12 March 2020

Do You Realize How Messianic This Is?

16 Adar 5780

Received by text as seen on Facebook...
*Population and Immigration Authority*
In the last day, since Tuesday, March 10, 2020, 10,827 foreigners have voluntarily left Israel and in the last two weeks (February 25, 2020) 197,066 foreigners left Israel.
Since the last decision came into effect on Friday, their entry into Israel has been denied in all the crossings (Ben Gurion Airport, Ramon, Taba, Rabin), over 400 foreigners who meet the prohibition on entry. 
Following are the number of foreigners who, according to * the Population and Immigration Authority *, have voluntarily left Israel since Friday, 6.3.2020, according to selected countries:
Austria- 498
Italy- 215
Germany - 3,714
Spain- 1,033
France - 3,260
Switzerland- 463
US 11,924
Poland- 2,879
Romania - 1,599
Thousands of other nationals have also come out.
At the same time, 8,934 Israelis entered the country in the last day and in the last two weeks, 235,012 Israelis entered.
Since the decision came into force, tens of thousands of others have been prevented in order to prevent their refusal at the border.
Sabine Haddad
Population and Immigration Authority
We used to wonder how HASHEM would make this happen (make the foreigners leave and bring the Jews home), but we never doubted that HE would, and it would only be happening NOW and in this WAY because MASHIACH is already here and working on HIS behalf.  

We knew the day would come when flights would once again be grounded and the doors would close, but we always imagined it would be because of a major war.  Maybe THIS VIRUS is actually the "merciful" path.


And it would not be happening just now unless the old world was already finished and a new one was finally beginning.  

(Source: Sefer Yetsirah)

Nisan - the month of beginnings

I think many of us, if not most of us, me included, have been looking at this with our noses pressed up against the glass. We need to step back and take a good look at the whole picture and stand in awe of what HASHEM has done and is doing for our sake. And be happy and thankful!!!

"Zion heard and rejoiced, and the daughters of Judah exulted, because of Your judgments, O Lord."  (Tehillim 97.8)

PLEASE HASHEM!  Let all your children live and survive to see and experience its completion!!


  1. Amen v'amen, ken yehi ratzon!!

  2. I think many of us, if not most of us, me included, have been looking at this with our noses pressed up against the glass. We need to step back and take a good look at the whole picture and stand in awe of what HASHEM has done and is doing for our sakes. And be happy and thankful!!!

    1. "Zion heard and rejoiced, and the daughters of Judah exulted, because of Your judgments, O Lord." (Tehillim 97.8)

    2. Not to mention the fact that the old ruling regime in Israel is also dead. It's only left to bury it.

    3. In the future, we may look back on this and realize that the coronavirus came to crown Mashiach.

  3. If the fear starts to creep in, read (pray)...

    Tehillim 91

    1 He who dwells in the covert of the Most High will lodge in the shadow of the Almighty.
    2 I shall say of the Lord [that He is] my shelter and my fortress, my God in Whom I trust.
    3 For He will save you from the snare that traps from the devastating pestilence.
    4 With His wing He will cover you, and under His wings you will take refuge; His truth is an encompassing shield.
    5 You will not fear the fright of night, the arrow that flies by day;
    6 Pestilence that prowls in darkness, destruction that ravages at noon.
    7 A thousand will be stationed at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it will not approach you.
    8 You will but gaze with your eyes, and you will see the annihilation of the wicked.
    9 For you [said], "The Lord is my refuge"; the Most High you made your dwelling.
    10 No harm will befall you, nor will a plague draw near to your tent.
    11 For He will command His angels on your behalf to guard you in all your ways.
    12 On [their] hands they will bear you, lest your foot stumble on a stone.
    13 On a young lion and a cobra you will tread; you will trample the young lion and the serpent.
    14 For he yearns for Me, and I shall rescue him; I shall fortify him because he knows My name.
    15 He will call Me and I shall answer him; I am with him in distress; I shall rescue him and I shall honor him.
    16 With length of days I shall satiate him, and I shall show him My salvation.

