28 June 2020

The Statistics Speak for Themselves

7 Tammuz 5780

Deeply meditate on the following numbers.  

According to the most recent report out today, after a sudden increase in cases reported over the previous week (up to 504 cases in 24 hrs on Thursday), as of Shabbat, there has been a more downward trend with 398 cases being reported, and it's down again today to 183.

There has also been a decline in the number of serious cases (from 45 to 39 over the same time period) while those in moderate condition increased from 50 to 60.

There are currently 211 people hospitalized nationwide with COVID-19 and 22 (down from 24) are on respirators.

Please note that even while the number of infected was increasing, likely due to increased testing (a certain percentage of which will be false positives!), the numbers considered serious and critical (on vents) remained stable throughout.

A grand total of 318 people have died of COVID-19 in Israel since statistics began to be counted (at least four months).

Out of a total population of 8,655,535, that is a percentage of 0.004.  Statistically speaking, that is a very negligible number.  By comparison, in 2016, 11,077 people in Israel died of cancer, lo aleynu!

Can anyone explain to me how these following headlines can be justified in light of what we see from these statistics?
Health minister urges new restrictions, warns Israel entering 2nd virus wave
Edelstein insists public gatherings, weddings must be scaled back; says limitations are ‘unpleasant’ but necessary; ministers to resume discussions on Monday

Country losing control of virus, Israel Society for Infectious Diseases warns
Medical union says average age of patients rising, effective action required immediately; PM: Ministers will approve new restrictions; death toll at 318
Propaganda only succeeds with a population that doesn't pay attention, does not bother to ask questions, and either won't or can't connect the dots.



  1. Remember that Propaganda is like a whining Child that wants "Candy". The second time around just say NO and ignore the headlines. Just take standard precautions such as wearing a face mask when in public or on the bus covering your nose and mouth and don't wear it around your chin or neck! Get 8 hours of sleep, Take Vitamin D (250 mg) and Zinc and relax with personal prayer.

  2. The public flouts social distancing regulations because it has no trust in them

    Such far-fetched statements, current and previous, undermine the trust of both the general public and professionals in the country’s decision-makers.

    As the author of the first guidelines for a major biological event, I look on with a considerable amount of concern at the government's response to the coronavirus outbreak.
    I'm looking at reports saying that Israel's "second wave" is imminent, but can't find Health Ministry data supporting this horror scenario.

    ...We must present the public with the facts: wearing a mask has some value in closed spaces. Out in the open though, where the danger of infection is zero, a mask is not necessary.

    So why does the state hand fines for not wearing a mask at the beach or in the park while enforcement in closed places is almost non-existent? It is no wonder people wear masks outside for fear of getting a ticket, and yet remove it once inside,....

    Fear is not a crisis management strategy. Fear is a factor that may superficially and temporarily motivate people but needs refueling or it could lose its effect. Trust and hope, on the other hand, could unite the people in the long run.

    ...Another question that is being asked these days is, "are we on the verge of a second wave?" The semantics are not important.

    There is a certain increase in infection rates, which is to be expected as the economy reopens gradually and people return to their routines.

    What matters is not the total number of patients, but the number of severe illnesses and intubated patients. As long as these figures are under control, the situation is good.
    There is room for caution, but not for fear.

  3. Yes, you are so right. I wrote about this also, The Medical City of Chelm

  4. These statements just show the incompetence of the government. They simply fell asleep at the wheel and the public doesn't trust what they say.

  5. Moshiach will come only when all government turn to heresy (Talmud Sanhedrin 97a).

    What is the connection here?

    מלכות (Malchut)
    Literally means "kingdom"
    Practically means "Governing Body" =
    Who do we turn to for global / national / community issues?

    Which government?

    1. The State of Israel. Simple meaning is the governing body of the Land of Israel and the Jews who live there.
    2. The government of the Gentiles (Maharsha, Talmud Yerushalmi)
    3. Globalization.
    “The whole world will turn into heresy” (Midrash, Yalkut Amos 549)

    The Israeli government is heavily influenced by other pagan governments (such as the United States)
    So they are not much different from each other.
    UN. Globalization:
    All governments are influenced. And in turn - the whole world.
    Thus, all three meanings of “government” can be combined into one - “government”.

    With the advent of Moshiach, there are many problems that need to be solved at all levels: security, economy, society, religion - these are “unpleasant” signs of Moshiach.

    What is the connection between the government and the all-white tsaraat?

    Government has potential

    Metsora has the potential to do a lot of good.
    And the government too.
    The right steps can be taken to soften the pre-messianic pressure.
    The Government of Israel can manage its affairs in accordance with the Torah.
    He can protect his people.
    Pagan governments can support this,
    And bring salvation to the world.

    But the one who has tsaarat should go to quarantine and isolation, so as not to spread Tuma.
    We rejected Metsora because he was crazy.
    We also perceive the government as crazy.
    They make ridiculous moves.
    Protecting the interests of your enemy
    Explicitly go against the Torah
    Give empty hope.

    Completely white Tsaraat is not treated.
    It intensifies until it becomes clear that there is no hope.
    Government actions continue to deteriorate ...
    In the end, it becomes clear that exemption is not expected from the government.
    And it never was ...!

    Thoughts about the nearest future

    Moshiah will restore the monarchy of David
    Restores Jewish legal system
    And the whole world will be put in order to serve God together. (Maimonides, Laws of Kings, ch. 1)

    Kingdom of heaven
    In other words,
    Moshiach will unite all the governments on earth into a world kingdom.
    It reflects the kingdom of heaven
    Where all (heavenly beings) serve God in unison.

    Hence the great abundance, Peace, harmony
    Satisfaction -
    everything will prevail (reflect) on Earth,
    Like in heaven. (Maimonides, Laws of Kings, chap. 12)

    So, Moshiach will do everything right!

  6. Why does the public pay attention to the complete and outright lies of the media? You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see what is really going on. This is, plain and pashut, a globalist takeover over the world with the media their Goebbel's propaganda. Most of the people that, r'l, pass away in the hospitals are not covid patients, but the doctors were mandated to put 'covid19' on anyone who has passed away. The masses are, unfortunately, so oblivious of what's happening and don't care and the youth being completely indoctrinated with the lies they are taught in schools and universities, plus thinking they are immune to everything. We, Jews, need to do teshuvah and return to true Torah learning and rely only on our Father in Heaven, so we can be the nation that dwells alone and not be affected by this insanity. Remember the Avot, Avraham Avinu, who was on the 'other side'. The Erev Rav government is completely in the tank with Esav & Yishmael, forcing the sheker on the nation. Wake up! In the meantime, may H' bring a Refuah Shleimah to all Bnai Yisrael and give each and everyone of us the 'sechel' to do what's right in His Eyes (so to speak).