30 March 2020


6 Nisan 5780

Conspiracy Theory vs. Conspiracy Fact

Do you believe in conspiracies?  Of course you do!  The world turns on conspiracy and history is made by conspirators. 

Just a few examples of some famous conspiracies:  Paro and his advisors conspired to kill all the Jewish male infants; Bilaam and Balak conspired to make Hashem angry with Klal Yisrael through immorality with the Midianite women; Bigthan and Teresh conspired to kill King Achashverosh in the Purim story; Haman and Achashverosh conspired to annihilate all the Jews; and more recently, Hitler, y"sh and his Henchmen conspired to finish the job.

Why should today be any different?

Evidence continues to mount that there is an evil conspiracy related to the Chareidi public, both in Israel and abroad, and this viral pandemic.  The media is painting Chareidi Jews as the most dangerous carriers of the disease and are portraying their commitment to Torah, mitzvot and halachah as a danger to human life equal to an act of terrorism, God forbid, or even murder, God forbid!  At the same time, the enemy from within is conspiring to set aside Torah, mitzvot and halachah in the name of pikuach nefesh even though that "threat" is clearly being misrepresented and grossly exaggerated. 

To both situations, any thinking, feeling person has to ask himself, "Why?"

Poor Rav Chaim Kanievsky.  The only reason he would reverse his original ruling on keeping synagogues/yeshivas open and operating is if those responsible for keeping him informed had lied to him and mislead him about the true situation.  

What can even be said in regards to the likes of this...
State-mandated cremation is a posthumous ‘mitzvah,’ says leading Orthodox rabbi

A leading Orthodox rabbi has ruled that Jewish communities in Europe should embrace cremation if their governments require it — and consider it a posthumous “mitzvah,”....

As some countries halt burials for coronavirus victims or move towards doing so, out of fear that it increases coronavirus transmission, Kenneth Brander, the rosh yeshiva or dean of the Israeli Ohr Torah Stone network of institutions, said that any Jewish person who is cremated in this context should be seen as posthumously fighting against the virus that killed them.
“The highest honor that a person who isn’t alive can achieve is to help the living,” said Brander. While Judaism normally deems cremation a “desecration,” in the context of saving a life it would be seen as “a mitzvah that the deceased is doing posthumously.”
What convoluted reasoning this is!  How many ignorant Jews - willing or unwilling - believe that pikuach nefesh trumps all, conveniently forgetting that there are times when Torah demands that we give up our lives rather than cause a desecration.  

The spiritual heroism of our forefathers and foremothers exhibited in their many acts of mesirut nefesh over the centuries has sadly and tragically almost died out in our impoverished generation.
...The end to ritual Jewish burial will be sad, said Brander, but should be embraced by Jewish communities if need be. “Taharas are important as they represent tradition, but Jewish law says the ultimate concern is to take care of the living, and this will guide us,” he said.

America’s National Association for Hevra Kadishas released guidelines to burial societies in the US. Elchonon Zohn, the association’s founder, wrote to members that the guidelines were “very difficult for me to recommend and distribute” and that it is “appropriate to feel pained that we are abbreviating procedures.”

Instructions included washing of bodies “be expedited even if it will be more perfunctory.” Burial society members are told to minimize the time spent with a body.

Zohn stated that in many ways the new rules “contradict what I have taught for many years.” Yet, “Torah requires that we react to special times with special rules.”
Like answering the phone on Shabbat, giving up davening with a minyan, closing yeshivas and locking synagogues, conducting our Pesach seder over Zoom!?  Those kinds of "special rules!?"  Let's all just stop being Chareidi and become Reform, that's their real answer to staying alive, but what Chareidi Jew could bear such a "life" without true devotion to Torah, mitzvot and halachah?

Agents of an ancient conspiracy have infiltrated our ranks for just such a time as this in order to finish off our religion for good - or so they think and hope and work towards.

But, as history has proven over and over again, the conspirators always fail and Judaism, as it is expressed in our Torah and mitzvot, continues on.  

They simply can't destroy the Eternal People - Children of the Eternal God.

