17 May 2018

This Should Shock Us to the Core

3 Sivan 5778
47 Days of the Omer

Danny Ayalon speaking to a Christian group from the rooftop of Aish HaTorah on 15 May 2018. Does he really believe what he is saying or is it purely for foreign consumption? Either way, it is chillul Hashem! (Not to mention just plain wrong!!)

This is the source of the video:

And in case you don't know who Danny Ayalon is...
Danny Ayalon is an Israeli diplomat, columnist and politician. He served as Deputy Foreign Minister and a member of the Knesset for Yisrael Beiteinu. He served as Israeli Ambassador to the United States from 2002 until 2006. He frequently writes in Israeli and international newspapers, notably in the Jerusalem Post and the Wall Street Journal.

Ayalon is married to Anne Ayalon*, who is from an American Evangelical Christian family. Ayalon met her while she was on internship in Israel, and she converted to Judaism. (Source)
*In her most recent appearance on the program "In the Last Days", Ayalon, a purported convert to Judaism and the wife of Israeli politician Danny Ayalon, placed a theological emphasis on Jews and Christians coming together. In fact, Ayalon literally stated that she personally doesn't see a lot of difference between Christianity and Judaism. (Source)
Both Danny and Anne Ayalon are promoting the "One New Man" and the false religion that it represents: "Judeo-Christianity!"


  1. Eichah/Lamentations 5
    1.Recall, O Lord, what has befallen us; behold and see our disgrace.
    2Our heritage has been turned over to strangers, our houses to aliens.
    3We have become orphans and fatherless, our mothers are like widows.
    4Our water we have drunk for payment; our wood needs must come by purchase.
    5We are pursued [with a yoke] on our necks; we toil but it does not remain with us.
    6We have stretched out our hands to Egypt [and to] Assyria to get enough food.
    7Our fathers have sinned and are no more, and we have borne their iniquities.
    8Slaves rule over us, [and] there is none to deliver [us] from their hand.
    9With our lives we bring our bread, because of the sword of the wilderness.
    10Our skin is parched as by a furnace because of the heat of hunger.
    11They have outraged women in Zion [and] maidens in the cities of Judah.
    12Princes were hanged by their hands, elders were not shown respect.
    13Young men carried the millstones, [and] youths stumbled under [loads of] wood.
    14The elders have ceased from the [city] gate, the young men from their music.
    15The joy of our heart has ceased, our dancing has turned into mourning.
    16The crown of our head has fallen, woe to us, for we have sinned.
    17For this our heart has become faint, for these things our eyes have grown dim.
    18For Mount Zion, which has become desolate; foxes prowl over it.
    19[But] You, O Lord, remain forever; Your throne endures throughout the generations.
    20Why do You forget us forever, forsake us so long?
    21Restore us to You, O Lord, that we may be restored! Renew our days as of old.
    22For if You have utterly rejected us, You have [already] been exceedingly wroth against us.

  2. Looks like that Jews in EY being sold out without their consent to the third party of Evangelical galach from Texas who has a history of racist, islamaphoic and implicitly anti-Semitic remarks which devalue yidden and yiddeshkeit. It seems that if you start opposing this movement and rise your voice against it the crowd will accuse you of Hillul Hashem. When our forefather avraham ha’ivri opposed the entire world in his time and stood up for the one G-d was he making a chillul Hashem for not respecting and being tolerant of their beliefs??!! This is the arch-typical kiddush Hashem! Making a kiddush Hashem is more than just being honest and upright and moral. It is mainly standing up for the basic fundamental beliefs which all mankind is required to have, and which they all will have when the moshiach comes.

  3. Not long ago some fools said Berlin was the new Jerusalem; the rest is history?

  4. This Becky Keenan has been mentioned HERE before.

  5. There's a lot of wisdom in what you say.

  6. Hi Devash
    A long time I didn't comment but I follow you everyday...
    Some kabbalists say that the terrible earthquake that destroyed Tsfat a few hundred years ago occurred because at this time they used to call Tsfat "the little Jerusalem". The Jealousy of Jerusalem is very hard to understand for us but as we see it could have terrible expressions in reality.
    Only eminent rabbis that used this term at this time. Not am Haaretz. And they had a good reason : all the limud Torah, the golden age of the kaballah and halakha was concentrated in Tsfat, while in Jerusalem only few Jews were living. At this time the Arizal, Rabbi Yossef Karo, haRamak, harav Haim Vital and many others illuminated the whole world from Tsfat, not Jerusalem. And despite this fact Tsfat was almost entirely destroyed...
    I think that the important think here is from who comes the confusion.
    If the bad comparison comes from a recognized and spiritual authority like Danny Ayalon I don't think we have to care about this. If it comes from religious authorities in the highest rank it's a reason to fear. "Berlin is Jerusalem" - has veshalom - was a very common approach among orthodox community leaders in Europe before the shoah occurred. They meant that if you're a good Jew who learn Torah and practice the mitzvoth, the land around you is like Eretz Israel. Those rabbis were called orthodoxes until now but made the most pernicious reform in the Torah teaching, by keeping carfully all the Judaism precepts except this point: "Berlin is Jerusalem ". A very old major sin that persists from the explorers until today, among our highest spiritual authorities, espacially when they try to justify their love of the galut and undeclared zilzul for Eretz Israel.....
    Hashem yatsileinu from these reformists (no other term to qualify them, perhaps "minim" too),and may He help am Haaretz like Ayalon and others to make tshuva...
    Hag Sameah and Bessorot tovot.
    And Yishar coah for Devash,our always estimated sentinel. Be blessed.
    Itzhak. Yerushalaim.

    1. Thank you, Itzhak. So very good to hear from you. Shabbat shalom and chag sameach!

  7. Excellent comments. We all know that Yaalon is married to a missionary herself and then becomes a phony gioret. They have one goal and that is the deJudaization of Israel and the rest of Jewry. They are at war with Hashem and His people, a losing battle for them!

  8. Just two questions - why in the world would 'Aish HaTorah' allow this kofer to speak on their roof? Is there any institution we can still trust?