26 March 2020

No More Jewish State!

1 Nisan 5780
Rosh Chodesh

~ Chodesh Tov ~

Israel is now officially a police state.  No more "Jewish" state.  Now all that's left is to get rid of the remaining Jews, God forbid!

“All the logistical and legal preparations for the worst case are already in place,” the prime minister said. 

Citing the synagogue as the primary point of virus transmission, the State has closed them down.
Chief Rabbis Order Synagogues Closed Following Israel's New Coronavirus Regulations

...“Given the latest instructions from those responsible for the battle against the coronavirus, we are announcing that from today and until further notice, there should be no public prayer in synagogues,” the rabbis wrote.

Tomb of the Patriarchs to close over coronavirus

The Tomb of the Patriarchs will shut down to worshipers and visitors in light of the emergency orders involving the coronavirus.

Western Wall now only reachable by those who live in the Old City

The new Health Ministry regulations enforce a 100-meter zone around each Israeli’s home address, meaning that only people who live in the Old City of Jerusalem are currently able to visit the Western Wall.

Streets empty as police begin enforcing new movement limitations

...In Jerusalem, police officers blocked all entrances to the ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim (hundred Gates) neighborhood, while ordering owners of non-vital businesses to close their stores.

...While the streets of Tel Aviv were still relatively busy even after the new restrictions went into effect at 5 pm Wednesday, police forces soon spread throughout the streets and asked all those still outside to return to their homes.
By 6:30 pm the streets of Tel Aviv were all but empty except for police patrols.
“I came to do stretches in the park because they said you can leave your house for up to 100 meters,” said one visitor in Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park who was asked to return home. “The instructions are unclear and there is complete chaos, if we're not allowed to leave our homes at all, just say so.”

No extended family allowed at Passover seders, Health Ministry rules

Israelis will be barred from celebrating Passover with family members who don’t live in the same home as them, the Health Ministry’s legal adviser said Wednesday.



  1. Dear Tomer Devorah, As Your Servant has repeatedly been stating publicly on You Tube and in other forums, the Old "State of Israel" 1948-2018, 1948-2019 NO LONGER EXISTS. That we are now Next Seventy Years 2020-2090 at the Start of the Renewed Israelite Dynasty and United Kingdom of David and Solomon. Mashiach Ben David is HERE. Not yet revealed. Meanwhile, we must ALL do OUR parts to PREPARE for MBD's Open Revelation. As we would prepare for an Honored Guest for Shabbat. In this case, the MILLENNIAL SHABBAT. Chodesh Tov, Aryeh Yosef Ben Meir

  2. In general I'm sympathetic to your views. However because we have to take these extraordinary and painful precautions at this time, it does not separate us from Hashem who is everywhere at all times. Do not submit to panic about what the state is doing and know that Hashem is in control and your prayers are still heard. Yes even from your homes. May our Pesach as lonely as it may be, still be a celebration of our eventual complete redemption. By the way, I'm recently a Widower, 69 years old and living alone I will not seen my children and my 10 grandchildren this Pesach. Your situation may be better or worse than mine but know that your never totally alone with Hashem as your G-d.

    1. So sorry for your loss and I appreciate your sentiments, but I wholeheartedly disagree with your basic assumption that "we have to take these extraordinary and painful precautions at this time,...."

      Consider the following...

      Did you know there was a pandemic in 2009? Probably not, since they didn't shut down the world over it. In 2009 the N1H1 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. (you can see the WHO updates for the pandemic The Lancet Infectious Diseases Online which provideed the first global estimates of how many people died as a result of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic. The study, co-authored by 9 members of the CDC Influenza Division, used an improved modeling approach which resulted in an estimated range of deaths from between 151,700 and 575,400 people who perished worldwide from 2009 H1N1 virus infection during the first year the virus circulated. Obviously the situation in 2009 was just as bad if not worse than now and went on for a year but social distancing was not enacted.

    2. The Intention of my comment is not to debate whether this is a real pandemic or not versus just another round of flu. My comments were intended in dealing with the reality that has been enacted upon us by the government. And how we as Jews are never separated from Hashem. Further, part of my intention was to show that we can maintain our connection to HaShem without the benefit of the use of buildings such as synagogues. We are always in a virtual minyan as our Collective prayers rise up to Hashem

    3. You are right. The issue is not whether it's a real threat or not, but whether we are truly obligated to obey these criminal measures which have been enacted by an unelected government. Suddenly, we are living in China. And were it not for the accepted version of a "threat to life" people would not be going along like sheep tot he slaughter. You have to wonder what they will demand of us next.

      And while I am cognizant of the fact that God hears our prayers no matter where we are, we have a religious obligation to pray in a minyan. Where is it written that "virtual" counts? If it did not really matter, God wouldn't have it so, it wouldn't have been this way for literally thousands of years. If praying in a synagogue didn't matter, if going to the mikvah didn't matter, if saying kaddish didn't matter, if having guests at your wedding didn't matter...

