11 March 2020

Thank You, Coronavirus

15 Adar 5780
Shushan Purim

The coronavirus is a shaliach of HKB"H and it's cleansing our Holy Land of idolatry just in time for Pesach, thereby preparing the way for the revelation of Mashiach and the geulah shleimah...

Do you wonder why the tourism industry and the airlines are the hardest hit sectors in Israel right now?

HKB"H has brought a plague to fight a plague - the plague of Christian idolatrous worship.

With borders closed and flights cancelled, the tsunami of Christian idolatry will not be inundating our Holy Land this Pesach.  The tourism industry exists to facilitate this insult and injury to HKB"H and while it hurts right now for them to lose their jobs, maybe they will save their souls and there are always other jobs.
US tourists quarantined in Palestinian hotel amid coronavirus outbreak

Fourteen American tourists have been quarantined in a hotel near Bethlehem where seven workers tested positive for the coronavirus, according to reports.

They are among at least 40 people, including some 25 Palestinian guests and employees, who were isolated at the Angel Hotel in mostly Christian Beit Jala in the West Bank, ....

The outbreak south of Jerusalem has been linked to a group of Greek tourists who visited Israel and the West Bank between Feb. 19 and 27. They were diagnosed with the virus after they returned home.

21 Greek pilgrims who visited Israel infected with coronavirus

..."Tourists from Greece who were staying in Israel and the Palestinian Territory between February 19 and 27, tested positive for coronavirus upon arrival,” said Health Ministry.

...Israel and the Palestinian Authority see hundreds of thousands of visitors every year who arrive specifically to see holy sites, including the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and the city of Nazareth among others.
Last month, 18 members of a group of South Korean pilgrims tested positive for coronavirus after a week-long trip to Israel organized by their Catholic church.

Thousands of tourists depart Israel and the Palestinian Authority amid coronavirus spread
Thank you, HASHEM!!!


  1. This plague (as all plagues and everything else) is directly m'Shamayim. Those who want to see and understand, see this truth and those who are blinded by falsehoods can't see anything clear. Whether this whole evil was a plot/plan by evil forces, or directly from natural means, it still comes directly from H'. This is all part of the wakeup calls coming to the world and especially meant for the Jewish people. The idea of parties willing to deal with the enemy within to win elections, the public desecration of Shabbat in holy EY, the alliance with avoda zora, and the desecration of anything and everything holy in our EY is something which will not go unpunished, unless we, the bnai Yisrael wake up to the reality that there is only H' and that E.Y. is where His Home is and is the Land He gave to His children, Yisrael. We are now in the pre-Moshiach era and plagues of all kinds are being meted to the world and when Israel behaves like the rest of the world, the punishment comes to the Jewish people also if they continue in this downward spiral. We pray that the reign of the Erev Rav will soon be over and that real Jews take hold of the leadership which will usher in Moshiach t'zdkeinu. The deJudaization of Israel will not be allowed by the Ribbono Shel Olam and unless we heed these warnings, woe unto the whole world.l

  2. The christian tsunami only? Vatican is empty, Mecca is closed, The European parliament closed, b'ezrat Hashem all the Europeans provocateurs members of NGO will be deported from the Holy Land, no theaters, cinemas, soccer games, lgtb clubs will be closed, and hopefully their disgusting parades will be cancelled , evil Imams fall sick, Europe in isolation etc. Pray pray pray , geulah berachamim for AM Israel , end of our sufferings under the evil regime of יש-רעל

  3. generally speaking, Hashem smash all the psilim of this civilization. But be careful, all our gratitudes to Hashem our G-d only ! ( not to the shaliach)

    1. You are absolutely right. Thank you for the correction. :-)

  4. Apparently a lot of resident missionnries here earn a living from guiding tours and hosting tours. As non-citizens they have no bituach leumi to fall back on. When the money dries up and the planes can't fly, missionary activity will come to a screeching halt. B"H!!

  5. I love, love, love this aspect of this whole thing! Praise Hashem!!! The separation has begun... get the idol worshippers out and make them stay out!!! PRAISE HASHEM!!!

  6. Please God, may this be the beginning of our redemption.

    It is nice to have the streets free of missionaries. Of course, right now it's free of Jews as well, and we are shut up in our homes just as we were in Egypt. Crazy parallels here.