29 March 2020

The Most Critical Moment in History

4 Nisan 5780
Shavua tov!

Excellent questions, HDG, because right now, what I see is a lot of people thinking this is bringing Mashiach and it might bring a false Mashiach, God forbid, before the real Mashiach arrives.

We have to be extremely careful right now because like the test HKB"H set up for Klal Yisrael with Moshe Rabeinu's "delay" when the Golden Calf was built, we can also expect a similar test in our time in order to rectify that error.

Excerpted from the book Redemption Unfolding by Alexander Aryeh Mandelbaum (2005):
[Quoting Rabbi E. E. Dessler] ...Heretical belief systems based on the greatness of man flood the world, to the point where they have openly declared war on true faith and those who believe in Hashem and His Torah.  This is the main thrust of this kingdom [Edom], and, therefore, it is encumbent on us to know that this is the test that Klal Yisroel must overcome.
This is the test that HaShem has propelled us into in the time before Moshiach.  ...This is the last, most difficult challenge of the golus.  The more we recognize this test with all of its impact, the better we will understand our task - to strengthen ourselves against these physically-based, false beliefs.
Those who stand strong against all the heresy - who, rather than being influenced, bolster their belief in HaShem and do not budge at all from the true dictates of the Torah - will merit to see the full Redemption through Moshiach.  To them will be revealed the highest levels of spiritual clarity, a knowledge of real truth - a glimpse of the light of Gan Eden.  
Another excerpt from the same source...
Chazal (Sanhedrin 98a), with their Ruach HaKodesh, added details to describe the situation of Am Yisroel during the period of Chevlei Moshiach.
"Before those days [before the coming of Moshiach], there will be no salaries for people..., those who travel on the roads shall fear danger....  Even talmidei chachamim shall have no peace during these troubled times.  [Rashi:  Even talmidei chachamim, who are worthy of extra protection under normal circumstances, shall have no peace because of the immensity of the accusations....]  If you see a generation that is becoming poor, wait for him [i.e. Moshiach], for it is written:  'And I shall save a poor nation....'  Rav Yochanan said; If you see a generation with many troubles coming to it as a river flows, wait for him [i.e. the Moshiach], as it is written, 'When a narrow river comes, with the Spirit of HaShem ravaging in it...  And a redeemer shall come to Zion.'"
 "WAIT FOR HIM" - like we should have waited for Moshe Rabeinu!  "And even if he tarries, still we will wait for him."

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  1. Thanks so much, Devash!
    Shavuah Tov!
    May Hashem help us all to see the absolute Emes and only the Emes.

  2. Again, my comment, while typing, disappears. This is a reminder of Nimrod and his followers (evil) who thought they could replace G-D (laughable), until they got way up high (because they were very united & H' likes unity),that's when H' dumped them all over the world and confused their language. These forces are the reincarnations of the Nimrodians. Utzu Eitzah v'sufar, dabru davar, v'lo yakum ki imanu Kel. Jews, Torah are eternal. What's happening now is a plague on the world to wake us up and realize how mankind has gone against H's Nature by redesigning His Laws and Jews forsaking Torah and not even realizing that H' is trying to wake us up with this worldwide epidemic. May H' have mercy on His people and humankind and we pray we do teshuvah. Refuah Shleimah l'cholei Yisrael & humanity.

  3. I must point out something regarding "wait for him"... i.e. people already haven't "waited". For example, with respect to tzniut, and more. I myself am in the same category, even if not the tzniut category. That's why it's intimidating for some of us to see/hear such strict warnings.

    1. None of us is perfect in this department, but being honest with ourselves about where we are currently standing is the first step towards getting it right.

  4. This is only one possible scenario, but I don't think they will get that far now. They overreached in their hubris. However, that could just be hopeful thinking on my part. Regardless - Mashiach WILL come.

  5. We must not lose faith (Emunah); it's darkest before the dawn. We know their evil aspirations, but this time H' will not allow them to get away with it. We are ma'aminim bnei ma'aminim, Woe unto those who are at war with the Almighty. When they will fall, it will be the greatest fall in human history! In the meantime, we pray for a very speedy Refuah Shleimah to our people and the righteous.