23 March 2020

R. RICHTER: "An Urgent Message Regarding the Coronavirus"

27 Adar 5780

An Urgent Message Regarding the Coronavirus by Rabbi Yehuda Richter

Dearest friends, Yesterday in Elon Moreh all the synagogues were closed for the first time, thus joining many synagogues throughout the world. I was thinking to myself what does this mean. It seemed to me like this was a message from above that G-d was not interested in hearing our public prayers. Lo and behold, this morning I ran into a piece in the Talmud, tractate Baba Kama 60b that states when there is an epidemic in the city the angel of death places his utensils in synagogues. The Arizal asks of all places why the synagogue? His answer is frightening and must be spread throughout the Jewish world. The word epidemic in Hebrew is dever. The Arizal writes that dever is the same word as talking in Hebrew (dibur). An epidemic according to the Arizal is brought to the world because of our speaking in synagogues!! He writes that if you go to a place of worship of the Xians there is silence. This in turn brings wrath upon the Jewish people. Please get the message out. Let all of us stop talking in synagogue. Stay safe, Yehuda


  1. הצרעה:
    a mysterious term- wasp, smartbomb, angel, plague.
    GEMATRIA 370 ע"ה שווה/הקרונה.

    As per the Rav,
    I had an interesting experience davening in a Brooklyn Stieble almost 40 years ago. My friend's father was visiting from Israel where he resided, but he seemed obviously uncomfortable in Shul. So much so that I asked him what was wrong. He didn't say a word, but with a sour expression gestured with his hand so to mean: Quack! Quack!

    Getting his point, I asked, "In Israel, they don't talk in
    Shul?" Again without a sound he pressed his index finger tightly to his mouth. Again getting his point, that is to say: Not a word!

    That was then!

  2. Totally agree with Rabbi Richter - I thought the same thing

  3. UX-log, I went to your link but nothing played and I couldn't download. Never heard anything.

    1. https://classic.yutorah.org/lectures/lecture_iframe.cfm/949293/Rabbi_Yisroel_Chait/Affiliate~CFM~367~Covid-19_Caronavirus_Q_&_A#http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ybt.org%2Faudio-recordings.html

  4. The Crown virus is going to tank the United States of America permanently before this is all over. This is bigger than 9-11. Maybe bigger than the end of of the Soviet Union. We are watching in real time the Gevuros of HaShem as he sinks a Super Power in the period of a matter weeks with only a microscopic bug.

    Adonai Ish Milchama. Adonai Shemo.

    See you all on the other side with the Goel Tzedek.

  5. Rav Ginsburg of Mir Flatbush said the same thing re: talking in shul & CV.