08 July 2020

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16 Tammuz 5780

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  1. What a "geniuses" those guys in the government are. I might lose my job right now because I had to replace a worker in a different place that was forced to quarantine himself for no reason. As expected, I had problems in the new place (my boss who sent me there is also at fault). Hopefully I'll be able to go back to my regular workplace tomorrow or on sunday (I never had a problem there). If not, i'll have to find another job soon to pay my rent. And if i don't, i'll have to go back to Argentina. Congratulations Covid fear-mongering. Another life is about to be destroyed. Sometimes I wonder how a nation so advanced that is able to explode nuclear facilities in enemy territory is so incredibly stupid to manage problems at home. One thing for sure, I will never again judge a fellow Jew who doesn't want to make Aliyah for whatever reason. That was my bad. Although I expect Hashem's mercy and things to back to normal for me because I've always showed concern and sensitivity for Israelis who lost their jobs since this epidemic started, despite I wasn't affected until now. I hope Hashem to pay me in kind.