    Tehillim 121:

    1 A song for ascents. I shall raise my eyes to the mountains, from where will my help come?
    2 My help is from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.
    3 He will not allow your foot to falter; Your Guardian will not slumber.
    4 Behold the Guardian of Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.
    5 The Lord is your Guardian; the Lord is your shadow; [He is] by your right hand.
    6 By day, the sun will not smite you, nor will the moon at night.
    7 The Lord will guard you from all evil; He will guard your soul.
    8 The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from now and to eternity.</i

  4. Now if only the fakestinians would leave en masse too.....
    Maybe they can take the sudani invaders, the russian and ukrainian cossacks, the erev rav marxists and the so called black "hebrews" with them. Good bye good riddance.

    According to the Rambam, we get Moshiach, then obliteration of Amalek then the Beit haMikdash. Well, then we are chiav to mekiam the mitzva and war against them in a milchemet mitzvah under the banner of Moshiach and drive them out.

    Moshiach will come to lead us but he won't be some sort of passive person. He will be a warrior king who will wage war with divine sanction. This concept scares some people. However it is what is it is.

    The Rambam hilchos Malachim ch 1.2.
    מִנּוּי מֶלֶךְ קוֹדֵם לְמִלְחֶמֶת עֲמָלֵק. שֶׁנֶּאֱמַר (שמואל א טו א) "אֹתִי שָׁלַח ה' לִמְשָׁחֳךָ לְמֶלֶךְ" (שמואל א טו ג) "עַתָּה לֵךְ וְהִכִּיתָה אֶת עֲמָלֵק". וְהַכְרָתַת זֶרַע עֲמָלֵק קוֹדֶמֶת לְבִנְיַן הַבַּיִת. שֶׁנֶּאֱמַר (שמואל ב ז א) "וַיְהִי כִּי יָשַׁב הַמֶּלֶךְ בְּבֵיתוֹ וַה' הֵנִיחַ לוֹ מִסָּבִיב מִכָּל אֹיְבָיו" (שמואל ב ז ב) "וַיֹּאמֶר הַמֶּלֶךְ אֶל נָתָן הַנָּבִיא אָנֹכִי יוֹשֵׁב בְּבֵית אֲרָזִים" וְגוֹ'. מֵאַחַר שֶׁהֲקָמַת מֶלֶךְ מִצְוָה לָמָּה לֹא רָצָה הַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא כְּשֶׁשָּׁאֲלוּ מֶלֶךְ מִשְּׁמוּאֵל. לְפִי שֶׁשָּׁאֲלוּ בְּתַרְעֹמֶת. וְלֹא שָׁאֲלוּ לְקַיֵּם הַמִּצְוָה אֶלָּא מִפְּנֵי שֶׁקָּצוּ בִּשְׁמוּאֵל הַנָּבִיא. שֶׁנֶּאֱמַר (שמואל א ח ז) "כִּי לֹא אֹתְךָ מָאָסוּ כִּי אֹתִי מָאֲסוּ" וְגוֹ':

  5. But what is to happen to those of us in chutz who have been UNABLE to make aliya for whatever reason Hashem placed before us, as much as we may have wanted to? Is all hope lost for our salvation?

    1. The "banner" was "raised" on 9/11. Can you honestly say that over the previous 19 years, you could not find any opportunity to leave? Did you urgently ask Hashem to make a way for you during all that time or FOR all of that time? Are you saying Hashem gave you a mitzvah and then made it impossible for you to fulfill it?

      I don't have an answer for you. I don't think anything I have said here implies that Diaspora Jews will not make it through this process. But, this is the time to be brutally honest with yourself and with Hashem. The judgment on the nations is in progress. It was not meant for the Jews and that's why Hashem made it possible for us to return here to the "ark" for preservation. And since the shechinah has left the Diaspora, the Jews left in chu"l are suddenly in a very, very tenuous situation.

      It remains to be seen whether Diaspora Jews are even going to remain free to continue living as Jews outside of Eretz Yisrael:


      All of the geulah rabbis say that if you truly, truly could not make aliyah then at least you should have YEARNED to. The sad fact is that applies to very, very few people.

    2. If hashem is running things then yes, anything is possible. To put it in perspective, there are many jews over there who are there by default, meaning they were born there. Why would they be more deserving of salvation over truly good people outside? The point is, its misleading to think salvation is dependent on who is there and who isnt. You can find yourself there in a flash. Provided hashem is in charge. Which he is.