      Do you think everything is going to go abck to "normal" any time soon??? or ever??? until Mashiach comes???

  3. One caveat to my final statement. I do think there will be a grab for power here by the NWO before we get Mashiach. This may be the moment that parallels the period of time in Mitzrayim when the straw was taken away and everything got worse before it got better.

    I'm working on a very important - maybe the most important ever - blogpost related to this. Be watching for it.

    1. There IS a grab for power that just happened. The Bagatz just undemocratically ordered the speaker of the knesset to step down. Rather than listen, the Likudik resigned to his credit. His replacement will be a member of branja/erev rav. The erev rav can now step in to control the knesset committees.

      Truth is, behind the scenes, in the top party leadership roles, these people are all in the same "progressive" social circles. However they present themselves publicly, left wing or right wing. It makes absolutely no difference. They are ALL erev rav marxists.

      Zigzag Bibi was in cahoots with the kachol lavan erev ravniks from the outset. He got his marching order from President Esau and the CFR when he visited the United States last time and those orders are implement the "deal of the century" at all costs. It just has to be engineered to look like Bibi is rightwing.

      What better way to implement the "deal of the century" than with a populace stuck at home under curfew and without a functioning government?

      Furthermore, what better way for the UN aka Lucis trust aka NWO aka deep state to engineer a false "messianic age" based from a divided Jerusalem with a new world religion under the leadership of Armilus?

    2. This sounds about right Anonymous. Any thoughts on whether these entities pulling the global strings right now might not even be human and could actually be ET's? Anyone who thinks this is too far-out, would suggest doing some research on the Nachash and its origins.

    3. It's happened in very recent history. hitler blast his bones was affiliated with the occult thule society and allegedly made "contact" with something. The result was one of the most diabolical regimes in history. As Am Yisroel knows all too well.

      Another example in somewhat recent history, Napoleon was affiliated with an occult group called the the Sophisians. After his reign Europe was destroyed. Chabad has an oral tradition that Napoleon was some sort of sorcerer who pursued the Alter Rebbe. There are many many more examples in history. Even some US Presidents and/or their advisors...

      If people do a little historical digging, one interesting pattern is that evil regimes and people are usually involved with very dark spiritual things. The side of klipah.

      This stuff has been going on since Biblical times. Ancient Mitzrayim. Bilaam.
      All throughout the Tanach. The Gemora is filled with these stories. There are stories about great Rabbonim dealing with these threats throughout our history in every land of the Golus. Derech HaShem talks about these processes. The Torah tells us that there is a side of klipah that opposes the side of Kedusha for reasons known only to G-d.

      Just like there are Tzadikim and Mekubalim who reach incredible levels of kedusha and taharah, there are unfortunately people who reach incredible levels of the exact opposite. We have free will in spiritual growth as well. This stuff is very real and we ignore it out of ignorance.

      I am of the opinion that we are seeing the emergence of yet another dark regime this time globally. The Reign of Armilus if you will, although he won't call himself that. Some of the people reading this blog might even welcome this enlightened new regime happily.

      Some people will read this post and chuckle away. Thats ok too. The best secrets are hidden in plain sight.

  4. This is the Pesach of THE FINAL REDEMPTION. All the Masks DROP for ALL to see. The FACE of Our Erev Rav/Mixed Multitude Sitra Achra Chaim Rumkowsky Ghetto Judenrat KAPO Labor (Pains - Birth Pains of Mashiach) Zionist Dictatorship

  5. This is a "must read" for anyone interested in the truth...

    12 Experts Question The COVID-19 Panic

  6. I read the above threads and I see the fear, the faith, th hope and I feel the sadness, despite the clear awareness in each that these are the birthpangs of the Moschiach,

    Shouldn't we be saying and even feel as Rabbi Akiva did when he saw a fox coming out of the Temple,and said, "Why do I laugh!"

    Regarding the Synagogue closings, the preventing of Jews from praying in Minyan, and of Jewish children not learning Torah-which sustains the world. I draw an analogy with the various tragic recent passings of tzadikim and also the tragic losses of children in recent months, I who am certainly not qualified to judge or comment on these losses think IMHO that they came in anticiption to ameliorate for us in our current plight and secondly if we are being prevented from serving Hashem as we would like to is in any case somehow serving the divine Will though we do not understand.

    A pregnant women cries out as the birthpangs increase in frequency and intencity. Do we say stop it! Stop the pregnancy. Surely not. So in our current situation we pray and hope for best.

    As for all the theories:it's a hoax and/or it's not. It's neither.

    It's G-d.

  7. Excellent post and excellent comments; love the last one. It's all Hashem controlling everything. Believe HE's speeding up the Geulah to be - very soon!

  8. Blue Star = There are no ET's. This is manufactured fantasies. used by even ptb's for their purposes. All the spaceships seen are usually the most modern of military technology. H' only created 'humanity' here on this earth. There are no aliens.