Israeli Leaders Open Up Nuclear Bunker in War on Coronavirus

Pentagon Orders Essential Staff To Deep Underground Mountain Bunker As Pandemic Prep Escalates


  1. hmmm did anybody ask the Gedolay Yisrael about a "Zoom seder"?? Litaii, Chasidi, Sephardi, Edot haMizrach? any Gadol at all??? It's not so simple to have a heter for an electronic device on Shabbos or Yom Tov. This is a serious shaliah that has tremendous implications.

    Freaky. Didn't the autistics talk about the rashoim going into their bunkers?

    1. Response to Anonymous of 7:28pm
      You're correct. In this past month's FC communication, autistic Daniel stated that because they know the Shavit (Nibiru) is very near, the reshoim are currently creating distractions in order to escape to their bunkers.

  2. The problem isnt dying that's only 3 percent of those infected. the problem is permanent lung damage resemble affects of asthma and copd after ur over it.

  3. This was probably one of the most upsetting of posts. This rabbi(?) and this Rosh Yeshivah(?) should be put in cherem forever and ostracized in every respect from the Jewish people. They are definitely NOT Jews, but the epitome of what the Erev Rav Amaleik is. This is all part and parcel of the 'agenda'; this is a way of them trying to force the dissolution of Torah Judaism. They will NEVER succeed. The idea that a so-called orthodox rabbi would even contemplate for even one moment the idea of ttis disgrace for a Yehudi meis proves that he is not a Jew! That is why conspiracy 'theories' are seldom 'theories', but they usually turn out to be 'facts'. You are right on the buttom. May H' have rachamim on His people and give all the real Jews, especially NOW, the chareidim a miraculous invulnerability to this 'makah'. There is more to this than meets the eye. We are in dangerous times where evil has overtaken the world and this is a sign that evil will be wiped away from the face of the earth aoon. May H' open the gates of Rachamim for His people and for the righteous of the world and bring an end to this plague (which should be a wakeup warning to Bnai Yisrael and even the rest of the world.)

  4. Government to isolate Arab, Haredi patients in quarantine centers

    Israel will take confirmed and suspected Arab and Haredi coronavirus patients out of their homes in the coming days and quarantine them in special centers. The ministry estimates that there are between 50 and 100 thousand people in Israel that should be in quarantine but have fallen under the government radar.

    Tel Aviv hospital separating ultra-Orthodox women in maternity ward

    The maternity ward in Ichilov Hospital is checking women from Haredi cities into separate rooms, testing them for the virus and separating them from their newborns after birth. "The protocol applies to women who come from areas with high rates of coronavirus contagion," a statement by the hospital said.


  5. Every morning we read: "These are the precepts whose fruits a person enjoys in this workd but whose principal remains intact for him in the world to come. Ther are: the honor due to father and mother, acts of kindness, early attendance at the house of study morning and evening, hospitality to guests, visiting the sick, providing for a bride, escorting the dead, absorption in prayer, bringing peace between man and his fellow - and the study of Torah is equivilent to them all.

    However, due to the new government guidelines, we can no longer learn in yeshivot, pray with a minyan (even outside now!), visit the sick, join weddings, escort the dea (more than 10 people), visit our mothers and fathers especially on Pesach!, or even perform many kinds of kindness because we can't visit or even go near anyone else!

    They are trying to take away all of our mitvot!!! Not to mention the mitzvot that have already been mentioned such as shabbat (ordering us to keep our phones on and check messages) and brit milah (some saying this should be postponed until indefinitely), or burial at all because they want to cremate the dead bodies.
    - The Original Me

    1. Yes! In the beginning it looked like a clear sign of geulah. Shabbat buses had been shut down. Pubs and malls had been closed for Shabbat. Then, they started with the new heterim for the religious to violate Shabbat.

      So they sacrificed a bit of chiloni freedom so they could put in place a plan to cause the religious public to break God's laws for a perceived "danger" or in the name of obeying the authorities. Is this not just another version of Bila'am's plan?

      This is the Satan trying to prevent the redemption, but HKB"H is using it to weed out those unworthy of greeting Mashiach. Please Hashem, make us worthy!!

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  7. wow- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bXWGxhd7ic&t=140s&fbclid=IwAR0FcZwEaPQQcsQNhZmZLcLsH1A0GNmqM6ddvdYVGrQcot6PbuY-iDqUQ54