01 March 2020

The Idols Are Falling Off Their Pedestals

5 Adar 5780

Global plagues and falling idols are clear signs that we have entered into the judgment phase of redemption.

Madonna took a hard fall during her Thursday night Madame X show in Paris, leaving the singer in tears as she struggled to walk off stage after the incident.

Oprah Winfrey Takes a Hard Fall During Speech (VIDEO)

The Stock Market Is In Free Fall On Coronavirus Fears

Oil prices fall as coronavirus spreads outside China


  1. The last word that Oprah said is "Jews". What she actually said.

  2. Bitcoin golden silver took a dip to but where do you see them going in the course of the future?

    1. I know nothing about economics, but I do know that Torah teaches that at the End of Days EVERYTHING that people depend on instead of Hashem will fail them.

  3. As the saying goes: This is the start of something big. Think "House Cleaning" for the World.