31 May 2018

The War on Torah Extends to America

18 Sivan 5778

Every Jew who cares about the future of our nation needs to read and understand the implications of the following...

Israeli Chief Rabbinate Slams The Door On Yeshivat Chovevei Torah



  1. Bs''d

    Kol ha kavod for the Rabinate to stand firm in this case.
    Halacha is like Jewish woman. Without, there is no Jewish family.
    May Hashem give them all the Daat they need to defend us and save.
    May Hashem let us all make Tshuva and be Echad in this fight!

    1. Amen! Let's just pray that they stand strong and do not give in to the pressure. Voices in support of their stand are very weak to non-existent. Just as the chareidi community organized a demonstration against the High Court, it would be great if they would organize one in support of the Chief Rabbinate on this issue. The public (and the foreigners) need to know that Torah Jewry supports the Torah position in these matters.

  2. Thank H' that the Rabbinate has slammed the door shut on these kofrim. Their chutzpah is even worse than the Reform movement itself. The Reform movement calls themselves that 'reform'. These heretics call themselves 'orthodox', so many uninformed Jews could fall into the trap of thinking this is Judaism. The RCA has already kicked them out and, in general, all the Orthodox rabbinical groups are against them because they, literally, blaspheme Torah. They ordain women rabbis, have gay rabbis, pray sometimes with non-Jewish groups (they hac gospel singers from a church coming to their shul to sing). It goes on and on with these literal heretics.
    Rabbi Gordimer is wonderful because he writes about them all the time and keeps us informed of their latest 'sins'. Yasher koach to him.
    Now they have the audacity to try to infiltrate into Israeli society, c'v; I believe because this is all part of the global agenda of the one world religion, r'l. H' yerachem!
    Thank you for posting about this and B'H for the Rabbinate in EY.

    1. Yeranen Yaakov did not want a hat tip for this, but I can't take the credit. He sent the article to me or I would not have seen it.

  3. The term "Orthodox" has lost all meaning. One is either a Torah-Jew or one is not.


    In a few days, a young Israeli man named Ovadia Cohen will marry his boyfriend, Amichai Landesman, in a ceremony conducted by a gay Orthodox woman. ...Three years ago, he met Landesman, himself a gay Orthodox Jew, and the two moved in together. ...thousands of gay Orthodox men and women still struggling for acceptance from their community.

    The war against Torah - the war for hearts and minds. Say it often enough, people get used to hearing it. It weasels itself into the brain, the heart feels empathy. Next thing, people are thinking - why not? And the worst part is, only one side of story is being heard. There is no counter-attack in this war because those who represent the truth in the world remain silent! Except Rabbi Gordimer, B"H!

  4. First off ITIM is nothing but trouble. Second: "The Rabbis’ behavior in this case is, first and foremost, dishonest." Why is this in the public and why did the "Rabbi" hire an Attorney? Third: "a system of the heart." When does Halacha (Jewish Law) have to do with the "heart"? The question all Rabbis have to answer is Kosher/Pusil, Tamei/Tahor ect. namely YES or NO, which has nothing to do with the "heart". Yes there are "After the fact" issues that are covered in the Gemorah, so everyone knows the halacha or they should be able to ask their local Posek. If they don't ask, then were is their "Chain of Command"? Who do they go to for help? Are these "Rabbis" acting like the reform?

  5. R'L, everything is so upside down today. How would such a frum boy from such yichus get to be in the company of these heretics? The answer is the freedom today, traveling the world and most of all, EY has allowed in every kind of tumah and if someone is weak and doesn't have the proper guidance from the start, he can fall into these ugly traps. With the IDF being so loose, the schools, the general society and having those horrible parades in Yerushalyaim. The rebellions are started and promoted by the Erev Rav who have such power and control that weak-minded people (youth) can easily fall prey. In fact, it is written somewhere that this tzorah did not exist among the bnei Yisrael, while the rest of the world wallowed in it. Question is why has this taken hold to such a degree? The snake is working overtime, because his time will hopefully soon be up.

  6. Interesting article you presented here in the comments section. It's telling that one of the commenters at TOI said he "visited the Abayudaya several years ago after meeting Rabbi Gershom in the US...Amazing people, they survived Addi Amin who wanted them all dead. They live in peace with their Muslim and Christian neighbores. In fact, their Jewish school is equally divided between the 3 religions, with the Head Master being Muslim." [sic]

    My head is too twisted by that article and the commentary to express the craziness I found there...If I were one of them, I'd be with the late, great Vendyl Jones - who said famously to the effect that there are plenty of mixed-up Jews in the world already, and we don't need another one...so he remained a Noahide - if I weren't a born Jew myself. I pity the Ugandans in question, who apparently were not presented with that choice as well. Even if they are, or were, really messianics, they could let go of all that idolatry and be truly G-d-fearing people without all this teiruf shiga'on.

  7. The nonsense going on with conversions is nauseating to read, because cannot remember when such shenanigans were going on or even contemplated. There is only one kind of convert: A righteous one (Ger Tzedek) - an individual who earnestly and sincerely wishes to join the Jewish people, but must be refused by the Rabbis until the third visit by the potential convert and only then can even be considered a potential convert. It is very tough and not easy in any way, but this is the proper way as it proves the individual is truly sincere. We must be very, very wary about those calling themselves converts and especially when they are 'groups' of people. This is just part and continuation of the Erev Rav and must be investigated at every turn. The Jewish people never go searching for non-Jews to convert. Rabbis who do this are, at the very least, questionable rabbis!