03 March 2020

"Democracy" Is About Having Choices

7 Adar 5780

Kol hakavod to Itamar ben Gvir and HaRav Dov Lior for protecting the rights of the lowest element of Israeli society by refusing to give in to pressure to quit the Knesset elections of March 2020.

Until a totally righteous leader like Mashiach will be able to be anointed king in Israel, I do not want to be left without a say of who rules over us in this country.  If Otzma Yehudit had quit as first Yachad and then Noam did, I and those who think as I do would have been left with no voice at all.

I had a moment of weakness when I actually considered voting gimmel, but then I remembered all the reasons in the past why that was simply not an option for me.

As I've done all the other times, I voted my conscience and left the outcome to HKB"H.  I'm convinced that is the only way for a real Torah Jew to think.

If this third election was a referendum in Shamayim to see how many of those truly praying for Mashiach were really ready to make the leap of faith required to follow him to go against the popular voices, how well do you think we did?
Snagging only a few votes, far-right party stands by decision to stay in race

Exit polls from three TV networks indicated that the party of followers of extremist rabbi Meir Kahane had managed to receive just 15,000-20,000 votes, well shy of the roughly 125,000 — or four seats’ worth of votes — necessary to make it into the Knesset. Later, with 10 percent of votes counted, his party was seen garnering just half a percentage point of the national vote, far below the Knesset threshold of 3.25%.
The result, if confirmed, would be a massive slip from September elections, when it got 80,000 votes, enough for at least two seats, but still below the threshold.
So what happened to the other 60,000 from last time?  What happened to their courage and trust in HKB"H?  At each level of this massive birur at the End of Days, more and more people drop out of the game.  I pray we all make it to Days of Mashiach!

NOTE: Anyone who made their choice based on da'at Torah should also still be in the "game."  But, if you are part of the dati crowd who make their own decisions and you voted for a mixture of secular and so-called religious, or God forbid, went all the way to a secular party, you should consider well whether you need to do teshuvah.


  1. In this case we do not have to do tshuva, because we listen to our gdolei hador: Chazon Ish, rav Shach, Staipler, rav Chaim Kanevski. A jew that do not listen to talmidei chachamin should do tshuva. A big one.

  2. Please clarify how following the instruction of Rav Chaim Kanievsky to vote for Yahadut HaTorah is antithetical to thinking like a "real Torah Jew." Thank you.

    1. Please re-read the "note."

    2. Nashem irachem, what many of you are thinking about Yahadut hatora it's a lie (of course they are not perfect). But They are against any move against Torah, against shabbos in the land of Israel. Without Torah and shabbos we will be vanished from our land. Do all of you really think that your love for our Eretz hakodesh is stroger? I remember that Benett through his kippa in Gush Katif. What a shame! The land for these people cost more then Torah and mitzvot!

    3. Leah, your anger is unjustified. Nobody here has said anything against the hareidi parties. They are fine as far as they go, but their biggest problem is they don't go far enough. My problem with them is that they work very hard at maintaining the "status quo" - neither advancing nor declining. The simple fact is, this is not possible or desirable and it does not please HKB"H. If we refuse to advance, we will decline, pure and simple, and the proof is there for all to see. Despite the hareidi parties being in the coalition, Yahadut in Eretz Yisrael is losing ground everywhere to the haters of Torah who are not even in charge of the government!

      Bennett is not religious and doesn't even claim to be religious. And he is a pillar of the mixed group. And you know what "mixed" is in Hebrew, I'm sure.

      No one here has condemned any hareidi party, even Shas, or anyone who voted for them on advice of their rabbanim. But, there is more da'at Torah than hareidim! HaRav Dov Lior is a major posek and a proven force for advancement toward the geulah shleimah; therefore, his voice is not one to be undermined by anyone.

      Obviously, your ire and your criticisms have no relevance to Otzma Yehudit or its supporters, so if you continue to write in this vein, I will no longer publish your remarks.

  3. Perhaps the 20,000 of us, or whatever the final number is are the one who will be the protectors of Moshiach because he will need it. The erev rav and Torah haters will try to kill him, as they are already doing by violating the human rights of young male Jewish adults who reside in Judea and Shomron. So I stand ready to do whatever it takes, as we did once before in the midbar, to defend Mochiach Rabbeinu.

  4. That's exactly why I voted Otzma: As I've done all the other times, I voted my conscience and left the outcome to HKB"H.

    I have a neighbor who says, "We do our best and Hashem does the rest".

  5. I guess it's time to give up blogging if I'm failing to get my message across to so many people.

    To try once again to bring some clarity...

    If you voted for any religious party - wonderful. If you voted secular or mixed religious/secular, it's problematic. If you voted for Otzma in the past and only refrained this time for "pragmatic" reasons, I think you failed an emuna test. Just food for thought. This is only my opinion in any case and I'm a total nobody.

  6. Looks like zigzag Bibi is going to bring marxists into the "rightist" coalition.

    After zigzag Bibi received instruction from the CFR and President Esau to do the "deal of century" is it any wonder that marxists are being brought into the coalition?

    "democracy" indeed. Israel is a vassal state that must heed its master in the white house no matter who gets elected. This election was setup from the outset. It makes no difference who voted for what. Why people get bent out of shape at Otzma voters makes no sense.