06 May 2018

Yehuda Glick, y"s Goes to Church

22 Iyyar 5778
37 Days of the Omer

There he is standing in the same spot where their website shows others have stood before to worship the man-god of Christianity.

We are back in the times when "each man did what was right in his own eyes."

MK Rabbi Yehudah Glick on Facebook...
- "with Uri Y. Bank at Evangel Temple. About an hour ago ·
Speaking to Israel's great friends in Jacksonville, Florida."

From Evangel Temple's Facebook page:
"We are an evangelical, Pentecostal, Spirit-filled church located in the Westside of Jacksonville, Fl. We have services for all age demographics from the infantile to the elderly. Our main mission is the Gospel of Jesus Christ,...."
Every Jew that "embraces" these Christians, the more high-profile the better, gives them cause to think that all the Jews are about to come en mass and bow down before Yeshu, God forbid! 

Can there be a greater chillul Hashem than this?! 


  1. And your point is?

  2. It's assur to keep quiet in the face of these outrages. We can't stop them, but we have an obligation to object publicly where the chillul Hashem is being perpetrated publicly. The Torah condemns those who stand by silently and offer no protest. There is halachah to guide the Jew in how to respond to these situations. We are responsible before Hashem to learn it and abide by it. If we can't do that then we can't live under the rule of Mashiach. This is the time and this is the way to show God we are ready to receive our king.

    When a rabbi leads the worship of God in a church where Christians are worshiping their man-god, has this become old hat to us?! Something to yawn over?! Hashem yerachem!!

    1. I know, we all know and I was being sarcastic....
      This is zionism and this is not surprising nor shocking and we see very similar dirtbags In our society everyday and you could not believe the kind of contemptible garbage that me's knows of possibly worse than them! But this shows us who are real jews and who are not and we certainly never saw such things in the past but we are crawling into moshiachs door
      No need to respond

    2. There isn't even time to talk about what is happening in Hawaii, the Level 2 solar storm and the weird and creepy , unprecedented weather we are experiencing in EY.

  3. This guy is a rabbi just as much as he is an Indian chief. He has no shame whatsoever and has committed the greatest of chilulei H'! Why he is not ousted from any rabbinical org. and put in cherem, I don't know. Don't think there were sinners like these since the time of the 'kings of Israel', where every king was a sinner in the northern kingdom. H' yerachem!

  4. The big question at this point seems to be: Is he one of them? Is this his way of telling us???

  5. Keep up your good work Devorah.

    I feel nauseous.