26 July 2020

In A World Without Torah

5 Av 5780

The Rules Never Apply to the Rulers and Those Who Grant the Power Are The Ones Crushed Under Its Boot.

Seen in the news:  the headline accompanying this picture quotes PM Netanyahu as saying the fight against the virus depends on personal responsibility.  It would be funny if it were not so very tragic.


  1. That was my first thought on seeing that picture, even before reading the article it was attached to.

    They don't even bother with pretense anymore. The rulers are totally disconnected from the ruled.

    Don't expect Mandelblit do anything about this, which is far worse than any of the things he's accusing Netanyahu of being guilty of.

  2. They just don’t let up on those masks. Now they’re hyping, “ Since the disease is commonly spread by individuals not displaying symptoms of the virus, ”. First it was the cough. Now the nose. What a joke. These are the healthy individuals, because their bodies have fought off the virus, OR they never got it in the first place. Entrapment. Makes me angry.

    I’m waiting for the sky to fall on these evil people. The lies are being uncovered but not fast enough.

  3. The medina is no different than the other countries; it is now under non-Jewish control so the actions of those in control are the same as everywhere else - think of the word, 'corrupt'. A world and especially the Jewish people without Torah means, a world without G-D, r'l. That's why 'danger ahead'!

  4. The toeva States of America and its president menuval are dealing with a low grade civil war and collapse of the American economy.
    Bibi is dealing with a collapse of the economy and a govt that is falling apart.

    Perhaps we will see war before Rosh Hashana?

    We should not fear the end of Edom. Moshiach can only rise when Edom falls.

  5. In Our EREV RAV World without Torah -- Not much longer, Ben Yosef and Ben David are HERE and already beginning to "clean up the garbage". This will become MUCH CLEARER in the coming weeks and months.

  6. Looks like a war started on the Northern border.
    Did we think Iran wouldn't strike back?
    I fear the coming year will be a year of war. Perhaps WW3.