14 May 2018

It's A Dark Day In Israel Today

29 Iyyar 5778
Yom Kippur Katan
44 Days of the Omer

Today is Yom Kippur Katan - a day for sober introspection and sincere repentance.

Contrary to those Jews who are celebrating, I feel that in the days and weeks and months to come we may mark this day as a Nakba of our own. This move of the United States Embassy, purely symbolic as it is at this point, portends, in my view, the first real step towards asserting official Christian control in Jerusalem. 

Multimillion-dollar building for Christian visitors planned near new U.S. embassy

Eisav already controls Har Tzion and Yishmael has control of Har HaMoriah. How are they going to settle this contest for the Holy City? We, the Jews, are like some annoying little gnat buzzing around their heads. We are six million and they are in the billions!

All of this "gratitude" being poured out on Trump, as if he were making this move for our sake, is sickening to say the very least. Trump is acting on a promise he made to his Christian Zionist/Dominionist constituency, not the Jews! 

But, there is no political gain in it for him. His Christian Zionist/Dominionist constituency is not interested. If anything, these super patriots might even oppose such a move. This is very telling about them as a group. It's very telling that they have no real altruistic interest in Israel or Jews, they only have their own agenda to fulfill. We are here to play a pivotal role in their End Times scenario. Without our participation, there is no grande finale for them.

I will continue to view every move Trump makes here as self-serving, manipulative and purely in the interests of Eisav's ultimate goals, just like the event being celebrated on this dark day.