, countries where the government engages in or tolerates particularly severe violations of freedom of religion or belief) and those that should be placed on the Special Watch List (SWL, countries where the government engages in or tolerates severe violations of freedom of religion or belief). "

    As per the latest blood libel, it's just another ploy to get Jews to, chalila, forsake, the Torah. I left a message to the video, and they wrote back saying that they are Israeli Jews. Obviously they know next to nothing about yahadut or habrit hashikrit. Nor do they realise that Jews from the West grew up with xns, with xianity at school and as part of the culture and know about it very well, and have studied yahadut. They wrote to me that the "truth of xnity" has been hidden from the Jews for 2000. If only ... more like it's been shoved down our throats for 2000 years but we aint buying.

    They keep on changing their tactics, as they can't succeed, the money crusade was obviously not working, or at least not as well as they would have hoped, they probably believe their own antisemitism about Jews and money, so it's back to libels.

    You have to see the lausanne.org, all their tactics etc are laid out there. Just for example when they support the fight against antisemitism, it's not for our sake,

    "The Adversary has also used antisemitism to build a strategic barrier between the Jewish people and the revelation that xxx is truly the promised Messiah. How will the Jewish people ever be able to see the loving grace of God, when they have experienced such hatred from Christians?".

    "We can also help by reaching out and building relationships between our church communities and the local Jewish community. In the fall of 2018, the National Council of Evangelicals of France organized a colloquy on antisemitism in Paris.[16] Many Jewish leaders were also present, including the Israeli Ambassador to France. It let the Jewish community know that evangelicals would not remain silent or ‘indifferent to the new rise in antisemitism.’ It also gave the Christians the opportunity to express their love for the Jews because of their faith in xxx. Believe it or not, this not only has led to reconciliation among community leaders but some interesting gospel-centered conversations. We can all learn from this evangelical community in France who may be small in number but strong in the Lord."

    They are so wicked and we are so naive. The only thing that gives me hope is that we have survived 2000 years of this, and Hashem will not give up on us now that we are so close Be"D to the geula, and also this episode highlights how we need the geula, not just to resolve our own personal challenges, but to establish malchut Hashem over the whole world.

  7. How right you are, elisheva. The naivete of some of our people is scary, mainly because of real ignorance. The problem is, the xtns are now using an opposite tactic, whereas, in the past, their tactics were violence, coercion and conquest - now, it's love and honey and it's working for those who know so little. We need to have the missionaries exposed, so the uninformed will know and maybe even bring them to teshuvah.

  8. Unfortunately even the religious are naive. I was at someone's house and saw this book


    The Light from Zion , a book that a missionary managed to get rabbis to cooperate with, just reading the introduction turned my stomach, and Rav Kook was misquoted to support the agenda. When I pointed this out to the religious host he couldn't understand what my problem was. He thought it was marvelous that the goyim are learning from us. Genuine bnei noach are something else, but these are pure missionary tactics, "we want to learn from you" and the woman is a missionary. Also they have their code words which the uninitiated completely misunderstand. I'm sure the rabbis mentioned in my comment above are heartened by the support from the Evangenlicals. You can't make this stuff up. Don't be a surprised if a woodpecker pecks wood or if an evangelical evangelises.

    It's all there on the Lausanne Movement site.

  9. The trouble is that so many Jews have a sickness that others don't get and that is the desire to be 'loved' by the nations.
    What insanity! They are so disconnected from Hashem and from reality!