06 July 2020


14 Tammuz 5780


  1. Israel’s recent rise in serious COVID-19 cases partly due to change in criteria
    Doctors at Israel’s largest hospital amended their approach to categorizing virus patients, impacting national stats; goal is to standardize criteria, they say, not inflate figures.

    Uh huh.

  2. Playing with Numbers, Playing with Lives

    Further to the article linked above...

    One-third of the rise in serious coronavirus patients since late last week is explained by a change in doctors’ definitions, a top physician said.

    Two weeks ago Israel had 45 serious coronavirus patients. On Thursday the number stood at 65, and since then it has jumped to 86.

    Galia Rahav of Sheba Medical Center said that part of the increase happened because some of her staff are using a lower bar than they were for classifying patients as serious.

    There are currently 15 serious patients in Sheba, Israel’s largest hospital, and last week “around half of them would have been classed as moderate or mild,” Rahav, the hospital’s head of infectious diseases, told The Times of Israel.

    And based on these manipulated numbers, this is happening...

    Ultra-Orthodox city declared ‘restricted zone’ as virus cases spike

    Beitar Illit closed for 7 days starting Wednesday afternoon after infections skyrocket 224% in past week; mayor decries late night government announcement as a ‘disgrace’

  3. Health Ministry said set to reduce testing as system overwhelmed by outbreak

    Asymptomatic people won’t be checked, family doctors will have reduced powers for referral, existing patients may have longer quarantine instead of follow-up testing, report says

    ...As the coronavirus outbreak has spiked in Israel, testing has increased, with levels reaching a record 25,127 tests carried out on Monday.

    Draw the proper conclusions about the "rising" number of cases!

  4. What's the "proper conclusion"? That with reduced ability to test, people will have to quarantine for longer instead?

    With Beitar going into lockdown, does it seem like things are closing down again just in time for more ability to respond to / control "popular reaction" to annexation?

  5. The "proper conclusion" is that as testing goes down, so will the number of new infections; therefore, the "rising" numbers are all a result of increased testing.

    Quote: "Mar 12, 2020 - Number of daily tests to jump from 400 to 1600, Health Ministry director says."

    Quote: "According to data provided by the Health Ministry, Israel conducted 25,570 tests on Tuesday, [July 7, 2020]."

    It is impossible to claim accurately, as some are doing, that this "wave" is worse than the first since the numbers today are exceeding those from three months ago. What might the numbers have shown had they been testing 25,000 a day back then??? Think about it.

  6. Regarding your second question, Anonymous: "With Beitar going into lockdown, does it seem like things are closing down again just in time for more ability to respond to / control "popular reaction" to annexation?"

    No, I don't think there is or will be any "popular reaction to annexation" so I doubt seriously if that has anything to do with it.

    The period of "getting back to normal" was just a way of releasing some of the steam building up under the "lockdown" pot lid. They always told us there would be additional "waves" requiring lockdowns. They are attempting to control the financial collapse and to keep the street from exploding due to financial pressures and give people the illusion that things will be able at some point to "return to normal" even though they know it never will.

  7. They change the criteria to make the numbers go up; therefore, justifying renewed lockdowns. Then, they cut back the testing to make it look like the numbers are going down in response to the renewed lockdown measures. See? The 'guvmint' knows best how to take care of us.

  8. Health Ministry apologizes for mistaken quarantine orders

    The Health Ministry has issued apologies to several members of the public who were erroneously instructed to enter quarantine as part of the government's tracing efforts.
    Numerous people have reported receiving directives to place themselves isolation after the technology used to locate those who may have come into contact with an infected person mistakenly identified them.

  9. Only 2% Of Israelis Contracted COVID-19 In Shuls, Report Says

    A report by the IDF’s Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center that published a data analysis on the source of infection of coronavirus carriers in Israel showed that only 2.2% of coronavirus carriers were infected in shuls.

    Most coronavirus carriers (65%) contracted the virus in their homes – from family members, 10.3% contracted the virus at school, universities, or yeshivos, 5.8% at medical institutions, 3.9% at events or conferences, 2.2% at shuls, 2% at shopping centers or stores, and 1.8% at recreational areas.

    A full 8.2% were not exposed to the virus at any of the above areas and their source of infection is unknown.

    The Health Ministry and National Security Council demanded on Monday that all of Israel’s shuls be closed but upon the intervention of Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, they instead reduced the number of people allowed into shuls from 50 to 19.

    (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)