23 July 2020

The Final War of Gog uMagog

2 Av 5780

The Chafetz Chaim famously said there would be three wars of Gog uMagog, but within the third war of Gog uMagog, there are also three:  "...one on the land, one on the sea and one near to Jerusalem."

It looks to me like the final war is here.  The first video here is from an interview with Bill Gates at the end of June.  I've never really listened to him talk before this.  But, it's clear to me that despite his reputation, he's really not a very smart man.  It's like he is spouting talking points and really has no true scientific grasp of the information.  That is probably why he appears to be so open about the agenda he represents.  He's not really that smart.  He is another recruited talking head to be the public face of the hidden evil.

And while this virus plandemic, scamdemic, shamdemic - pick your term - plays out, it is being used as a front to wage an ongoing war against religion and Torah Judaism in particular since it is the only untainted truth left in the world.  Most man-made religions are built around a kernel of truth that can be found within Torah Judaism.  If the teachings of the Torah can be destroyed, whatever remains of those other religions can be allowed to continue since they pose no threat to their new world order.

Even Zionism can be allowed since it is currently being used to unite Jews, Christians and Muslims and in the form it exists today, Zionism is promoting LGBTQ and assimilation, so it also is no threat, but actually is a tool for advancing their new world order in Israel.

VIOLENT HAFGANOS: Hundreds Protest Incarceration of Chareidi Man [VIDEOS]

Hundreds of Chareidim took to the streets on Wednaday night, protesting the 100th day of the incarceration of a man named Binyomin Friedman.

As YWN has previously reported, Friedman was arrested for being in a Shul during COVID-19 when he wasn’t allowed to be there.

The court has agreed to release him, but he refuses to do so due to Shabbos.

Meanwhile, Israeli Police acted like thugs tonight and randomly kicked and beat Chareidim.

There is tons of footage documenting horrific police brutality against unarmed protesters tonight.
[Those videos are quite shocking.]

If all the souls who have ever lived are reincarnated in this generation, then some of these must have participated in the internecine warfare that took place inside Yerushalayim while the Romans battered at the door during this same time period centuries ago.

The Satan has used these tactics many times over the course of human history in order to prevent the geulah shleimah from arriving and it has worked so well.  But, today, there is a big difference.  Today, we have reached geulah b'ita and it comes whether we are deserving of it or not.  Nothing can stop it now - not even a virus.


  1. I've been a computer geek since the 1970s, when I was a child. I remember Bill Gates and Microsoft, nearly back to their origin. The story is well-known that Gates had a partner, Paul Allen. It was always portrayed as a partnership of roughly equal technical talent, but looking back, I don't think so. I wonder if Bill brought anything to the business beyond ruthlessness, and possibly connections (they were both from privilege, but came from Priviledge).

    Allen left Microsoft, because during, or shortly after, his first bout with cancer in the early 1980s, he heard Gates and Steve Ballmer (Gates' pick to succeed him as CEO) scheming on how to disenfranchise Allen of his extremely valuable equity. It disillusioned him.

    MS only went public in 1986 because it had to, due to hitting the 500 investor limit of a private company, not because it needed the money. Gates has always been a nasty, scheming, jerk, even before he didn't set his mind to "helping" the world.


  2. Too bad that big pesil of libertas wasn't knocked over like the mormon pesil macaroni moroni was in UT. A warning of what's coming maybe?

    Maybe a typhoon or earthquake will do the trick. Somehow Libertas must fall.

    idols and the age of Moshiach don't mix.

  3. Doesn't he also head the Eugenics Dept. at the U.N.? Also, read where his father headed Eugenics in nazi germany. Wondering if that's true.

  4. Remember that MS-DOS was plagiarized from UNIX and CP/M. Microsoft just change a few letters or characters. Windows 3.1 (released 1992) was stolen from the 1984 Macintosh OS when MS Word came out for Mac. Bill Gates is a Business Person.