    3. PS: My ending prayer included you.

    4. Rachel, no one knows your situation except you and Hashem. Our Torah says that Hashem will send moshiach to redeem those "longing for His final salvation". If you are a Torah observant Jew who really could not leave chutz l'eretz- Hashem will not "forget' you! Hashem knows what is in your heart and how much you wanted to make aliyah! Keep trying to get here to Israel if at all possible. Trust in Hashem! He will not abandon those who love and seek Him! Shabbat shalom~

    5. So get on a plane now and leave while you can before all the planes have stopped and take your money with you

    6. Don't know who you are talking to, but it's already too late for that.

  6. Things are really moving fast. Korban Pesach?

    1. Amen! Ken yehi ratzon!

    2. HALEVAI!

      But how many of us really yearn to bring the korban and have it shected in the Beit Hamikdash? There are so many mitzvahs like the korban which we haven't been zoche in thousands of years.

      Am Yisrael is right about to go out of it's comfort zone.
      We are about to enter an age of very "hands on" Judaism.
      Animal sacrifices, aliyah haregel, milchemet mitzvah, building the third beit haMikdash, Coronating the Moshiach, instituting the (real) Sanhedrin etc.

      What will the Goyim say?? Uncle Samkiel wont approve a Beit haMikdash! animal cruelty! The chevy wig or striemel or borsalino will get bits of korban pesach on it! How will I cook the korban pesach in my Pesach kitichen! Do amalekites really have to die? as in a real war??? Do I really have to shlep to Yerushalyim and not a mehadrin kosher cruise to Hawaii? oi vey! (sarcasm on).

      Who's really ready for this? We are about to find out.

  7. Dear Rachel, of course not. I don't know what your challenges are, but I would say keep on davening for Hashem to solve them for you, whatever they are and however long it has been going on and to bring you and yours home to Eretz Yisrael in comfort, with a nice home and easy parnasa very soon, by Pesach Be"D.

    Rav Brody says, "there is nothing I can do, there is nothing Hashem can't do".

    At the same time take even the smallest of baby steps to making your aliya reality. Take a notebook and start planning your aliya even if it's just on paper, all the myriad of practical things that need attending to. I have written this before and was assaulted by a slew of cyber negativity. This is something that anyone who is conscious can do. Even someone in prison, broke, in debt, in an uncooperative relationship, joint custody situation etc, etc. Get your passport up to date, clear out a drawer, take small steps, whatever they are and keep on davening and begging Hashem to protect you and bring you home.

    B"D I have merited to see open miracles in my own life and in others, a girl I knew was completely paralysed from the neck down at the age of 19 and the doctors said that she would stay like that forever. B"D Hashem decides, not them, and now she is healthy and happily married, a couple had twins after 32 years of infertility, people who were the furthest away from Hashem, drug dealers, gangster types are now rabbanim, Hashem can turn it around. Be"D hope to hear good news from you soon.


  8. I work in kiruv and live in diaspora - are you saying I won't be able to live in Israel in the future? the doors are shut and Hashem has no mercy???

    1. Did I say that? Anywhere? On the other hand, since you bring it up. These were your own choices. Was Hashem unmerciful when He closed the door on Noach in the ark?

      Everyone knew the day would come when the doors would close. How could it be otherwise? What did you envision your situation would be when it did? Is this that time? It sure looks like it. If it turns out you will get still another chance? Even if you did, would it really change anything for you?

      Questions you have to ask yourself and answer honestly.

  9. B'H, Just reading all this now and this is great news and now like one of the above commenters writes, maybe the 5th column within would leave enmasse. As far as Jews in chutz la'Aretz, every Jew will be returned home. As H' promises, 'I will take bring you hme even if you are at the far ends of the world'. No Jew left behind! That's a promise.

    1. Hashem's promises never fail and we have seen the proof of this particular promise over the past one hundred years of voluntary aliyah. This promise is for the nation of Israel and not individual Jews. Hashem does not negate anyone's free will choice to reject Eretz Yisrael.

      As it was in Mitzrayim... Hashem promised Avraham Avinu that He would deliver his children from Egyptian slavery and He fulfilled that promise, but we all know that not everyone wanted to leave. However, leave they did - one way of the other.

    2. You are quoting from Devarim, chapter 30, verse 4. Read to the end, verses 19-20:

      "This day, I call upon the heaven and the earth as witnesses [that I have warned] you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. You shall choose life, so that you and your offspring will live;

      To love the Lord your God, to listen to His voice, and to cleave to Him. For that is your life and the length of your days, to dwell on the land which the Lord swore to your forefathers to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob to give to them."

      It is our choice.