03 May 2018

Deadly Naivete

18 Iyyar 5778
33 Days of the Omer

Perhaps you, like me, often find yourself looking around and wondering if we are sharing the same reality as everyone else. There are a great many people rejoicing that the geulah has already arrived. Of course, the Christians have been saying that for 2000 years - it came and we Jews missed it. 

Yesterday, thanks to a video someone recommended, I finally understood where this is coming from. These gullible, naive people believe this because they are taking people at their word without looking too deeply into the details and basically, buying into some very serious lies, which is exactly according to the plan of the evildoers.  Like it or not, that is the true reality. Denying it won't change the facts,

Those who are loudly proclaiming that redemption has already come are citing (among others) Donald Trump, Mohammad bin Salman, and the Christians claiming to be "on a path to Torah. 

If I believed Donald Trump had really handed Jerusalem to the Jews on a silver platter, it might give me pause. But, all he did is "recognize reality," i.e., nothing about Jerusalem essentially changed from one day to the next. He said his announcement did not "pre-judge" Jerusalem's boundaries. He went to great pains in his choice of words so as not to actually do the very thing the Jews are now praising him for. The Temple Mount is what really matters and that is not in our hands in the current reality.  And despite all the hoopla, he's really not moving the US embassy to Jerusalem either. A change in a sign can easily be changed back. The Tel Aviv facility will not be closed. And the ambassador will divide his time between the two. It's all for show!

Trump hasn't really done anything. Neither is it in his power to do so. Even if he were sincere, his decisions do not commit the rest of the nations to abide by them. HKB"H already gave Jerusalem to us - ALL of it - in 1967. It's up to US to "recognize reality."

Mohammad bin Salman is no savior of the Arabs either. He is very clearly carrying out a Western "Eisavian" agenda that serves the interests of The Powers That Be. 

As for the deceitful, duplicitous missionary-minded Christians... You don't even want me to go there. Suffice to say that those who have been hobnobbing with religious Jews and rabbis for ten and more years and claim to be "on a path to Torah" and "coming closer to the Torah" simply aren't. They lie! If they were being truthful, they would have already abandoned their false religion and they don't even feel a need to pretend that they haven't anymore. 

Every bit of this global charade is aimed at accomplishing just one never-ending goal: to make the world ONE and eliminate the Jews as a separate and distinct - holy - people once and for all. To think otherwise just denies the obvious and could prove deadly in the end.


  1. Thank you for this post. So true, it is all a big PR game this upcoming circus. Didn't HaShem give Jerusalem and all of Israel to Israel thousands of years ago? I still think there is a connection to Italy as everyone listed above likes to make stops there. That entire false religion is the biggest replacement theology there is, even though they claim by "keeping Torah" they are stopping replacement theology. That dead man is the posterchild for what they call "replacement theology" as they replace HaShem with a man. I'm still trying to find the passage where King David went and sang songs with idolaters and talked about they are serving the same 'god" with a different name. I think I'll be searching to that dead man comes back...

  2. The first Anon beat me to it by saying 'great post'. Excellent. In this short post, you said it all.
    First, would like to say which reputable rabbi would say or even think about having the notzrim and others come to the path of Torah? The Torah, just as the Land Of Israel, were given to the children of Israel and to no others. The rest of the world has only one obligation and that is to serve H' through the 7 Laws of Noach. Also, cannot understand the gullibility of Jews who actually believe the promises of any of the nations when it comes to Israel/Jews. The President might very well be trying to do the right thing, but by now we should all know that he really does not have any such power. Just by seeing how he is being manipulated, mistreated and disrespected to a point never seen before with other presidents, it should make it obvious to rational thinking people that there is no one to rely on but our Father in Heaven! With all that's going on now in the world, we can see that only H' controls everything and that we cannot rely on anything, anyone, any nation, any leader, etc., except for H'! May He brings us the Geulah with great mercy!