01 March 2020

Predators Preying on the Weakest Elements

5 Adar 5780

Preying on the weak at the fringes - this is the spirit of Amalek!

This is the comment I left at their video (in case it is deleted)...
Count yourself lucky. You got off very easily. The Torah penalty for enticing Jews to idolatry is death, as I'm sure you well know. In reality, you are spiritual predators preying on the weakest elements of our society. That is an identifying characteristic of Amalek - another reason to incur the death penalty. The State of Israel may have laws allowing your criminal activity, but the Land of Israel still operates under the Law of the Torah. Soon, a ruler will arise here who will deport you all and still you will have gotten off very lightly. It won't be so when you stand before God for judgment.
I was born and raised a Christian in America and was involved with evangelical and messianic groups for thirty years before God had mercy on me and removed my Christian blindness and revealed to me the truth of the Torah and Torah Judaism. Now I am a kosher Jewess living in the Jerusalem area. Knowing both sides as intimately as I do, I can testify in full truth to the fact that these people are most certainly "missionaries" and they willfully distort Torah Judaism and misrepresent the Torah world to their own ends and their own agenda. I pray God have NO MERCY WHATSOEVER on their miserable souls.
PS:  It was deleted.  Cowards!! 


  1. Bnai Yisrael heard with their own ears The Commandments at Har Sinai , evidently located in Midian across the red sea, and since now the Bible is the most widely printed book in the world, everyone knows them.

    And so for the first two..1) I am The L-ord your G-d who took you out of the land of Egypt and from a house of bondage(meaning, show some gratitude for all I do for you with miracles seen and unseen.)

    And 2)(therefore!)you shall not have any other gods but me.

    It boggles the mind how so called religious gentiles of various persuasions, be they Xtians, messianic or whatever get past the second Commandment.

    I guess it requires a goyishe kopf.

    1. Belief in oto haish allows them every sin possible. Killing, stealing, raping, lying and on and on. Basically animals. Anybody who has seen them on their
      "new years eve" understands this very well.

      They think they have a "friend" in cheezy crust who allows them to do whatever they want. Cheezy Crust also has a ghost buddy and father buddy who they believe pop in from time to time and also allow the esavians to do whatever they what.

      To disobey cheezy crust and his buddies ghost and father would mean that they have to stop being animals. And that the cheezy crust worshippers don't want to do.

      They refuse to give that shtuyot up and put themselves under the rulership of the true creator of heaven and earth, HaShem, who requires proper thought and action for Jews and Bnai Noach. At some point soon, they will have no choice but to submit to the worldwide rulership of the Goel Tzedek. It won't be pretty.

  2. Amen. G-d should wipe them out. Pure Evil.

  3. Tomer Devorah, Missionaries APPROACHED MY TWO YEAR OLD GRAND DAUGHTER at the store in Jerusalem where both our daughters work. Our Younger Daughter saw that the Missionary was SHOWING A TWO YEAR OLD a photo of Jesus, and telling A TWO YEAR OLD every so sweetly to have a look at the photo, and who it was. Our Younger Daughter yelled at the Missionary to stay away from her TWO YEAR OLD niece and get the hell out of the store. Which the Missionary did. These people have NO shame NO dignity NO honor NO "red lines". Even a TWO YEAR OLD JEWISH ISRAELI GIRL is fair game for them.

    1. My comment there: Can you tell me about your own salvation please ? Is it complete or not? Have you received holy spirit after you was born again or not ? In witch name have you been baptize? In the name of jesus or in the name of the trinity? Because christians believe that if your baptism is wrong, you don't have salvation. So if you are going to hell how you can save others ? Also, if you don't speak in tongues, the pentecostals- charismatics say, that you don't have holy spirit. If so, what the hell are you preaching? But if you speak in tongues, the traditional protestants, evangelicals loutheranians, kalvinists etc, they say that you have a demon. Yes or not ? So either you are not saved , or you have a demon. If you are orthodox or catholic, you belong to the great whore and your church is Babylon, and if you belong to the J. witness , mormons , sabbatists etc , you believe in "a different gospel" and you are called a servant of the satan. And all these, from your fellow brorthers christians. Do you think that you are fit to talk about G-d ?

  4. Excellent reply! Yasher koach!