15 March 2020

What Will They Think of Next?

20 Adar 5780

UPDATE:  Ultra-Orthodox schools to remain open, with students split into groups of 10

After issuing a set of directives that were supposed to keep the yeshivot functioning, suddenly today, that has all changed...

Health Ministry Orders All Yeshivos And Kollelim To Close, Police Arrive At Yeshivas and Chadarim and Block Entrances 
...Many yeshivohs, kollelim and Talmidei Torah opened on Sunday as usual after but Israel Police came to the yeshivohs and chadarim that opened and blocked the entrances.
A Jerusalem municipality security officer prevented students from entering the Achiezer Talmud Torah in Bayit Vegan. Officers also arrived at the Chachmas Shlomo Talmud Torah and the Ateres HaTorah yeshivah ketana in Ramot Daled to prevent learning sessions from taking place.
In Petach Tikvah, police arrived at several chadarim in the city that opened and agreed to allow the children to learn in small groups on Sunday but told the schools that beginning on Monday, any learning sessions in schools will be considered a criminal violation....
And then there is this little tidbit tucked away inside an article I found at Times of Israel...

Netanyahu and his colleagues, speaking at a delayed presentation to the nation that hinted at disagreements between various officials, did not declare a state of emergency. They did not impose a lockdown, barring Israelis from leaving their homes. They did not shut down the private sector.

But they emphatically reserved the right to do any of those things in the near future. And Moshe Bar Siman-Tov, the Health Ministry director-general who is widely believed to have been pushing for a complete private sector shutdown, stated adamantly immediately after the live broadcast that more stringent measures will indeed be imposed “in the next few days.
All I can say is Israelis are nothing like Italians.  I was in Jerusalem this morning and a lot of businesses were still open.  I wonder how this is all going to end.


  1. The world is sustained by the breath(torah study) of Jewish school children. (Shabbat 119b)

  2. Looks like Bibi is going to bring some or all of the Marxists on board to have a "unity" govt in order to to "save us" from COVID 19.

    Isn't it interesting that Israel goes into lockdown right before the "deal of the century" is supposed to be imposed in the Jewish people? It's hard to protest giving away eretz hakodesh when there is a police curfew in effect.

  3. Also, the gemara says that we don't cancel the learning of schoolchildren even for building the Beit Hamikdash.

    Both statements can be found in the Rambam Hil. Talmud Torah 2:1-2

    If arrangements can be made to use online classes, and the children have access to such technology, that may help resolve

    1. Most of us do not have internet in our homes. So no this will not work.

  4. ...that may help resolve some of the issues.

  5. This reminds me of the 1992 Los Angeles Riot.

  6. Be prepared for riots in major infected cities when the drug addicts can not get their medication. Think 1992 Los Angeles riots. Think block after block of burned buildings.
    I lived through the riots and worked in a Los Angeles County Welfare Building. There is nothing like having the County Safety Officers telling all the employees that they can not guarantee their safety and the building has to be evacuated while the shopping center is being looted and burned on the next block. Yes, I know what the MSM and the Blacks said as they Looted and Burned Korean Businesses. When you work in a LA County Building you have contacts with people that see things first hand as I have. There is nothing like a Military Curfew of your neighborhood with a armed HUMVEE at the local Supermarket.

    1. Do you think we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the America Empire? How long can the American economy function with the supply chain disrupted from COVID 19? Trump will probably declare a war to get the economy back on track. Rashavelt did it. Gog Bush did it. So many American presidents have declared war to jumpstart the economy. Then the blame will start with Jews being declared war profiteers, traitors and spreaders of COVID 19. Actually, blame is already starting.

      If I was a Jew living in Brooklyn, I would have a backup plan in place. Once the economic door shuts, the state of Israel as it exists today won't be riding to the rescue. They certainly didn't during the Crown Heights riots. You think the Esavians aren't chomping at the bit to loot and steal from the "rich" Jews? Haven't we learned anything from our history?

  7. If ever there was a time to be planning and executing your emergency aliya it is now. Now that everyone has stocked up on toilet paper and handsanitizer, Americans are panic-buying guns, whilst they are blaming the Jooz for corona, against the background of the last few years of serious blood on the streets antisemitism. Not a good look, not now, and not when they will be hungry with guns. But really what is it, chalila, going to take for Jews in exile to wake up? Their feelings are hurt if you tell them the truth, they either shout you down or disallow your comments, sticking their head in the sand, as if that will make the reality go away. The Jewish community as a whole in exile has to mobilize to make this happen. Sticking your fingers in your ears la-la-la-la will not make this go away.

  8. 17March2020 We were told to not have more then 10 Students in a room at our Yeshiva today because the Mir Yeshiva was just fined 50,000 Shekels for violating the rule!!